Rain-X 600001-6PK Windshield Repair Kit : He lied like a dog

This kit does the same thing you would pay $50-$100 to have a pro repair. Make sure you repair right away or clean the windshield thoroughly before using (must be sure winded is completely dry before using). I have repaired 3 windshields (7 stars and one long crack) with this one kit. Note: just like professional repairs this isn’t perfect but it does reduce the visibility of the crack and guarantees it won’t crack any more saving the windshield. Tips: make sure crack is clean, repair in the shade, read directions thoroughly, watch some videos of repair online to get a better more professional look.

I had a small (like 2mm) chip in my windshield thanks to a rock kicked up by a semi driver. Before it turned into a crack, i decided to get it repaired. I called a repair shop and the man who answered had me describe the chip (size, if it went through the windshield, etc) and then recommended i use this product instead of paying $50-60 to have the chip filled. Altogether it took about 15 minutes to make the repair and while you can still see the edges of the chip where the glass ended up sort of frosted, you can’t feel it anymore. The windshield feels perfect and the little blemish isn’t significant enough for me to worry about it. As the repair guy said- this product’s negative reviews seem to mostly come from people who tried to use it to patch a big hole. For a simple little chip, it was absolutely perfect and took a load off my mind.

I cannot complain about this repair kit. I bought a new truck and within the first month i had to replace the front windshield. A few weeks later i had a pretty good sized rock pop up and hit a couple of inches left of my rear-view mirror and close to edge. I bought this kit to fix it instead of paying another $400+. So far it has worked just fine. I did have it cranked down a little too tightly and it created some additional cracking, but the original pit has been filled in and so have the new cracks that were caused by my misuse. In all, i will use this again. I already have a spare kit in the unfortunate event i need it again.

This simple kit saved me purchasing a replacement windshield. As usual a stone kicked up from a vehicle in front of me, causing a small star-shaped cavity in my windshield. It did not however result in crack lines extending beyond the center of the impact. After about 1/2 hour of effort (most of it just waiting) my windshield is much improved, good enough that i basically don’t see the “dit” unless i stare right at it. The little impact zone has the appearance of a tiny circular smudge on the outside of the glass, the internal spider of broken material is now visually gone. The process is easy and works well if you follow the clear instructions. I’m saving my insurance for the really big events (no hurry on that one).

Seems to work well enough, i had a chap that had two cracks extending on either side. And i just had my windshield replaced. I will offer you some advice. Do not open the sealed container with your teeth. It’s one of those sealed bottles that the tip needs to be cut off. Use scissors and rubber gloves. This stuff is nasty and the taste. Yeeech i was washing my mouth out for a couple hours. All in all it did the job, i used the curing strips to add a finishing touch but even using just one drop left a huge visible splotch on my windshield.

And it is cheaper and more effective than what you buy at autozone. All the brands that autozone and other similar stores sell a repair kit with a one time use and is around 16 dollars. I ordered rain-x for 9 bucks and i was able to fix 5 cracks. Look at the youtube videos, and you can see the other guys show you how to do this. I was skeptical because i’ve always heard that these kits fix it 80 or 90%. But i actually didn’t see a blemish. It can’t fix major dent’s or cracks, but it fixed my chips and cracks which came from rocks and stones from the highways, interstates (or freeways for you californians). I’d post pictures of my results, but i’m still sweating from all the summer heat and i don’t want to go back out there. Also, i think you can just by more resin and some more plastic sheets that it comes with if you run out, so you don’t have to order the whole thing again.

My insurance agent assured me each time i called about a chip repair that it would not count as a claim. He lied like a dog, and my insurance rates went up due to too many claims. Switched insurance companies, and next time i got a chip i ordered this. My husband was highly skeptical, but he followed the instructions, and it patched beautifully. It has been 10 months since the repair, and it has held up great. I used the kit again for a chip on a different car, same story. I would recommend this to anyone.

I cracked the back of my iphone 8, there was a network white cracks like a spider-web on about 75% of the back. I used the ‘crack repair’ method in the instructions and was able to fill everything. The cracks are still visible in a ghost-like way but it sealed every shard in and diminished the white crack look significantly. I am happy with the results. I recommend doing a couple of passes (three for me) and curing it in the sun for a while. I also used the rest of bottle on a cracked ipad screen, was able to smooth it over as well and the touch screen still works as intended. I didn’t scrape off the excess with the razor given, i simply removed with my fingers as a safer alternative.

