Permatex 23217-6PK Fast Orange Smooth Lotion Hand Cleaner – Permates Fast Orange Smooth Hand Cleaner

This is a relatively thin liquid and is just a mild cleaner. I found it does not remove paint from the hands nearly as well as gojo or goop. Even tough grease stains on the hands don’t come off easily. But, if your hands are not highly grimy, it will do an okay job. So, i use this after most projects and the more capable goop or gojo when i’ve just wrestled a greasy and dirty half-shaft out of a subaru.

Great for removing grease and grime while leaving the skin intact. Good for use on clothing to remove grease – rub it into the grease spots and then wash the clothing. No need for the pumice to get hands clean, especially if one uses hand lotion before starting the job as it occupies the skin pores so less grease gets absorbed in the first place.

I always found the pumice version that is so common to be really hard on the hands in the winter. That stuff gets down in those dry cracks and yowie. Not to mention that it will eventually clog up a sink trap. Tried this ‘ smooth ‘ version as an experiment and it cleans just as well as the standard version. It also now works on things i couldn’t clean before ( like safety glasses ). Have now used it for tons of things you don’t want to scratch – bedded in a new set of brake pads recently and used this with a soft scrubber to get the deposit off my clear coated aluminum rims.

This stuff is the greatest for the purposes i use it for. If you are often up to your elbows in heavy bearing grease then you may want to get the fast orange with pumice. But if you are working around the house and trying to clean up your hands or other parts of your body after using oil, light grease or solvents, this is all you need. You don’t have to use it with soap and water if you just need an interim clean-up (it is considered a waterless cleaner). You just need some paper towels or rags. But i do use soap and water for my final clean-up after using this stuff if possible. You can find many other things to clean using this product. I have found that i can clean the occasional undershorts skid-mark with only a little effort with a toothbrush and no water except as a final rinse. And you know what mom always said about what to wear when you out go out.

As i get older, i sometimes look at my hands and think my hands look like my mom’s hands. Some days at work i look and think i have my dad’s hands, just smaller. ;)very convenient and effective on dirty, greasy hands. With fast orange and a shop towel, i can have clean hands after i finish working on something for a customer, without taking time to go all the way back to the restroom to wash my hands. Does not seem to dry out my hands.

Originally i bought this at the local store to try in my laundry. It worked so well that i bought this gallon for my daughter-in-law because she constantly kept her grandchildren (my great-grandchildren) while their parents worked and they were always acquiring stains on their clothes. She was skeptical when i gave it to her because she used other popular stain removers and they did not always remove stains. But after she used it she became a firm believer in this product. She was astonished that she was able to get blood stains out of her son’s shirt. Now i have run out of this product and am about to order a gallon for myself. I am a smoker and so are others in my house and you don’t realize how nicotine gets into your clothing and stains it with nicotine. This is the only product that i have ever found that removes the nicotine stains. Just squirt some on each stain and rub it in. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes and then wash as usual.

  • Works great without water
  • This is a great product for you house, garage and car or truck
  • Used for more than a decade, many uses

I hate the kind with pumice. This is the smooth kind without pumice. It’s hard to find the smooth kind in local stores. Useful tip: don’t wet your hands before using. But if hands are dry, it works great.

This is a great hand cleaner that leaves a mild citrus scent. However, the pump leaked around the shaft on the container that i had. After a dozen pumps, the shaft would be covered with hand cleaner. I kept the large container out of sight and periodically filled a small hand soap bottle to keep on the sink. The leakage occurred during re-fills of the soap bottle. If you use the hand cleaner right out of the large container, you might not get enough leakage to matter.

I prefer this ‘smooth’ lotion to the pumice version. Dislike the residue of ‘grit’. This one leaves my hands feeling clean. I have used this lotion as a pool service technician for decades. Especially after installing/removing motors, digging in dirt for plumbing, cleaning filters with diatomaceous earth, inserting o-rings with silicon grease, using pvc glue, or anytime hands have oil/grease/dirt. Greatneed to use rag or paper towel (without water). I use the blue shop towels from costco. One to clean and then another to remove lotion. I like this one gallon container. The pump works great and i don’t have to reorder very often.

