Scepter USA DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Fluid Transfer Pump and 14-Gallon Rolling Gas Can – Better than expected

An answer for an environmental/safety problem. There isn’t a gas pump on our beautiful lake bonaparte. So, as we don’t trailer our pontoon boat in and out, we’ve been filling multiple gas cans and trying, with funnels and tubes, to fill our tank. The new ‘gerry cans’ have an anti-spill mechanism which doesn’t work–isn’t triggered– by the fill tube of the boat. It is messy and the possibility of a spill is high. We got this and now have our own gas station. It’s easy to put in the back of a truck or car, and fill. To lift it out, we need two of us. But it’s not uncomfortable to lift, then just roll it out on the dock to the boat. It was a little tricky at first to coordinate emptying the gas line after we stopped pumping, but got it right the next time.

This is a five star product but i’m dinging it for a couple of misses. First, it is a quality product for the price: the wheels and axle are big enough to easily roll around garages, docks etc and bump rolling up and down steps. Dispensing handle and hose are durable and allow a fairly fast flow rate for being gravity fed with redundant shutoff valves to prevent leaks. Happy with the product and price. A couple of misses on design in my opinion make it four stars and not five: needs side handles as fully loaded with 14 gallons of gas make it too heavy to easily lift out of a trunk or truck bed, side handles allows for two people to mange it together. The top handle needs a bigger opening and beefed up more to allow the container to be hung up on a wall or post. Since the flow is gravity driven the bottom of the container where the hose connects must be higher than the container or machine receiving the fuel. Thus a larger and supportive top handle allows it to be safely hung and side handles make it easier for two people to lift and hang it. Lastly, the dispensing handle needs a catch to hold the lever open so one doesn’t have to squeeze it open the whole time. This is especially useful when the flow rate is low due to the container bottom not positioned much higher than the receiving container, painfully slow process at times.

Just installed a generator in michigan and needed something to store more fuel. Mounted it on the wall and out of the way so it can fill all the power toys, and high enough so i can fill the lawn tractor. The main purpose is for the generator, so i put 5oz of stabil in it, then filled with 14 gallons of ethanol-free fuel. Just filled it today (2/3/17) with 14 gallons and would recommend 13. 14 puts the level just above the bottom of the fill cap. Not a big deal in the winter, but in the summer i suspect the pressure will push the level higher, and i don’t want to find out the hard way if the fill cap leaks at some point. Having almost three 5-gallon gas cans worth of gas hanging on the wall and out of the way seems like a good idea in theory. I will post updates if i have any issues, but i still kinda laugh when i walk out in the garage and see a gas pump hanging on the wall.

I was apprehensive about buying this product because of its bad reviews and it was so much less expensive than the other items out there. But after doing my research i found that even the ones that are $500+ had just as many bad reviews and flaws. I almost didn’t even bother getting a product like this. But after trying to use a gas can to fill my boat and fighting the waves in the water i decided might as well try it out. After receiving it i must say i love this product.

I use about 3ga of gas in my zero turn. Filling it up with a large gas can was heavy and tiring, not to mention the new gas cans and their venting holes and safe spill nozzles suck. I wanted a larger container i looked at a 35ga one and then calculated how much that would weigh full and also storing 35ga of gas in my shed made me nervous. I found and settled on this, it’s perfect for my needs. I don’t have to get gas after every other cut and i don’t have to hold up a heavy gas can. I simply fill it up in my truck, wheel it into my shed and pick it up once to put it on a shelf since it’s gravity fed and needs to be higher than what you put it in. 3lbs per gallon so fully loaded it’s going to be almost 100lbs. The other nice thing is the ventilation spout and that it has multiple shutoffs. The only assembly i had to do was put the hose on the container, i used thread seal tape just to make sure it wouldn’t leak, and it was nice to see i had 0 leeks.