  • Be realistic, and you’ll be satisfied.
  • Works pretty well actually.
  • Be careful with WAXED windows

Rain-X 600001-6PK Windshield Repair Kit (Pack of 6)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy to use – takes only minutes
  • Repairs all types of laminated windshields
  • Minimizes the appearance of chips and cracks and stops them from spreading
  • Advanced resin formula
  • Good for multiple repairs

I thought i’d buy this just to give it a try cause i didn’t feel like paying the mechanic 3 times as much to have em use the same thingi was able to use it with relative success on my 2002 accord and my 1989 f150. I recommend having a heat gun handy for cracks deeper than the surface. I’m sure there are videos on youtube that show all the tricks in hindsight i wish i had watched empictures are before and after on one of the cracks. I think additional applications may have done a bit better.

Purchased this and the loctite 37613 for two different cars to try to figure how well these products work in repairing a windshield. Because this product is advertised as more versatile and be used multiple times, it even can be used to fill long cracks. I decided to use this on a car that had 4 different breaks. The main windshield crack was a bulls-eye type ~ 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter. From it, emanated three long (10 to 18 inches) cracks. In addition, the there were three more small star breaks < 3/8ths of an inch. The product was able to 85% fill the large bulls-eye crack after two attempts - i. Repeating steps 4/5 in the instructions.

I was skeptical after using a different kit on another vehicle years ago with poor results, but this kit worked very well. I had two chips in the windshield – one about 2 weeks old and another than was 6+ months old. Neither were in the drivers central field of view. I started on the newest chip and carefully followed the instructions. The result was pretty good but i can still find a small line if i look for it. I then worked on the really old chip and was amazed that it completely disappeared. Lessons learned: a little too much glue isn’t a problem, just don’t let it run down the windshield, you can easily scrape off the excess with the supplied razor blade once it has set. Scrape with the blade at 90 degrees to the windshield as the instructions says – yes it seems wrong but it works perfectly. Take your time and work in the shade until its time to cure the glue.

Basically we had a small star in our windshield. As we followed instructions and screwed the pressure knob almost all the way in, i heard a strange sound. Second later we noticed that the small dime-sized star impact point now has a crack running through it that was about a foot the reason im giving it 3 stars is because in fact the impact point was fixed – and very well at that – you can barely see. But the flip side is that it ruined the windshield by turning a small blemish (dime sized star) into a foot long crack. I cant blame the product fully either because what can you expect out of trying to cram resin under pressure into an area that can have a basket case of micro crevices?. Basically i think you will have mixed results, but if youre lucky it will be almost perfect.

I live in montana where you regularly get various chips on your windshield as a way of life. In 2 years i can get up to about 8 or 9 chips on my windshield. It is like i have a rock magnet in my car. Amazingly enough, this works to fill them in and make them so they are hardly noticeable. The biggest thing to remember when doing the repair is to do the first part in the shade and then move to the sunlight. The biggest downside to this kit is that is doesn’t have a pushpin to remove some of the center crushed glass. On the positive side, it does have extra resin to do more then one chip.

This was my first attempt at chip repair. Admittedly it took me a bit longer than it should have to get the technique correct, but eventually i got there. If you think that you are going to be able to make a chip disappear completely with a $10 diy repair kit, you are delusional. It does however make the chip much less noticeable, and it filled the chip completely. I performed the repair 6 months ago on a bulls-eye/star chip , and it is still holding strong with out spreading or cracking any further. I am about to buy another kit for one of our work trucks. I would definitely recommend this kit if you are patient, can follow directions, and observe what is happening and not happening and make the necessary adjustments to get the results for which you are looking. It’s definitely not rocket science, but common sense is a requirement. If your chip is like mine, you will need to repeat steps 4 and 5 several times. I see the negative reviews, and i’m inclined to believe that those are from people who either tried to rush through the repair, didn’t follow the directions, or had unrealistic expectations.

