Schaeffer Manufacturing Co Schaeffer Manufacturing 266 Citrol Cleaner and Industrial Degreaser : I used this stuff to get some overspray off of

I read up on it, and this stuff removes dried bugs like nothing i have ever used, along with road tar and other gunky stuff. You spray it on the dry car, let it soak in, then hose it off gently wiping with your carwash mit as you go. I have a very bad right wrist and this stuff is a prayer answered for me. It may be available for less elsewhere, but totally worth the price regardless of where you get it.

This stuff works as advertised. Used on baked in tar from roads on pu truck. Some of the thicker stuff i had to pick at, but only because i was impatient to get the job done. I have no doubt that had i waited and reapplied the citrol it would have completely removed any residual tar.

This product works just like mentioned by a user on youtube. 20 seconds, sap was dissolved with no trace.

This is probably the 2nd review i have ever written in my life. I drove over a fresh tar patch with my 1 year old bright white jeep. Tar splattered all over the bottom of the drivers side. I only wish i took before pictures of the entire mess.We tried rust-oleum wax and tar remover. My husbands arm almost fell off after getting about an inch in diameter amount of tar off. I tried wd-40, peanut butter everything i could google. Do not waste any more of your time and money like i did. I got all of the tar off of my jeep in about 15 minutes with almost no effort.

Use this to clean vehicles, cuts through anything i put it up against on every surface, plastic, paint, chrome, glass, carpet, doesn’t matter it gets the job done.

I used this on my 2016 ford, had a bunch of old tar all over the bottom part of my fender. Sprayed it and you can instantly see results. Don’t get me wrong, it will take some scrubbing with a soft towel and several coats but the results are great. Took me about 30 mins to get all the tar off. Thought i would order more than one.

Schaeffer Manufacturing 266 Citrol Cleaner and Industrial Degreaser

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  • Biodegradable and waste treatable
  • Aerosol Containers: Not available for use in California

This is probably the best product ever made. It has cleaned grease and grime i thought were permanent. I cleaned bug guts off my car w ease, decal glue smear off my car back to factory, cleaned all the grease grime and cooked on stains on my steel cook top. Family business that makes great oil products.

This came highly recommended by a few youtuber’s. Of course they had affiliate links. Anyhoo, i don’t find this crazy expensive and impossible to find product any better than what you’ll find readily available at an auto parts store.

I used this stuff to get some overspray off of textured plastic on my polaris atv. I have no idea what the overspray was or how long it had been there because it was on it before i bought it and i had owned it for a year before i ordered this product. Tried other cleaners and clay bar etc. Some of this citrol on a paper towel and about 3 minutes work got it right off and didn’t effect the color or texture of the plastic in any way.

Highly recommend just doesn’t do it justice. My truck looked like a pine tree sneezed sap all over my truck and it was completely dried on. Citrol removed the sap with little polishing to remove the sap. Just sprayed it on the sap and let it soak in. Took a paper towel and with a little polishing the sap came off leaving my truck to look new again. Can not say enough about how well this product worked. Update: it worked so well on my truck that i used it on my car and took pictures this time. Also used it in some headlights that were completely yellow and barely could see through them. Worked decent on the headlights as well. My headlights were extremely bad before.

Gets all that nasty, oily film off the inside of your windshield. When sprayed on windshield it does not run, it stays on working. Hint: let it sit for 30-45 seconds to do it’s job. Works well on outside of windshield. Gets all the bug guts and other goo off easily.

I park under a pine tree that bukkaked all over my car for two years, and aged pine tar drips were able to be softened and removed with some extra rubbing. Let’s face it, trees are awesome but they weep all over our cars. This stuff works great on tar, pine tar, tree sap, and bug guts, if you get on it immediately. But it also makes the job easier if your lazy butt can’t be bothered until you feel like cleaning. My car is now sparkly clean, and i appreciate this easy cleaner.

I noticed an auto detailer i follow on instagram using this stuff to wipe off dealer lettering from a porsche and figured if it was good enough for him, it would work for me. My wife’s outlander had some sticker residue on the hatch that i had left for too long because i kept forgetting about it. Wiped off the dirt, hit with a shot of citrol and literally wiped the sticker residue away with a microfiber towel. Incredibly simple and easy to use, cannot recommend enough.

I have used this before on many many things. It works great on engines, removing road tar, cleaning some stubborn stains on the intirior, cleaning rims, cleaning your tools, cleaning out carbs. I could go on all day with things i have used it for. This is one of the most us full things i my cleaning arsonal.

I happen to drive on a very freshly paved road one night that couldn’t really be avoided. Sounded wet while driving on it without realizing what had happened to my horror in the morning i saw my white truck was covered in tar / asphalt that had dried and hardened on my white truck. I was desperate and tried this and it worked crazy good. The tar just started coming off and was now able to wipe off and clean.

Ok, so i know this stuff is high. I had been hit & figured i tried everything else to no luck, i would try this. Sprayed it on, waited a good 30 secs. Wiped it with a damp microfiber cloth. So i done it again, but waited a min & put some elbow grease to it. 😁 😁 wished it was cheaper so i wasn’t afaird to use 😁 😂.

Citrol works great on auto glass to remove minor water-spots like no other, even higher priced glass water spot removers i have spent tons of money on anyways. What works best for me is in the garage where it is cool and no sunlight or heat being generated on the glass and spraying just a bit on a microfiber cloth and going over the area observing with a strong light a strong light to see reflection until the water-spots disappear. Do not be afraid to rub it in on glass anyways until you see the water spots disappear as it is oil based and wont flash to quickly, thus allowing you time to do the job and let it work. After that wipe down with a clean microfiber cloth and then follow behind with a good glass cleaner, most will do, but i personally prefer sprayway window cleaner follow behind that with a microfiber glass towel to remove any lint and job done.If water spots still remain a stronger method would be needed such as a stronger acid-based spot remover and if that doesn’t work they are so etched in the glass it will have to be polished. Works great for other things in auto detailing as well, such as tar removal, paint transfer and more. For any of this application if applying to your paint clear-coat i highly recommend gently wiping away the oily residue with a soft microfiber cloth and immediately follow up with a soapy car wash and then a total rinse, drying and reapply your most popular sealant or wax in that area. 5 star product for auto detailing. Just make sure to wash and rinse if applying citrol to the clear coat.

Schaeffer Manufacturing 266 Citrol Cleaner and Industrial Degreaser : I live in florida and twice a year the “love bugs” come out in force to the point where even a short drive will result in the front of your car being coated with their guts. Not only that, but the remains are very caustic to paint and are extremely difficult to remove. This stuff is a miracle in a can. Spray it on, wait a couple of minutes and wipe the bug residue off. While i had no trouble on my car, i would recommend testing it on a small piece of the different surfaces of your car before using it.

Cuts through so much stuff like butter. But with that kind of power there’s a trade-off- this stuff is a harsh, harsh chemical. If you read the warnings on the can, it straight up says that it causes cancer and genetic defects with long-term exposure. This stuff isn’t your pantry 409. I use gloves, glasses, and a painter’s mask when i need to use it. There’s no reason to risk your health, so use your brain and be careful with it. It’ll be worth it though, when my apc’s fall short citrol saves the day.

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