Putting gas in my pontoon boat at the marina. The fill spout on my boat is about 4′ lower than the pier. The hose is long enough to reach. The nozzle is basically a squeeze pump, after a couple pumps it is a continuous flow as long as the handle is held open. Its slow but faster than using a couple 5 gallon cans and making 2 trips to the gas station. ( bringing my own gas saves a $1 a gallon). I like to keep it half full so the gas doesn’t sit long. I bring 10 gallons at a time, i fill it in the back of my truck using a battery clamp attached to the tank handle and i have a piece of metal clamped at the other end that lays on the ground to ground the tank. 10 gallons + tank weight = 72 lbs.

I really like this tank for use when filling our pontoon at the dock without having to go to the local gas station dock and borrow their unit. The only complaint i have is that you can’t completely empty it, even when i have it sitting above the gas tank filling point, so i can never use the entire gas purchase i made. Other than that, it performs as described. Because it is a siphon/gravity feed process, you need to have the tank higher than the tank you are filling to get most of the gas out of the tank, so if your dock is a little lower than your watercraft tank sits on the water like ours does, it stops dispensing at a higher point in the tank than you think it might. I can solve this by moving it when about half empty to the deck of the pontoon so it remains higher that the boat gas tank. The handle seems a little cheap and is all plastic as described so we will see how well it holds up. I see that as the first break point of the unit if something gives.

It’s ok but could be better. ) will not drain completely. Leaves about a gallon of fuel on bottom. If you need that gallon, you’ll have to turn upside down and pour from cap opening into funnel. Should have been designed to drain completely imo. ) gas expands with a little sun/heat. Once the tank expands just a bit, which it will, the wheels won’t turn as they will now be touching the caddy. Could have been spaced better.

I give this product a 9 out of 10, so rounded up to 5 stars. Great product for a reasonable price, assuming you can purchase for under $100. Came almost completely preassembled. Only had to connect the hose to the caddy. Those hose fittings are brass, and appear to be the exact same types of shut-offs used in water hose shut off valves, like those sold in loews and home depot ( hopefully its a better grade of rubber seal ). Both of the valves are 1/4 turn ball valves, with approximately 1/4 inch holes for the gas to flow thru. This is obviously the bottleneck restricting the flow rate. I don’t see any easy way of replacing/modifying them to increase the flow, either. I’ve considered adding an inline pump between the valves, but honestly, the 2 gpm rate is not that bad. You will need to elevate the tank on a table, etc, to maximize flow and extraction.

At first i thought this was a big mistake as i couldn’t get gas to flow. There are two shutoffs and one of them is hidden when the tank is upright. Set the shutoffs parallel to the hose direction. This is gravity feed so the tank needs to be higher than the hose end. Be sure to open the vent when pumping. I used a chunk of 2×4 to hold the trigger open while it fills my boat tank. I wish the wheels were larger. I use a heavy duty hand truck to haul it down a long dock to my boat. The hose clamps are inadequate and fail, causing leaks.

Here are the specifications for the Scepter USA DuraMax Flo n’ Go LE Fluid Transfer Pump and 14-Gallon Rolling Gas Can:

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  • RESIN 80% / RUBBER 20%
  • Imported
  • Flo n’go durable, 14 gallon, red portable Wheeled fuel container, includes flo n’go fuel transfer pump, rugged heavy walled construction
  • Adds Extra shine to your product. Hand pump allows you to eliminate spillage and overfills by stopping and restarting the flow of fuel when needed
  • Manufactured in China
  • Comes with MaxFlo Siphon Pump with at-the-handle pump control allows for auto-shut-off and restarts and clean, hassle-free siphon control
  • Wheeled for easy transportation, high density polypropelyne for dent, corrosion and rust resistance
  • 10 foot hose with two shut-off valves , at both the thank and the hose connector make the hoes easy to disconnect for refilling and transportation
  • Ideal for industrial, commercial and recreational applications
  • Use on light commercial equipment, farms, landscape crews, dockside and cottage applications

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  • was apprehensive about buying this product because of its bad reviews and it was so much less expensive than

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