Performance Tool W32213 1/2″ Dr 13mm 6pt Socket, Fits 6.7 Cummins Fuel Filter Canister Cap (28mm)

It fits its intended use for my needs — removing oil filter cap on 2016 hyundai santa fe. Hard to find a single socket in this size in stores.

Needed a socket that i could file down to remove the chamfer on the socket for a mtb fork application.

Needed this for my jeep jk oil change. It’s not sold in a lot of stores.

Saved me a ton of money by doing my own work instead of hiring some slack jawed yokel. Wait a minute, i am a slack jawed yokel. I plan to buy again in 30 – 40 years when this one wears out.

Well made socket in an uncommon size. But, when you need it, you need it. This is the correct size for removing the stubborn fuel filter lid on 6.

I ordered 24mm socket to open transmission drain plug. The inner distance between surfaces is 24. 06mm and the outer diameter is 31. 79mm as measured by digital caliper. Socket looks well made and it has design that should reduce bolt stripping. I have a set of cheap sockets and they strip bolts if used incorrectly. This one should not have this problem. The inner surfaces that contact the bolt head are curved and also in the corners there is a rounding. Due to this the socket has a bit more play when set on the bolt but it grabs securely and does not slip.

Seems to be a very high quality socket. It’s a common size for yamaha motorcycles and six sided, is easier on the nut than a 12 point.

Key specs for Performance Tool W32213 1/2″ Dr 13mm 6pt Socket:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Size: 1/2″ Dr 13mm 6pt Socket
  • Socket openings are designed to reduce fastener rounding.
  • Chrome vanadium alloy steel construction for strength and durability.
  • Polished nickel chrome plated finish resists corrosion.
  • Large stamping for quick identification.
  • Lifetime warranty

Comments from buyers

“Fits 6.7 Cummins Fuel Filter Canister Cap (28mm)
, 24 mm socket works perfectly
, my Honda Crf 250 L 2015 the crome is better than an impact socket on the aluminum cap and

Had to purchase for my fork caps on my honda crf 250 l 2015 the crome is better than an impact socket on the aluminum cap and i made sure to have a 6 point socket for no room for rounding the cap 10/10 if i loose the socket i’ve used 2 times i would purchase this one again.

I purchased this socket to use on the transfer case for my 1994 jeep yj wrangler and it works perfectly. The price was lower than any parts store in my area.

I’ve never heard of performance tool before. Seems like good quality, engraving is nice. I bought this to remove the fuel filter cap off a 2016 ram 2500 6. 7 cummins and a 28mm was hard to come by. Happy to add this to the toolbox.

Great socket displayed on an easy off and on packet that hangs directly on garage pegboard. No searching in tool box as i need this socket only to remove oil plug on one car. Good value and am ready to order another size for my truck’s oil plug.

Fits great, very good quality, no sharp edges, great six point socket. I got this for the lower bolt on an f150 strut.

Used on plastic to turn, diesel filter top off 6. 7 cummins, 6 point did not scar the plastic worked perfect.

I’m not tool specialist in that i work on cars or assemble items everyday. But this does the job for me. It has heft, hasn’t chipped or peeled nor has it stripped in the 20 or so times i’ve used over the last 3 months.

Needed this size for a random car-related project. Price is right and always good to have a more complete toolbox. Not an everyday tool and/or common size so can’t comment on longevity.

Perfect socket for my axle nut on my 2008 gti. Seems like very good quality, though i’ve only had it use it for the one job. You will save money buying this part on amazon vs the average auto store. If you’re doing an axle nut, would recommend a large breaker bar, or an impact wrench combined with a torque wrench.

Needed a 6-point 28mm socket for the cummins (engine compartment) fuel filter canister cap. I have a 12 point socket but with the cap being plastic i felt better having a 6 point to ensure i don’t round or damage the cap. Fits and works for what i bought it for.

It’s the correct size, but the wrong part. I ordered w32224 size: 1/2′ dr 24mm 6pti received w32824 size: 1/2′ dr 24mm 12ptit’s usable and not worth returning, so i’ll live with it. Either the description is incorrect or there was a lack of attention by the seller picking the part for shipment.

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Performance Tool W32213 1/2" Dr 13mm 6pt Socket
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