Pro Taper Grip Glue Adhesive Compound Bottle 1 OZ : Super Glue.

I bought this grip glue after many failed attempts at using a brand that i purchased at my local honda dealer. After going on multiple trips where the grips just twisted off, i had to try something else. I’ve put it on making sure that i followed directions. One tip, when they tell you to line up the grip and slid it on quickly, they do mean quickly.I almost glued my grip on half way. I’m leaving for a 3 day trip tomorrow and can only hope that this glue works better than the last. You get plenty of it though. So i’m taking the glue with me just in case.

Worked as it should, i put a very large amount of this product on my handlebars and throttle tube and a very large amount on the inside of the grip it’s self for each side and slid them in with no problems with the product, it did dry very fast so move fast, but the little extra on the bars and grip helped slide on smoother but u can feel infact when it’s starting to dry, so move quickly and wear gloves, very good product so far, now if i need to replace my grips i’d rather replace the bars then selves.

This stuff is a bit stronger than i would have liked, but i have full confidence it will hold long term. My new grips haven’t slipped at all since i put these on, but being new they were a pain to get on and the fast drying aspect of the glue didn’t help that. If you work fast though you will know this stuff will perform. Since your gonna have extra anyway, you can double its uses as super glue before it dries out lol.

Needed to secure grips on a cruiser and this did the trick. It says bonds in so many seconds but don’t believe that. It was nearly instant for me. I applied a bead on handle bar and a bead inside grip and push grip on. It was bound in under 5 seconds. Be sure you have grip lined up there is no time for adjustment.

How long does it take to set up?. Well, put it this way once you apply it to the first surface and go to attach the second surface, those two objects will become one before you can say, ‘is that friggin dry already?. I didnt get my new rockstar grips on the bar an inch yet. ‘ thats how fast youll ruin your new rockstar grips.

The grips look and hold great. It works great on almost anything. I used it on the soul of my boots and have been wearing them over a month with no give in the adhesion. Most definitely will buy again. Love the product and the sellerthank you,ethan harig.

I used the hair spray trick on old grips before, but with some new bars they just weren’t sticking on. I’d give it throttle and the grip would slip, that’s dangerous. So i ordered this grip glue. I wasn’t fast enough the first time and got a grip stuck half on and had to cut it off. I don’t blame pro taper, it was user error. When you work fast and get the grips on there, this stuff is tough.

But be ready to muscle the grip on we had to shoot compressed air under the grips to get them to slide on it sets up fast. This is enough glue to do like 8 sets of grips.

  • Basically super glue
  • Almost instant bond and very strong.
  • Wear gloves and move fast

Pro Taper Grip Glue Adhesive Compound Bottle 1 OZ

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10 to 25 second working time
  • Grip is useable within 5 minutes
  • 1 oz. bottle will bond up to 12 sets of grips
  • Widely used by many race teams

I was not shocked to discover that this stuff is actually super glue. Be carful following the manufactures instructions as the glue will spill out the leading edge of the grip and spill on the bike. It does work but a tube of super glue is a little cheaper.

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Pro Taper Grip Glue Adhesive Compound Bottle 1 OZ
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