Pro Taper Tie Downs, As advertised.

Don’t waste your time with other tie downs. Just pay the small premium and buy these. Best design going for securing motorcycles. Padded hook, huge swivel, integrated soft-loops and velcro straps to bind it all up and keep it from flapping in the wind. I threw all my other tie downs into the trash after using these once.

Glad i got these, they are strong enough to keep harleys still, and they attach to either the bars or other points on the bike with the hooks on the top end. I prefer to wrap the straps around (usually the bars or triple tree) somewhere to keep finishes from taking abuse, but either way, these straps are awesome.

Love these straps, must have for a dirt bike if your hauling it around on a trailer or truck, these are the right straps for the job. Love the large bottom hooks that are caribeaner style that don’t come unhooked if you hit a big bump. The included velcro loops keep excess strap from flapping in the wind. Have thousands of miles with these straps in the past year, they are holding up great. And the loops up top don’t mess up your bike.

Well made , should have purchased years ago. The carabiner makes cinching down the bike a breeze when you don’t have to worry about the hook tie down coming unhooked from truck anchor point while securing. The business end of the tiedowns are easy to manipulate and hold tension applied. Excess strap is secured with a built in velcro strap, clean solution to ensure no strap slap noise on long trips. Drove 14 hrs with bike strapped at an unconventional angle with no problems or mid trip adjustment needed.

I had bought a few tie downs. These ones are most definitely the best. Have a carabiner – this stops the hook from releasing if you hit a bump. It also allows you to have the tie down less tight which is better for shocks3. The strap has a loop – allows you to be nice to your handlebars and not damage them4. There is a velcro mini-strap for keeping the loose end from flapping in the wind. I did get some lashing straps from another seller to secure the wheel to the trailer. Although i trust these straps, i dont want to see my bike running away behind me.

I was using ratcheting tie downs because i was afraid this type wouldn’t hold as well. The soft loop straps are amazing and the bike doesn’t move at all. Another bonus is that there is no more humming from the straps because of the swivel.

The locking clip keeps from being released accidentally if you hit a good pot hole or something to compress the bike/quads suspension. They are on a swivel so you don’t have to worry about the straps getting twisted. The built in handlebar wrap is nice as well. Great, strong, and overbuilt. I would highly recommend these tie-downs.

Key specs for Pro Taper Tie Downs (BLACK):

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  • One pair of Pro Taper Tie Downs: Patent-pending swivel carabineer base hook.
  • Long and wide, 84″ x 1.5″ nylon webbing.
  • 1200-pound straight tension strength.
  • Industrial strength non-slip cam buckle.
  • Soft handlebar strap.

Comments from buyers

“Don’t waste your time with other tie downs
, Great product!
, The best straps for hauling a motorcycle, must have!

I’m used to the regular 1′ or 3/4′ but these things are like more than double the width it seems. As long as they don’t break then i’ll be happy with them. They seems very strong and durable. Will update if anything happens with them.

Best dang strap i have ever paid money for. I have a garage full of generic straps. This one with the carabiner bottom clip and the soft strap top loop is the cats whiskers. Only a custom fixturing jig or custom built trailer just to hold your bike would be better to hold your toy in transit. I love the fact that all the bumps in the world could not dislodge the bottom hook. It simply can’t come off till you take it off.

A little on the pricey side for straps, but really, do you want to go cheap on something that’s gonna keep your motorbike from going *splat*?. Ordered a pair just to check them out, and after seeing that they were good quality, ordered 4 more – 4 to actually strap the bike down, and two spares, just in case; don’t want to be on the side of the freeway with a busted strap. Also ordered a nice little gym bag to store them all in.

These are a little pricey but worth it in saved hassle. Rather than mess with long ratchet ties i just leave these attached to the trailer ring, grab the end off the floor, hook it on the bike, give the front suspension a push down while pulling on the strap, and it’s done.

I should have bought these the day i came home with my first bike. They are a game changer, makes loading and securing my bike a breeze. The fact the 2 hooks can swivel. Makes it so the straps never twist or have to worry about the straps being lined up when you tighten them if that makes any sense. I didn’t know these type of straps were around till i saw them in a moto shop. Purchased on line because they were cheaper.

These are by the best on the market. I have owned about every strap made in the past. I finally broke down and bought 2 sets of these. I have been riding dirt bikes for 40 years and these are my favorite straps.Now, i take them each time i am finished using them and hide them from my kids, so they don’t get left out in the weather or ruined by them. 🙂 i know they are pricey, but you will not be disappointed.

The black color holds up well, but the brighter color has faded. I keep them in the bed of my truck all the time, so i’m kinda surprised the black has held up as well as it has. They are herd to loosen up when there is tension, but they are easy to loosen up if you press down on the fork a little bit while pressing down on the metal. I couldn’t find anything priced as low as these that have the same build and durability.

The protaper tiedown straps come in a set of (2) straps and are very well belt. I used these straps to secure my crf250l dirt bike in the bed of my truck and they were perfect length. Sure do like the swivel ends with soft tie setup at the opposit ends, as well as the attached velcro to secure the straps from blowing around. Price and delivery from amazon was great too.

These are hands down the best straps i have ever used for dirtbikes. The swivel clip hooks and great soft bar loops.

I have tried a few different tie downs for my dirt bike to be secured to my tow hitch carrier. I am strong but never felt comfortable with the amount of movement my bike still had after i used tie-downs. I needed a tie down that would pull the slack out easier. My bf had these and let me use them, then i bought my own. Loved how easy they are to secure; the velcro for the extra slack of strap is nice to keep your straps from flapping around, the carabiner is great to fasten the straps to a carrier or bed of of a truck. I haven’t had any binding or twisting with the strap, which i had with all the others i have tried (traditional and ratchet).

Easy to use, high quality and provide ease of mind when hauling all of our bikes.

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