Plasticolor Chevy Bowtie Garage Stool, Great chair for the price

Not heavily padded, but you won’t find a cooler stool for the money.

My husband loved the stool, uses it for his shop stool.

Came with easy to follow ‘step by step’ instructions. I ordered several of these and this the best of best. I would highly recommend to anyone this particular stool.

Great price and well made and comfortable.

I purchased this quite a while ago, and it has held up amazingly well. It is in my husband’s garage and he uses it on a daily basis. Always working on cars for his friends and helping them out, along with working on his ls swapped 83 monte carlo. This fits the decor of the garage and is functional to boot. It is the perfect height for his work bench for when he is working on wiring and welding projects.

The top is a little cheap feeling but it gets the job done and was the right price.

It is a great looking stool.

Comments from buyers

“Perfect for the Chevy Guy, Absolutely GREAT. GREAT quality, 10/10 would recommend”

Excellent product for the price. Most of theses garage style stools run a bit pricey but this one is of great quality at a lower cost.

Great chair for the price, if it was $100 i would rate it a 3-4, it is decently build but not heavy like the ones automotive shops used to have. Not a ton of padding so not an all day sit type of chair.

Nice chairs but the metal is kind of flimsy.

Solid stool that has professional quality. The only thing that would make it perfect is if it swiveled.

Well made, but could have some more padding in the seat.

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Plasticolor Chevy Gold Bowtie Garage Stool
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