Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE – Does the job I wanted it for. A couple of small improvements would make it stellar.

I purchased this compressor before realizing they had a better model (p731). I would recommend going with that model over this one (p737). This one works fine for what is is just a simple compressor with a trigger switch. This one would be better suited for bike tires or small inflatable sports equipment. It’s biggest downfall is it only has the momentary switch so you have to hold the button down at all times for it to run. That’s kind of annoying when your airing a car or truck tire. The other model lets you set the desired psi and it will air it up and shut itself off when complete. The other model also does both high pressure and high volume/ low pressure. If all you need this for is filling up bike tires or basketballs this should work fine. If you want the capability to air vehicle tires and an air mattress/ inner tubes, spend the extra $15 on the other model.

I’ve read a lot of reviews that wish one thing or another were included in this simple air pump. Frankly, adding wish lists are always possible, and there are lots of other brands/models out there that do just that. However, you get what you pay for, and this model has been on sale for as low as $20 (without the battery), so basic dependable performance is generally all you should expect. My objection to this pump has more to do with marketing and battery pricing than what conveniences it lacks. Ryobi has the stones to price their batteries at significantly higher cost than the pump itself. Does this sound like the gillette razor story, where they can practically give the handle away because the cost of replacement blades is so high?.

Easy to use, super portable, and completely cordless. The only negative is that the pressure gauge doesn’t work well at the bottom of its range. Trying to put 5-8 lbs in a soccer ball?. You’re going to have to guess.

I have a large compressor for any home needs. I keep this in my atv for repairs to the low pressure tires. I suspect that it might be marginal if one had to fill high pressure tires. I use a lot of ryobi products, so i own two battery chargers and six batteries. This product is no larger than two or three cans of ‘spare air’, and actually costs less and lasts indefinitely.

I am quite happy with the device and battery life. My one complaint is that the built in pressue gauge is completely useless and just wrong. Sometimes it is 10psi off, other times it is 25psi off. So as long as you have a seperate tire guage, it is a good unit. Keep in mind that it isn’t bery fast at filling a car tire, but the device is the size of a screwdriver, so i think that is reasonable.

I have kids and their inflatable toys. When we go to the local swimming hole, we like to bring the inflatables and they don’t fit in the vehicle while they are inflated. I needed something to pump them up when we got there. I have many ryobi tools and batteries so this seemed like a good addition to my collection. When we got to the lake last weekend, i pulled out my p737 and started inflating. I was working on a tube for what seemed like forever. My friend had a 12v pump which plugged into my vehicle. She inflated an entire raft and 2 tubes in the time it took for me to get my tube inflated. One other thing that her unit had that this one lacks is a speed hose adapter.

My car tires have slow leaks so i use this cordless tire inflator a lot. I like the fact that the part that clamps down onto the tire stem is metal though the lever is plastic. However, a common screw holds this lever in place and it would be easy enough to fix if anything ever happened to it and i have had a black & decker portable air compressor end (all plastic) shatter here in the minnesota cold. While black & decker does make some nice tools their portable air compressors don’t last (i’ve gone through two in way too short of time – i believe they design theirs to prematurely fail). Anyway, i highly recommend this ryobi tire inflator over other brands especially as it is powered by the 18-volt one+ batteries. So, because i already own other ryobi one+ tools, i was able to buy this without needing to buy another battery. My only complaint is that you have to hold the trigger until you get to the desired psi. If you could set the psi and it shut off automatically once there i would give this 5 stars. Regardless, it works quite well. I’ve also used it on bike tires.

Update 11-29-17: thanks to a large spike stuck in my tire, i discovered that the largest lithium battery pack (p108), fully charged, was able to inflate a large tire on my suv (lt315/70/17) from 10psi to 50psi. Battery pack still had one bar showing on charge indicator when done. It took about 9 minutes to get the pressure up. The hose does get quite hot and i was worried about long term effect on pump from continuous running like this, but i used it again the next day and it is fine. I just bought a second one to send to a relative. I’m really enjoying how handy this thing is. I bought it primarily to make it easier for the 4 of us bicycle owners under our roof to keep tires properly inflated. Fills fast – gauge is accurate. What i didn’t expect is how handy this is to top off the pressure on my car, truck and trailer tires as well – much easier than firing up the large air compressor, waiting for it to build pressure, and draging the hose in and out each time. This thing will raise passenger car tires 5 psi in about 30 seconds, and larger suv tires might take 45-60 seconds for every 5psi.