Overall i was impressed with this product. I was a little hesitant in purchasing it but i thought what is there to lose?. The instructions were pretty straight forward and i also watched a youtube tutorial which made the application even faster. I had a star crack in my windshield which was about the size of a quarter. I followed the directions thoroughly but also allowed a longer drying time. I was surprised with the end result as the crack was filled out and less noticeable. However, there is still a small blemish which is only noticeable to those who know where the crack is there. I gave it 4 stars only because i don’t know how long this will hold the crack together but i would recommend it 100%.

Great product to keep in your garage for quick repairs. -all tools included, along with detailed instructions that include photos. -plenty of resin for performing 5+ repairs, potentially more than ten. -resin cures only when exposed to uv light (e. Sunlight), so is easy to work with and clean up. -kit is able to inject resin deep into most cracks, displacing air bubbles and restoring the look of the glass.

In all fairness to this product i first have to say that the crack, a long straight crack, in my windshield is over a year old. As that gives plenty of time for contaminants to enter the crack i decided to try any way and see how the rainx worked. I was surprised that a bit over half of the crack really did seal as advertised. I did as the directions said and applied the sealant slowly and even pushed on the glass from inside, which really helped a lot, and i even went back over the crack a couple of times. There was some areas that just seemed to repeal the sealant. I’m guessing that was the various contaminants that had worked into the crack. I would and i will recommend this product to friends and family. As i’m the ‘goto fix it guy’ in my family i’mstoring what i have left and a uunopened package as well for that day when one of the kids call and say, ‘hey dad. Can you repair a windshield?.

One of the most affordable and affective windshield repair kits in the market. It comes with a clear instruction and easy for a diy project. One thing i would point out is that this repair kit would most likely fix 90% the spider crack, bull eye and other cracks will not and cannot be repaired. I leanred it in the hard way as they do not have the required space for the liquid to crawl through and fix the crack, which is expected. Follow the instructions and wait for at least few hours to see the expected result. You will still see a blur line, however but it unnoticeable and will help you pass the annual inspection.

I used this kit recently to repair a crack in my windshield about 1/2 inch long. The instructions are pretty simple to follow. The hardest part is getting the mounting tool centered directly over the break. It’s best to check it from inside your vehicle to make sure it’s lined up properly. Once that’s done, you screw in the part which contacts the windshield and where you put in the liquid resin. Again, make sure it’s directly on the break. Add a few drops of resin and then screw in the driver which pushes it into the crack. Wait a few minutes and then repeat adding more resin and screwing the driver in again. One trick they tell you in the instructions is to heat the windshield from the inside with a hair dryer in order to get the resin to flow into the crack better. Once you can see the crack is totally filled in, you remove the tool, put one drop on the hole, place a clear plastic piece over it and put your car in the sun for 15 minutes (or 1 hour if it’s overcast) and the uv light will cure the resin. Finally remove the plastic and scrape away the excess from your windshield using the enclosed razor blade. My crack was tiny and i almost can’t even see it any longer. This kit really does the job and can be used multiple times until you run out of the resin solution.

I don’t think i’m ever going to safelite autoglass again for chip repairthe product does need about 10minutes in full sun to cure (i. , harden) the product and form the permanent bond to the glass. I fixed 2 star chips, and further patched another 3 “pock marks” in the windshieldhints:* warm the glass by turning on you defogger on heat* use the razor, or tip of a small file to pick out the compacted glass at the center of the impact* product needs time to diffuse into the crack under pressure* make sure there are no air bubbles when you apply the curing strip* give a full 10min (or more) before you try to scrape the product off* when scraping, use a “squeegee” motion with the razor at 90-degrees to the windshield. It should take multiple passes to scrape the product down to a finished level (multiple, like several dozen passes scraping)good luck.

This kit is a really easy repair. For a first attempt, i’m really impressed with the ease of use, results, and cost. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go down. Epoxy resins are usually hard to work with but the kit supplied with the package makes the whole process really simple. The instructions are daunting at a glance but you can break it down to these steps:clean you window of foreign debrisforce the resin into the crack/chip with the applicator (in the shade) (even if you make a mess by overfilling, it’s ok)let the resin cure with the cure strip (really just a fresnel polarized lens to maximize uv light exposure)peel off curing sheet and scrape the glass with the blade perpendicular to the glassdone.

