Rage Powersports Apex RCB-3745-U Universal Strap-Attached Roof Crossbars : I made that the first step in the assembly process using my favorite all-purpose adhesive

When i was researching cargo accessories to put on my car, which has no stock rails, i was extremely limited in my choices. After much consideration i went ahead and took a leap of faith in this product. I left my apartment in chicago at the end of august and went on a road trip around the country with my fiancé and pup for 3 months. We used the rails to secure a rooftop carrier overhead. It probably ranged somewhere between 100-120lbs and we were able to get up to 80mph without any discerning activity coming from the fixture. Make sure the feet of the bars are completely flat and touching the roof, and be sure to fasten the straps as tightly as you can before taking to the road. The one downside we came to identify is water can seep into the straps and through the door seal down into the car. We ended up keeping a dry rag close by just in case we hit a storm while driving, and would unfasten the straps when we were parked at our campsite for the night. Overall this product is an excellent choice if you’re going on a short or long trip, and cant afford to drop a lot of money on the more expensive racks.

My newly acquired pickup has just a 5′ bed with a topper making it impossible to haul anything of length. I fasten one bar to the topper through the side sliding windows and one to the cab through the rear doors. I wouldn’t put more than 100 lbs on it but it makes a trip to the home improvement stores a cinch. It takes 5 minutes to secure the racks and then a few more to tie down whatever long pieces i purchased. So far, i’ve used it to haul 10′ 2×4’s and a couple storm doors without problem. I give it less than 5 stars because, as others have noted, the rubber feet and end caps must be adhered to the rack to be usable. Thanks to other reviews, i made that the first step in the assembly process using my favorite all-purpose adhesive, seal-all, and i haven’t had any problems. This rack is a suitable alternative to a permanent installation.

I have had this for 6 months and have used it about 10 times hauling 2 kayaks. I used ratchet straps instead of using the clip that comes attached to the strap. The clip that comes attached to the strap doesn’t secure the roof rack tight to the car, when you pull it tight and clip it onto the other strap, it slides back about 2′ and the roof rack is then loose. I glued down the rubber feet as recommended by other reviews and i still have one rubber foot that will slide off. It has been successful in hauling my kayaks, i have not gone faster than ~60 mph with my kayaks on my roof. If everything is secured tight, the rack and kayaks don’t move or shake at that speed. Pros:-cheap-works with a couple modificationscons:-i had to use ratchet straps instead of the clip. -rubber feet don’t stay on well to protect the roof of the car.

Do you ever need car racks maybe once or twice a year?. Well this is the answer, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. These are working perfectly for me i’ve carried a 20 foot ladder, a bicycle, yard waste, they then come right off the car and right into the basement. The only thing you have to expect and to get over, is that the strap is inside the car and runs close to or near your head. If this type of thing bothers you then stay clear of this product but if you use racks very seldomly then, get over it.

Bought these to be able to add kayak holders to the roof of our van. We actually had an incident where the front crossbar support came off our van while driving on the freeway and our 2 kayaks then flew off our vehicle fortunately off to the right side of the road that had a large shoulder so no cars were hit. The straps and buckles aren’t very high quality and the rubber footings on the bars that sit on the roof of the car are quite mediocre. I double check my straps a little better than before and manually press the buckle into the strap rather than relying on the simple spring mechanism to hold the strap in place. While i don’t highly recommend going this route with these as long as you ensure they’re installed well and double check the buckles hopefully you’ll be alright but i would recommend going the hitch and trailer route if your car doesn’t already have a cargo rack and then just make sure your next vehicle has them from the get go.

I have a dodge caliber, which has these weird cosmetic fins that run front to back above each door. These elevated bars work great to get over those and are a much cheaper option than the factory bars (approx. The only issue i have had is trying to transport two kayaks at the same time – that is because the car isn’t very wide. – make sure you verify where the supports are inside the roof of the vehicle. The first time i used them i noticed that the ones up front were flexing the roof quite a bit. I moved it closer to the windshield (where there was more internal support) and the flexing didn’t happen anymore.

Apex RCB-3745-U Universal Strap-Attached Roof Crossbars

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  • Includes 1 pair of 48W roof bars
  • Quick vehicle attachment and removal
  • Protective rubber end-caps and non-mar rubber feet
  • Sturdy steel tube construction
  • Black & gray textured finish

The one review with the recommendation to glue the rubber feet onto the plastic brackets is absolutely spot on. Also, comments by others noting that the straps will wear over time are also true, though it’s unlikely that you would order an inexpensive rack like this for permanent use. My experience with this rack was ok for the price, but only for occasional installations. I have a vw passat with no roof side channels and a slightly curved roof line. The retaining strap fits through the door and runs across the passenger compartments. In many configurations, it will be at top-of-head height, so take this into account before ordering. In my case, it’s tolerable for a couple hour trips, but wouldn’t want to deal with it for multi-day vacations. The good thing is, once assembled, the rack goes up and drops back down in a couple of minutes. The rubber foot pads definitely need to be glued to the plastic supports. In my case, i was using the cross bars in conjunction with a roof bag and in this configuration, the supports may lift off slightly from the roof and the rubber pad could disappear down the road.