I purchased this inflator in april and have used it to fill my wife’s slow-leak tire every few weeks. You’ll want to buy a dedicated gauge to check the pressure as you go since the one on the tool isn’t accurate. About 42psi on the tools gauge gives me the 30psi needed for my car tires. It would be nice if you could latch the trigger somehow instead of holding it, but the switch is such a light touch, it doesn’t fatigue your hand holding it down. I guess you could use a rubber band. Overall, the tool works well (minus the gauge) and feels durable. Another reviewer had an issue with the hose detaching so i try to be gentle with it.

I love the cordless power and the way it pumps the air rather quickly. Not like the usual that takes quite a while to put the proper pressure in the tire. However not happy with the pressure guage, it is way off of the actual pressure of the tire, wish it had an accurate digital readout. I happen to have one so i use them both for a proper pressure reading. This is the only reason it does not get a 5 star rating.

I ordered this air pump specifically for inflating my fat trike tires. I inflate the tires to ~ 15 – 18 psi for the streets. I deflate them to around 5 – 8 for riding on the beach sand at ocean shores, wa. Rolling resistance on the street is ok at the lower pressure, but riding 2 to 5 miles at 5 -8 psi is a lot more work than at 18 psi. A typical bicycle mini-pump takes over 100 pumps to bring my 20 in x 4 in tires back up to 15 psi. Times 3 tires is inconvenient. This pump inflated a totally deflated tire in what felt like under a minute. True, you do have to hold the trigger. Not a problem for a small job like bicycle tires.

Product is good but price is cheaper at home depot than on amazon.

I already had 2 ryobi batteries so for only $25 this was a no-brainer compared to inflators that cost 2-3x as much. It’s not quite as fast as the air machine at a gas station, but the convenience of being able to do it at home, for free, without being on the 3 minute clock, makes it well worth it. Also most gas station machines don’t let you see the tire pressure as you’re pumping air, so you have to constantly stop and read the gauge (which is usually tiny). This one lets you see the pressure as you go, and the gauge is bigger, so it’s more convenient in yet another way compared to a gas station. I topped off 8 normal tires + 2 spares that were low on a single battery charge and it’s still going. Here are the specifications for the Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE:

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  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE! This tool runs on the power sources used in Ryobi’s ONE+ battery system, making this purchase extra smart for the Ryobi veteran
  • PORTABLE PISTOL PUMPING POWER: Ryobi’s P737 is smaller than most inflators, boasting an ergonomic pistol grip handle for easy use and transport. Keep it in the back of your truck! Strap it to your bicycle!
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME spent on purchasing extra accessories for other portable inflators. The Ryobi P737 boasts TWO high-pressure nozzles, a sports equipment needle, and an ONBOARD PRESSURE GAUGE
  • SPECS: 20” hose, 2” pressure gauge, 0-150 PSI, 18V, 2.5lb, cordless operation
  • STORAGE: a compartment at the base of the tool holds all bits and nozzles for your convenience

The perfect inflator for a variety of uses. It’s one thing to need a bit of air to inflate a tire or two but if you don’t want a tank-style compressor but you want a bit more than the standard hand of foot operated model, then this is the tool. I used it to inflate the tires on my recumbent trike as well as our handcart, wheelbarrow and car tires. If there’s an inflation need that it can’t handle, i haven’t found it. I call it, ‘money well spent’.

I have another air pump, it hooks up to the car battery, has a long hose and works really well. That being said it’s a bit of a pain. I have to pull it from the bag, connect the air hose, pop the hood and connect to the battery. Having recently purchased some other ryobi one + tools i decided to get this as it was pretty inexpensive by itself, no battery and charger. It works great and pumped up 2 passenger car tires that were ~ 10 psi low, and the battery still shows full bars. Only complaint is i wish the trigger had a lock as it’s really easy to actuate the pump just carrying the unit. That being said i would purchase this again in a heartbeat, it’s really handy and works great.

I am a bit of a ryobi-file, but this has been so useful. Being battery operated on the standard 18v batteries that come with most ryobi products makes it dynamic, i am able to keep it and a battery in my car in case i ever get a flat while i’m away from home. It has come in handy on more than 1 occasion. Only down side is this doesn’t come with a battery so if you don’t already have one (or more depending on how many ryobi products you own) you will need to buy one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not Bad, But Ryobi has a Better Offering.
  • I’m really enjoying how handy this thing is.
  • Five Stars

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