ProForm 66901 Crank Shaft Turning Socket For Chevy, Would reccomend for occasional use

This tool is a life saver when it comes to properly lining up a timing chain assembly on a sbc engine. It turned my crankshaft with ease and saved me a bunch of time during my engine assembly.

This product did exactly what it was supposed to do. It made turning the rotating assembly of a 1988 gm 350 very easy, so disassembly of the entire motor was a breeze. It is made of a light weight material, yet was strong and showed no signs of flexing or warping under use.

Great piece for my engine building endeavors.

Tl dr: again, this tool should work great for rotating a fresh assembly, but don’t expect it to free up stuck pistons. This socket fits very well onto the crankshaft snout. There is a little bit of wiggle room. This product (and thus the reduction of a star) is a two part piece. The center portion where the ratchet or breaker bar would fit into (the 1/2′ drive portion) is fit into the main socket portion, and is pinned into it with roll pins (one on each side). I think they do this to ease in manufacture, but it doesn’t help me with what i needed. I was hoping this tool would help me free up a frozen engine, but i couldn’t apply enough torque to it with the fear of shearing the roll pins. The outer wall of the socket is solid enough (it’s about 5/16′ to 1/4′ thick), but the center section on mine now has a little play. Rather than destroying it, i left it alone so i could use it in the future for it’s intended purpose, which is to rotate the crank when re-assembling an engine.

Very pleases with this tool thus far, i have been gentle with it and have no problems at all, works just as i needed. It isn’t strong steel, but is a softer aluminum.

For the price it’s ok but it’s pretty thin and feels a little cheap but for the price what do u expect.

If you have to rotate crankshaft there is nothing better than this tool. I turn my chevy 350 with compression 9. My crankshaft looks new also install and uninstall damper no difficulty.

Key specs for Proform 66901 Crank Shaft Turning Socket For Chevy:

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  • Designed for 1965-1992 Chevrolet Small Blocks, V6 and 4-cylinder engines
  • 1.255 inside diameter with a 3/16″ keyway
  • Non-marring aluminum
  • Use 1/2″ breaker bar or drive ratchet

Comments from buyers

“Should work great for turning the rotating assembly, but , For the price it’s ok but it’s pretty thin and feels a little cheap but for the , Would reccomend for occasional use”

Fast shipping decent price going to have to replace the pins soon though.

Won’t work for freeing a seized motor. But works great for turning a motor over that is being built. (use the starter ring gear and a crow bar if you need to spin a stuck motor.

Works great, fit my gm small blocks, some straight 6 and my mercruiser 120 l4, very happy.

Works at it should and fitment is good. I read some of the reviews where customers are breaking these. They are not using them for engine build if they are breaking it. It is constructed plenty strong enough to turn over an engine during build up.

Used it to turn the crank on my 292 inline six.

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Proform 66901 Crank Shaft Turning Socket For Chevy
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