Royal Purple ROY01600 PURPLE ICE SUPER COOLANT – Great product.

Have an 2011 f-150 on 35s ecoboost 3. Lsct livewire 5 custom tunes from 5 starso they programmed to my vin the dan for safety reason due to increase in power. Coolant in florida at 95% reads 209-213with the additive 202-208.

Another royal purple product i will now be buying on a regular basis. Reducing surface tension of water makes hot spots, and corrosion a losing battle in your cooling system. Also keeps water pump lubricated, use all year round with 50/50 mix but if your running water only it will not provide freeze protection in winter months.

I added this product to my tractor radiator after a full flush. With the engine at 2k rpm and a constant heavy load – my temps remain stable and do not exceed normal operating temps. I did not chart a difference from before the additive as the coolant was flushed immediatly upon getting the tractor.

Used in both personal vehicles and diesel truck with great results in lowering overall water temp. , but more importantly in the faster dissipation of radiator heat while pulling rv in higher altitude mountains where engine heats up more.

Works as advertised, but can’t really say if the 5 degree temp i got was worth the cost, on the other hand the temperature drop could have been due to the cooling system flush done prior to adding the product. Your guess is as good as mine.

Good product, poorly received by mechanics. Not sure if they know anything but, it didn’t hurt.

Royal purple makes great stuff and this is no exception. Definitely helped lower the coolant temp. Make sure that you get the appropriate amount based on the capacity of your system.

I can’t give you exact numbers but this seems to work fantastically on my 7. 3l navistar powered ford f-350. In the past, when i was pulling up a hill with a heavy load (26k+) the temp gauge would start to creep up until the engine light would come on and start acting up. Not a chronic issue, but did happen a few times. Another thing that used to happen was that my degas bottle would balloon and rupture, sometimes leaving me stranded. Well, since i put this in my engine, i have not had either of those problems. The truck does get hot, and i have had it where the radiator fan was on for hundreds of miles over mountain passes, but no degas bottle pop, and no overheating. So like i said, i can’t give you numbers, but it has worked very well for me.

Didn’t really notice a difference with one. Going to get another to see if it does anything. Always good to know its in it though, because even if my gauge says its not doing anything, it really is.

This really does make the difference when you live in the southern states where its ungodly hot.

30° difference right after i took it out on the freeway. I have a chevy 406 with 525hp and on a hot california sumer day it would push up to 220°. Now even on the hottest of days, 190-195°.

Hard to tell if it is working or not. I think it is the engine does seem to run cooler.

Easy to use, clear instructions. It does seem to have lowered the coolant temperature top end some. I ran the bike for up to 15 minutes several times while doing other maintenance and noted the max. Then i drained to coolant flushed the bike’s cooling system with royal purple royal flush. While running the flush and 3 subsequent rinse for 15 min. Each, i noted the temps again. Then after filling with coolant and the max amount of purple ice, i ran the bike again (in preparation for changing the oil) for 15 min. This time the max temp was lower than when running water alone during the rinses. That was a huge surprise as the ambient temperature was even higher as it was late afternoon by then. Here are the specifications for the Royal Purple ROY01600 PURPLE ICE SUPER COOLANT:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 2-in-1 corrosion inhibitor and wetting agent enhanced protection of aluminum
  • Reduces surface tension of coolant allowing heat to transfer outside the radiator for more horsepower
  • Reduces hot spots in the engine and cylinder heads to help prevent failure of critical engine components
  • Maintains a cleaner system, prevents overheating and extends the life of the water pump
  • Safe to use in water or anti-freeze/water blends

I had overheating problems and let me tell you that this isnt a fix all. So if your expecting this to be the ‘fix all heat problems’ juice, your going to be disappointed. After putting in a racing radiator, pump, thermostat, fans and this product. You can assure yourself that your car will remain cool. This product helps the system stay cool in the heat.

Some people really don’t understand this product, or cooling systems in general. This product helps the water inside your cooling system shed heat faster. This means once the therm opens and releases the coolant water mix to the radiator it takes less time for it to cool. So in theory the coolant water mix will be cooler once it enters the engine again. Remember this, if coolant won’t freeze that mean it retained heat, or acts as an insulator. If you live in an area that does not freeze then the more water the better. Still use a minimal amount of coolant as a lubricant and anti-corrosion. You can use straight water and a bottle of purple ice and you are covered.

I have a bullydog system on my truck which i use to monitor several parameters. In the past few months my normal operating temperatures have been 199f while driving down the road (this is where the coolant system begins to circulate). The day i put this additive into the truck i saw the temp drop to 195 which is minimal operating temperature and only fluctuate mildly while in standing traffic before returning to 195. While i wasn’t under load or aggressively driving it was clear that the additive dropped the temperature. I would recommend this product to everyone purely on the fact that it really worked for me and the less your engine is working to get heat out the less over all load.

I own two mustangs and i have ice in both. One is a v6 and the other a gt. Ice works great on both cars. It certainly will lower the running temperature of the engine dramatically. Make sure you use new antifreeze and a new thermostat for maximum cooling in conjunction with ice. Before and after temps of my gauges below.

Works great keeps the engine cooler ,and i will be getting another for my other car getting ready for summer.

This review is for the royal purple roy01600 purple ice super coolant, 12 oz, 1 pack. As you may already know, royal purple products work as advertised. A great value for the price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Empirical improvements verified by OBD II reader!
  • Great Product. I had overheating problems and let me
  • It worked for me.

First things first: virtually every car made today has a buffered coolant temp gauge. You’re not seeing a real time temp display, but a time-averaged estimation of your coolant temp. Actual coolant temps could change by as much as 30 degrees f, without the average gauge moving at all. Unless you’ve connected a real time obd ii reader and data logged your coolant temps, you don’t actually know what your coolant temp is at all. Science tells us that this product will reduce localized hot spots via reduction of nucleate boiling (localized steam production). Usually occurring in the cylinder heads, this means lower head temps, less detonation, and a healthier engine. I used this in my 2013 ford explorer 2. 0t eco boost and my 1999 porsche 911 carrera-2 3. When monitoring coolant temp levels via an obd ii reader/ data logger, purple ice reduced overall coolant temp levels by 6-10 degrees fahrenheit in my explorer and 4-5 degrees celsius in my porsche over the same driving loop, with the same ambient temps.

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