I bought this to put on my lexus and i was nervous it was going to be super flimsy. I was able to load it up and drive with a dance prop about 120 pounds from orange county to vegas. No issues with installing it and i didn’t glue the rubber pads.

I have a 2001 nissan altima. And it is adjustable, so i would like to believe that it could fit many car models. This product is good for what it is. It’s inexpensive and a one-size fits all – so it’s definitely not perfect. It’s the only option i had to put rails on my car. I have put wood, a mattress, and various other things up there and have not had any major problems. You definitely don’t want to overload it with weight, it could damage the roof of your car. They are very steady side-side when tightened well.

× 6ft ratchet straps to replace the straps it comes with. I also glued the rubber pads on the feet. I’ve hauled wood, pallets (3 at once), a bicycle and a few other things with this rack. I did dent the roof of my car from tightening it down so much. They do lets rain drip down the straps. But for less than $50 they are removable and functional and hold up to the task. If you just need something and don’t care much for a name brand label go ahead and get this rack.

Threw these on my chevy cobalt coupe and they work perfectly. Like other comments, i suggest gluing the pads to the plastic stands. I bought kayak j racks to attach to this roof rack as well. Sturdy (also with a pair of kayaks up there) and didn’t move at all over the course of a whole weekend with about 5 hours of drive time – including 70mph driving. Buy these if you are looking for something cheap that gets the job done.

Good universal racks that will fit and car and are six to be able to handle 150lbs though i personally have been able to put almost double that on them. They worked great and i feel the price was good to for less than $40 i substantially increased my cars carrying capacity. My only complaint is that the way the universal straps work and allow this to mount o to almost any car and allow some rain into the vehicle if left installed in heavy rains. Still very happy wit this product.

I have been using soft racks like these: dorsal deluxe single wrap rax surfboard soft racks pads and straps (2) dakine block to carry sups, surfboards, kayaks. These are the logical next step after soft racks and work surprisingly well. I’m using them with the malone seawing/stinger combo saddle style universal car rack kayak carrier with load assist module and pads like these: tirol® pair soft roof rack black luggage rack outdoor portable removable roof of skis frame and they work surprisingly well. I’ve had a 77 lb coast rowing shell and a ocean kayak 12-feet malibu two tandem sit-on-top recreational kayak, yellow on my car and it worked. I’ll echo what others have said and why i removed a star, the rubber feat aren’t great and fall off easily. I glued them on just so i can stop picking them up off the ground. I rather not have racks permanently or semi permanently attached to my car. These are inexpensive and easy to take off.

Bought these to use on my 2007 ford f150 that has a cap and only a 5 1/2 foot bed (or 8 ft with tailgate open and bed extender used). I wanted to be able to occasionally haul home items that were 10-16 feet long (longer boards, trim, ladders) that i could put up on a roof rack on the truck without installing a more permanent roof rack system. Overall i was happy with the quality of the product especially given the price. I however after reading other reviews and even having my own nature of ‘re-engineering’: items, knew i would be adapting the product in one way or the other, especially replacing the provided tie down straps (small metal squeeze ‘clips with teeth’) with better ratcheting straps (which in my honest opinion ratcheting straps should come supplied with the product). So i assembled them but added some eye hooks (with flat washers and lock washers to keep eye hook nuts tight) from my local hardware store (total of about $10 in all hardware) so that i could attach the hooks from ratchet straps (purchased at harbor freight for only $6. 99 for 4 but alos available other places) that i would be using to replace the provided ‘inferior’ straps. See photos — i put these added eye hooks through the ‘extra holes on the cross pipe that are not used by the ‘base feet’ for the bars. I also added an extra eye hook on each side figuring i could use those eye hooks when needed in future to hook bungee cords or even ratchet straps to tie down what i am hauling on the racks. I may drill a few more holes near middle of cross pipes and add a few more eye hooks for additional ‘anchor points’ for bungee straps and ratchet straps. I easily installed and used them yesterday to go to home depot to haul home (10 mile trip.

Apex RCB-3745-U Universal Strap-Attached Roof Crossbars :

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