As waterless hand cleaner goes this works well. I read several reviews that said this hand cleaner did not work as expected. I’ve been using waterless hand cleaners for over 40 years and they all need to be used without water to start with. If you wet your hands with water first, it does not work well. I tried it on 30 min dried on water based paint and oil based paint and in about 2-3 min of working the cleaner it started melting the paint off. Even took off well dried on black spray paint, but i did need to give it time to work. Grease and grime from car repair melts right off with this cleaner. I’ll order more when this gallon runs out. I like the smooth instead of the ‘grit’ cleaner because the grit settles in the sink drain trap and i have had to clean it out a couple of times. With a high water flow this may not happen but in our shop sink the water spray is a little weak.

This is my all-time favorite hand cleaner i’ve been using it for years. If you’re one who rewashes rags if you use this hand cleaner it breaks down the grease so that when you wash it in your washing machine for grease comes out better.

Features of Permatex 23217-6PK Fast Orange Smooth Lotion Hand Cleaner with Pump – 1/2 Gallon, (Pack of 6)

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  • Pure, fresh-smelling natural citrus power removes resins, oil, grease and more
  • Fortified with aloe, lanolin, glycerin and other skin conditioners
  • Smooth formula gently deep cleans the toughest dirt
  • Contains no harsh chemicals, mineral oils or ammonia
  • Also works great on laundry stains, pet odors and many other household cleaning needs

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If you are like me, you cannot stand the pumice version of this hand cleaner. I can never find the smooth version in local stores. This stuff gets my hands clean without feeling like they have been scoured.

Not just good for cleaning hands, but you can use it to clean backpacks, gear, etc. I had a bunch of smashed banana stains inside my goruck gr0 and i used this and a microfiber cloth to get rid of all the stains.

Than the one with the pumice in it. It cleans a little better then the regular stuff and i don’t feel likei’m washing my hands in soap and beach sand.

I’m a mechanic, and my hands get black with grease and dirt. Graphite grease gets into every pore of my hands, and is so hard to get off. I’ve used about every type of cleaner out there with varying results. A couple pumps, and a good rubbing gets my hands clean right at my work bench without water. I have to repeat the cleaning for the deep down dirt, but this cleaner isn’t abrasive. (i have fast orange with pumice, but i don’t like the gritty feeling after using it without water. )a lot of cleaners work with water, but this is the one to have at your bench for between job hand cleaning.

You can get this in pumice at any auto or hardware store, but if your using it the home garage without water, the pumice is worthless, the smooth lets you whip the greasy grime off with a paper towel and keep working. This stuff works great, and it doesn’t get all runny like go-jo or other hand cleaners.

I’ve used this fast orange without the pumice for years and really like it. The price was good and it arrived in a timely manner. I like the fast orange without the pumice. There’s plenty of fast orange in the stores around here but they mostly just have the ones with pumice.

Pure, fresh-smelling natural citrus power removes resins, oil, grease and more

I’ve used this cleaner for years and i love it. I am a licensed a&p mechanic and i don’t always have a large amount of water to use, therefore i don’t like to use a cleaner with pumice. I can use this without any water, at all, but just a little water does help.

I have used this product for many years to take the grease off the dogs coat and the grease out of my show persians coat and stud tail. It comes in a gallon jug with a pump for easy use. Many people think they need a professional pet product to degrease animals, but this has no petroleum so it works well and never makes the animals sick at all. If you ever have a smelly dog smell on the dogs, this is the ticket to a great smelling pooch. I used to us in on my big rotty female. She stayed smell free for up to two weeks. This is the cure for ‘old dog smell’. I also use it on clothes with stains or of course, its made for mechanics greasy hands.

We have used fast orange to clean up for many years as it just works so well on many things. Of course grease, oily type residues but i’ve also used this to get a spot of oil off carpeting, clothing, tools it’s just so versatile. Primarily though it gets used to clean up for hands but as said anywhere you get an oily greasy residue be it on you or something else this works great. I should add there is another use too. We have a small pond and when it gets cleaned out each spring it is nasty stinking water. The smell alone you just can’t get off even scrubbing repeatedly with something like dawn for dishes. Still that nasty smell sticks to your skin and takes a couple days to go away. That is unless i have this on hand. One wash with this and that awful foul smell is gone. So there’s yet another use for this product.

Fortified with aloe, lanolin, glycerin and other skin conditioners

Smooth formula gently deep cleans the toughest dirt

Contains no harsh chemicals, mineral oils or ammonia

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