I bought this for a rock chip in my windshield. It was a relatively small chip, something that would be perfect for this diy product. I used as directed, or as best as i could. The resin gets everywhere, but i’m not sure that’s realistically avoidable. Also, the final step involves placing a small piece of clear plastic over the wet resin once set so that it can cure. It was a little windy the day i put it on, and it kept blowing off. I just decided to let it cure without it, and then i just scraped off the excess dried resin with the included razor blade. There is just a small speck of white left where the chip was. I tried refilling it both before and after it set, and nothing got rid of the speck. Definitely better than what it was.

I bought a cheap car with a few bulls-eye and star chips in the windshield, and didn’t feel like shelling out $50 ea for professional repair. Actually, the company’s limit is 3 chips, which my windshield exceeded. I initially bought a chip repair kit from a different supplier, but it was a one-time deal due to the use of an adhesive for the applicator. This, on the other hand, uses suction cups, meaning it is reusable. In fact, i was able to fill 5 chips, making this essentially $2 per chip. More importantly, it fills the chips much better than the competitor, and is quicker and easier to use.

Opted to give this product a try in the wake of learning our current auto insurance company would require us to pay a deductible plus additional money given my desire to use oem glass for the replacement. That was a shocking discovery in filing a first claim with them. Following the instructions to the letter produced acceptable results; the windscreen isn’t perfect following application, but the star lines were filled and the main chip now only appears to be a slight blemish. The product also resolved the first couple of numerous smaller chips found, damage resulting from a windshield strike by some foreign object in highway traffic. I would definitely use this rain-x windshield repair kit again.

With a dremel tool and bit i drilled into the windshield about. 040 deep and created a bulleye with a very small punch to stop the crack from getting longer. Please get additional info on how to do this. The rain-x product filled in the crack nicely and after 10 minutes i was very surprised that with agent harden up to scrape off the window. The crack is still visible looking at it in different angles or in the car. Though outside of the car, one would have to really be looking for it to notice. Mostly though, i know i will not stopped by the police for a fix-it ticket. My car is 20 years old and don’t want to invest into a new windshield. Could be an inexpensive stop gap if one wants to wait before replacing a windshield on a newer car. It won’t fix a crack that has penetrated clear through the windshield.

I had a very small fresh chip about the size of a pencil eraser. Just a chip without any cracking. I followed directions carefully and as i attached the centering ring, screwing the resin chamber cautiously slowly; i noticed as the plunger pressed firmly against the glass, small hairline cracks began to form, spreading outwards from the chip, about 1/32nd of an inch. I continued by adding resin and finally the curing strip in hard sunlight. The hairline cracks filled with resin and the chip went almost completely invisible. You can’t see it unless you know where it is. Note: the directions for this product clearly suggests, caution when adjusting the centering ring and resin chamber. It can increase the hairline cracks as it did for me, but filled them up and made them invisible.

This really works on star chips. I read some of the reviews and was a little concerned but then i saw a youtube video of someone successful using this product and they stated that it was the best product that they have ever used. First i recommend reading the instructions from start to finish. I have to repeat the pressure portion twice. Don’t know if it was because the star chip was so deep or if the pressure the first time wasn’t enough. After repeating the pressure portion the second time the chip was totally gone. Went ahead and completed the last phase with the plastic chip cover and the chip is nearly invisible. I would use this again in a heartbeat. Saved me $45 (really $35) from having this fixed professionally.

Works very well on my cracked windshield . Took it to a professional and they declined fixing it, saying that it was too big due to multiple star strikes. Bought this kit and follow the instruction very carefully. Applied it twice to both cracks areas – they have enough for at least 4 or 5 applications. The cracks didn’t totally go away but it helped smooth out about 80% of them and it stopped the cracks from spreading. This was a month ago and so far so good. Definitely recommend that you go to youtube and search for the rain-x repair kit videos done by other users that will help you see how the process work first before applying your own.

