PeleusTech® Battery Charger, Not a connect it and forget it device

Is exactly what i expected when i ordered it.

Does what it claims to do, glad i bought it. I nice slow charge at 1 amp, aka 1,000 milli-amps. It will charge any 12 volt lead acid battery to the correct voltage,but don’t expect a speedy charge on a large car battery.

Like that they come with various connection points for temporary or long term charging. Wish each of the connectors wires were longer. I use mine to charge the convenience battery in my mb sl. The quick disconnect is nice allowing me to remove the charger without having to lift up the skirt and remove the clamps from the battery. But, the clamp cord could be longer making this a little easier.

It took about 11 hours to fully charge a mightymax ml 35-12.

My application for these is with agms and flooded lead acid. Their outputs are not temperature compensated, so gaining some familiarity of battery charging needs vs temperature is highly recommended. Output on mine was a constant 14. 7 volts (absorption) which transitioned to 13. 6 volts (float) as the battery neared full charge connected to either an agm or flooded battery. This voltage is more in line with an agm’s needs at 77 deg f, but substantially above that recommended for a flooded battery at the same temperature. 7 would be the recommended voltage setting for a flooded battery @ 60 deg f. Long term connections getting into the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc are progressively worse for a flooded battery, with the potential not only for increased water loss but plate damage as well.

I bought this several months ago to keep the battery on my boat charged. I have not had a chance to install it yet. Today, i tried firing up my lawn tractor and the battery died before it started. I plugged this little unit on the battery and hoped tomorrow morning it would be charged. I checked the battery after 6 hours on the charger and it was fully charged. Much faster than i expected. Other comments talk about the flimsy clamps, they are fine for lawn tractor battery posts.

I use this to charge a 12v, 7ah sealed lead acid battery. The cord is 36 inches from the clamps to the base of the plug. Plenty long enough benchtop use. The clamps open to about 7/8 inch. Clamps are a bit ‘light-duty’ feeling, but i’ve had no problems keeping them attached to the battery. Easy to use – connect the black clamp to the black battery termal, and the red clamp to the red battery terminal. The led on the charger turns red while charging and turns green when finished.

Key specs for PeleusTech® Battery Charger, 12V 14.4V 1A Portable Lead Acid Battery Smart Charger Maintainer – Black:

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  • ►▷Accurate Positive Voltage Detection Function: It will not charge when the battery is full.
  • ►▷LED indicator lights show charging status: The first is green when you turn on the power; The second is red when the product during charging; The third is green when the product finished charging.
  • ►▷Charge, maintain and restore your car, bike, atv, boat, scooter, suv, or truck’s 12V battery
  • ►▷Smart charger maintainer for AGM, GEL, SLA, FLA 12 Volt for Car and other 12V battery
  • ►▷Notice: This is Floating Charger which is more safe. Maximum allowable voltage to 14.8 volts. Be care of the Clip positive and negative electrode(Red is positive and Black is negative )

Comments from buyers

“but it’s a good backup charger, they are fine for lawn tractor battery posts, Excellent battery charger.”

I’ve charged/maintained a 660 cca standard wet-cell lead-acid vehicle battery and a cabela’s 55 ah agm group 22 marine battery and a group 27 lead-acid marine battery. All were at about 80% state of charge (12. 5 volts) when i connected this charger. All fully charged overnight. The voltage with the charger connected to the fully charged battery (charger led went from red to green) was 13. While charging my volt meter showed a high of 14. And when left connected to the batteries the charger led cycled from red to green to red several times. Indicating i presume changing from float to absorb and back.

Good for externally charging a battery.

Was not what you needed, but it’s a good backup charger.

I bought this to maintain a battery on a generator.

Only charged up two to three 7a-hr batteries. My previous one overheated after 8 years. My old one ran hot from day 1 so i decided to get a lower current (1a) since i don’t need to charge quickly.

I plugged it in, and it is maintaining my rv batteries nicely.

This charger works great – never have to fear overcharging my 12 volts batteries again.

Works just as it should and i am happy with my purchase. It charges my sons power wheels battery & the riding lawnmower battery. Haven’t hooked it to a car battery.

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PeleusTech® Battery Charger, 12V 14.4V 1A Portable Lead Acid Battery Smart Charger Maintainer - Black
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