Ryobi P118 Lithium Ion Dual Chemistry Battery Charger : Great charger

The charger that came with my kit died so i scrambled to find this unit. I like this one much better. It’s a smaller footprint and not obnoxiously bright green. Charges batteries fine and i would not hesitate to purchase again. Might even get another to have on hand,.

Charges most of my batteries inside an hour. Even the big ones are just over an hour. Charges nicd, nimh, lithium, and lithium plus. At this price, versatility, and speed, makes the 1/2 hour charger rather an unnecessary afterthought.

It wasn’t clear and not mentioned in the description. It does say so on my order history, but who checks orders to see if every thing they buy that’s expected as new is marked refurb after placing an order?. Haven’t used the product yet. Will consider an update if it’s worth my time.

I have more than one device that uses these battery packs, so i also have multiple battery packs — i use this as a second charger to make sure that i never run out of a charged battery for my ryobi devices.

I love all of ryobi products, and this was actually the third charger i purchased because we have so many lol. Charges the batteries super fast and the charger is so affordable. Highly recommend buying a couple if you have multiple products using this battery. I charge multiple batteries at a time so i always have them ready to go.

Much better than older versions. This will charge any one plus battery regardless if lion, ni-cad it does them all, again if a ‘one plus. ‘ i was not happy with the older ni cad batteries but with so many tools that used that system i couldn’t bear to get rid of them all and start anew. So i decided to try the lion batteries and am very glad i did. At first i was confused somewhat by all the p numbers but then found all that matters for fitment is the oneplus designation. So if the tool takes a one plus battery any one plus will fit. This charger works well, is fast and charges my new lion batteries and the old nicads i still have lying around. Don’t give up if you have the old nicad setup, try this charger along with lion batteries imho well worth it.

Ryobi P118 Lithium Ion Dual Chemistry Battery Charger for One+ 18 Volt Batteries (Battery Not Included / Charger Only)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • DUAL CHEMISTRY: Can charge both Ryobi Lithium Ion and Ni-Cd batteries
  • CHARGE INDICATORS: LED lights on the base of the tool let you know how much time is left on a battery’s charge
  • MOUNTABLE: Keyholes are located on the underside of the tool so you can keep it anywhere in the workshop
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: works with Ryobi batteries from the One+ system
  • 50 WATTS running off of 120 volts of AC power

Well, this is the second charger and will be the last that i buy from ryobi tools. The one that come with my screwdriver set only last for 5 charges cycles with no more than 50% of discharged battery state, this devices has a design fault that blow components like fet transistor regulator and the oscillator ic in the circuit board, i repair the first one but has to pay the price buying the second for identify burned components in the damaged charger. Ryobi tools really need to review this charger design.

Wish i had gotten this before i purchased my other ryobi charger. I didn’t even know there was a dual chemistry version, now i have a useless ni-cd charger just sitting around doing nothing.

Had to buy this after buying li-ion batteries for my ryobi tools (after market) and doing some research. Charged my li-ion batteries great and it will charge the others too.

Works well with my new batteries. Prior charger did not last long even when it saw little use. 10 percent of men are red – green color blind. So why do we inisist on using red and green lights on these chargers????.

Charges batteries quickly and gives you the progress by checking the lights. Tests condition of battery on each recharge to test whether it’s still a viable battery. Although it does specifically list all, it will charge all the types of batteries from ni-cd to ni-mh to lithium that these ryobi comes in.

I had a couple old batteries that wouldn’t hold a charge any more so i figured i had to buy some new batteries, but after reading some reviews that said the new style chargers were faster and could also breathe some life into old batteries, i figured it was worth trying and since this charger can charge the lithium batteries as well, even if it didn’t work, i’d still want the charger for when i eventually switch to lithium batteries. Now that i have the charger, i do see that my old batteries are working again. I never would have believed it, but it does.

I researched the battery issue with my ryobi tool set for a long time. I could never find a battery and charger combo without literally paying more than my original tool set cost. I then read that this charger would not only charge the newer lithium batteris but that it was backward compatible with older ni-cad batteries and could possibly give them life when you thought they had no more ‘oomph’. I found a good deal on this charger and thought i would at least remedy the situation in stages. Lo and behold the old ni-cad got recharged and that at least buys me a litle time to find a good deal on the lithium battery. I don’t know if that would help you but i’m pleased and sort of feeling a little smug about my good move.

I burned out my first charger by doing something stupid. Sure enough amazon came to the rescue. I found this for less than i could find it anywhere else. It is the exact same charger that i had previously. I have no intention of burning out this one but if i did, i know that it is easily replaced.

Great price, and works well. I have it hanging on the wall, and keeps my bench free of clutter. I received the batteries as a gift, and this was an inexpensive option.

Ryobi says it works with lithium ion and ni-cd batteries. But it also works with the newer ni-cd replacement batteries ni-mhat least i have been using it and it seems to not have any problems recharging and fully powering ni-mh batteries.

Ryobi P118 Lithium Ion Dual Chemistry Battery Charger for One+ 18 Volt Batteries (Battery Not Included / Charger Only) :

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Ryobi P118 Lithium Ion Dual Chemistry Battery Charger for One+ 18 Volt Batteries (Battery Not Included / Charger Only)
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