I ended up turning a small bullseye into a 6″ crack by messing around with things myself. After i calmed down from getting aggravated with myself for being an idiot, i went and fixed the crack with the product along with the bullseye. I can see a little imperfection at the site of the bullseye, looks like a small nick in the windshield, with a slight blurr around it. The crack is darn near impossible to find. If your crack is not disappearing when you apply the product, be patient and keep trying. Gently flexing the windshield with a little pressure works to get the material in the crack, even though you cannot even detect the movement of the glass. There’s enough material here for several repairs. We’ll see how this holds up to the winter the uneven heating of defrosters and ice covered windshields will be the acid test for this repair. My problem area is about a foot up from the bottom of the window, so it is not the highest stress area.

Wow, it works amazingly well. I used it for a repair that stemmed from a pro repair from a few years ago. The pros drilled a hole to stop the crack from spreading but a few years later, it still spread. In the picture you can see where i circled the rain x repaired crack i did myself. Below the circle, you can see the white drilled spot and the ‘pro’ repair. The kit, if you take your time, works well and is easy to use. I am very pleased for the $10 i spent vs paying $70 for some guy to do a job that apparently i did better. I couldn’t be happier and i just hope it won’t spread more. There is enough resin in here to do a few repairs and i did a bullseye chip too. Don’t expect it to be 100% completely gone, but it helps to lessen the effects of the crack or damage for sure.

I had never used this, i regret that now, i am 95% happy with my repair, 100% with the product, follow the good instructions, thirty minutes tops and your damage is virtually invisible, i had a rock chip smaller than a dime, by the time i completed my trip it was slightly larger than a quarter star pattern, it is only visible to me because i know where it is, the center could take a bit more resin and i may not find it, the visible area is about the size of a dull pencil head, by the way, no measuring necessary. In the photo there is too much reflection to find the place, it does not show at all, matter of fact, it took me a minute to find it, it is part of the blue sky reflection, but it would be harder than finding waldo,.

I have used this kit several times and it works good. Important note – if you wax your window (e. Rainx), you need to remove the ‘wax’ from the area around the chip to be repaired before you make the repair. The ‘wax’ somehow prevents or drastically slows the ‘drying’ of the crack filler liquid when it cures in the sunlight. It takes a really long time to dry. The crack fill itself might be ok. Use acetone on a paper towel to remove the wax. In my case i put a little piece of masking tape (not scotch tape, it might dissolve) over the chip and cleaned the surrounding area; then took off the tape and cleaned the chip area. If you look at the window against the light you can see where the wax is cleaned/rubbed off.

I gave this item 5 stars based on the quality of the repair compared to the cost. Will this repair kit make the damage disappear, maybe on a small chip, but on a large impact or crack ?. I got a quarter sized rock chip in my month old windshield. I don’t have windshield repair on my insureance due to the fact they count it as a clam each time you use it. So i saw this repair kit and gave it a try. I did not expect much being only $10. But was very happy with the ease of use and the outcome. A small spot in the middle is still visible but it is very small.

I had a small circular chip and small crack (. The chip is nearly complete fixed, but the solution wasn’t able to reach the small crack. However, i am very happy with the product over all. It did not take very long to fix, the directions were clear, and the process was fairly simple. It requires uv light for the product to set, but it is cold/cloudy almost every day here. We set up a uv light in the garage, which worked okay, but ultimately, we put the car outside and it set faster, despite being cold/cloudy. I would buy this product again, although hopefully i won’t need to (it also seems like i could use it another time or two with the one i bought).

However, it will be important that you set reasonable expectations. If you go into this thinking that it’s going to look like nothing ever happened to your windshield, you may be disappointed. The goal is to prevent the damage from spreading, and touch up the cosmetic appearance of the glass. From the outside of my windshield, all you can see are the chips where the rock made impact. From the inside (pictured), you can only notice there was a crack there if you’re looking for it. Best way i can describe this product is like touch up paint. Repair looks like covered up scratches, but clear. Works just fine if you follow the instructions, have patience, and don’t get cocky in the process. Chances are, if you’re like me, you’ve never done this repair before.

Product performed just as i expected it to, which was to merely insure that the chip didn’t spider any further. Although i can still slightly see the chips, as long as they don’t cause any more damage it’s all good with me. These products all work decently well (i’ve tried other brands) – most people just need to manage their expectations.

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