S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle – 1 : Thes Best hands down

This product cleans deep in my engine fins and i actually like the smell it gives to the bike. To me it smells like leather. This cleaner is quick and cleans off quickly. Its worth the few extra bucks.

Wait about 5-10 mins and then rinse it off. A quick dry and your bike is clean.I had not heard of it before, but my brother introduced me to this stuff this past summer and i can’t believe i have been cleaning my bike without it. It takes a 45 minute job and turns it into a 15 minute job. . Dissolves brake dust on the rims. If you own a motorcycle or atv. You need this stuff to keep ’em clean and save a ton of time.

Just spray all-over your cool bike and spray off with a pressure washer. Plastic, chrome, glass, vinyl, paint, rubber- they all come clean no-sweat. It gets the wide white walls on my harley super bright and clean without any scrubbing. I don’t know how it can clean so well but won’t harm painted surfaces. It’s worth buying the big jug, and get the spray nozzle that screws on top of jug. You spill too much filling the little spray bottle.

I highly recommend buying the sprayer attachment that fits the 5l bottle. It’s very hard to pour this stuff into another container without spilling some. It’s very easy to use and you can spray it on every surface. It brought the “like new” look back to my bike. I have attached a photo of my 2015 harley after s100.

Best motorcycle wash available. Make sure you protect flat black/gray plastic parts as it will droplet stain the surface.

I was told about this stuff by a friend. It was sounded too good to be true. He said to simply spray this on my motorcycle, wait just a minute or two, then hose it off. He said to make sure my bike was cool, not hot. With a spray, you can get it into all the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Wrapping my intake with plastic took about 2 minutes. Spraying this on took maybe 5 minutes. Then spraying it off took about 1 minute. I wiped it down for another 5 minutes. So the whole ‘ritual’ took less than 15 minutes. With this stuff making it so easy, i clean my bike way more oftennow. If my wheels are really bad, i do have to pre-treat them and lightly brush them.

Best bike cleaner on the market. It is impossible to make a better bike cleaner. This stuff killls road gum, grease, chain lube (like a boss) you name it. This stuff is seriously the most perfect bike cleaner on the market. Cleans everything from shinny plastics to the rims.

This is the only cleaner i use on my harley. You can see the dirt roll off.

  • Cleaning my bike now takes about 15 minutes. REALLY good stuff.
  • Amazing product, poor marketing
  • Average results, above average cost

S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle – 1.32 Gallon

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  • The first spray-on, rinse-off cleaner developed especially for motorcycles, S100 Total Cycle Cleaner creeps in to every nook and cranny of your bike to thoroughly clean it without scrubbing
  • Cleans the entire motorcycle, not just the motor. You can have a sparkling motorcycle in as little as 5 minutes, spend more time riding and less time cleaning
  • Represents the best in cycle care and is safe for all cycle surfaces – paint, chrome, alloy, plastic, rubber, bearings, O-rings and more
  • Non-acid, pH controlled, contains corrosion inhibitors, and is biodegradable
  • Excellent for cleaning marine, lawn and garden equipment, snowmobiles, car and truck engines and more

I use it on my motorcycles and car engines. A must have to keep that ride clean and shiny.

Really like this stuff, wet down the bike, spray the s100 on, hose off the bike with as much pressure as possible then wipe the bike dry.

I do my bike once a month with this product, also do engine bays on cars and it works great on car wheels and white letter tires also.

I’ve used a variety of cleaning products over the years and most represent some form of compromise. In order to remove grease and grime the alkali ingredients tend to damage glossy finishes, or tarnish aluminum – but not so with s100. I used it initially on both a 2003 harley flstf and then a 1982 honda cbx 1000. Two very different mechanical configurations with different materials and finishes. Old hondas tend to be susceptible to surface discoloration of unfinished aluminum components on the drive train and, being a chain driven bike, has much more grim around the read suspension. The harley by comparison has acres of chrome that is unforgiving to water spots and a lustrous black paint finish. In both cases s100 did a commendable job removing road grime, oil and general dirt. It’s clear that it contains effective surfactants that break down and shift dirt. When you come to rinse down it also becomes clear that there are ingredients aimed at leaving a shining surface – if you’ve ever used dish soap on a bikes paint you’ll know how dull it can leave things. After spraying down with the smallest ‘stream’ setting on my hose end sprayer i dried the bikes with a leaf blower, which is actually quite effectiveonce done the result was 2 clean bikes that needed minimal polishing to return to freshly detailed appearance – very impressed.

While this may work fantastic for motorcycles, by marketing it only for motorcycles, they are ignoring a multitude of new customers. I bought this to use under my hood as an engine bay cleaner. I have a 2016 m3 i bought in oct 2015. This is its first under hood wash, and i live in a very wet climate (rain and dirt sprayed from cars in front of me). The engine bay looks brand new. Too bad they chose such a lousy name and market it so poorly, as it deserves to be used on every kind of vehicle.

Product was recommended by my bike mechanic, the guy always sends my machines back looking great and super clean. So i bought a five liter bottle and separate spray cap to fit. Unlike other reviews the spray cap worked fine, but the product provided only average results on my cleaning job. To be fair i did wash five fairly muddy atvs/utvs in about 2 hours with this product, but i was hoping i would spray and rinse and come out looking like what the bike mechanic delivers to me. Well that did not happen and the vehicles all took additional drying/wiping to get them looking decent, and in some situations where i thought the product was ideally suited (suspension parts, frame) it left residue, not much better than just pressure washing. So maybe my quads were to dirty to start with, i’ll try again on a job that’s not so aggressive, but at this point i kind of feel its hard to justify the price of this cleaner.

I love s100 and use it on motorcycles and even the lawn tractor. However, this is a terrible container. When you pour from it, like into a funnel to fill a spray bottle, it spills down the side. I will cut a notch to help it pour correctly, but i recommend they investigate other packaging.

Makes cleaning up my bike easy, just spray a bottle full on the bike and rinse it off. I do this every time i clean the chain. After the first ride i apply 409 to the wheels and clean the plastic with motul to remove water spots, as i don’t want to dry the bike with a towel manually.

For show-shine, you need to do more than spray and wash. But if you just want to keep your daily ride presentable, this is the stuff.

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