Schleich Horse Club Riding Center : This is the best toy for my 10 year old little girl who

This stable is wonderful and is full of realistic details. The stall doors open and close. There are lots of extra items included like a bunch of carrots to feed to the horses as well as grooming brushes that can actually fit on the hands of the groomer, bales of hay, pitch fork, feed containers that fit on the stall rails, etc. The roof structure can be removed and used separately. Lots of fence is provided that actually stands up. Lots of thought and detail has gone into this set. My 6 year old granddaughter really loved it.

We purchased this, the washing station, and the truck and trailer. I have to say this is of very good quality. It has a lot of intended details that i didn’t notice when i first ordered it. I got it for my 8 year old daughter’s birthday. My 10 year old son plays with her and so do the younger 2 kids. My daughter is a true horse fanatic. She can’t stand unicorns and too much glitz because she appreciates that real deal. We have a clumsy 1 year old who happens to weigh the same as my small 5 year old and these toys can withstand him dropping pieces and tripping over the building. We do try to take good care of it but i need toys that can withstand the accidents because the accidents do happen. I didn’t buy her anything else for her birthday.

My 9 year old is obsessed with schleich horses. This was a gift for her birthday. It is a little pricey, but i think it is worth it. I saved $40 buying it on amazon instead of buying it at our local tractor supply store. This set come with so many pieces. The instructions were clear; it took only a few minutes to put together. I like that it came with extra stickers so she can customize it the way that she wants to.

My 4 year old daughter gets tons of play time out of this. She loves it but it’s not durable enough to move from place to place since you have to put it together. Other than that can’t complain. It’s quite large, and very cute. I did buy her extra horses and equestrians.

This is the best toy for my 10 year old little girl who just loves horses. Schleich toys are so well built and great quality. One of the fences came broken at the clip, but the overall quality is better than most toys we purchase and she has been having a lot of fun playing with it.

First set arrived with two bridles but no saddles, two riders, but only one horse, etc. Amazon was great in resending new one. New one arrived with a missing piece as well so luckily swapped out from the old set as hadn’t returned it yet. Be careful if a gift and check for all the right pieces. But, once set up, it is a great set and my daughter loves it.

This was on our grand daughter’s wish list for christmas so of course i had to get it for her. 🙂 she has some other schleich horses and accesories that i have gotten her as well so she ceratinly had to have a stable and riding ring. Schleich makes quality items and takes me back to my childhood when i collected horses from anothe popular company. You can buy items from this company with confidence.

This horse club riding academy set from schleich is just incredible. The attention to detail is fantasticin the box, you get:stable (four stalls with hay racks, water bowls, and tack hooks), half-doors with latches that slide back and forthremoveable center roof with opening and closing skylightsarabian mare with braided mane and silver horseshoe detailsfoalhorse blankethalter with chain and leadrider (fixed riding position)purple coolerbunch of carrotsbunches of green and red applespitchforkhood pickcurry combbrushsaddlebridlefencing for one, large paddock or individual stall turn-outsthe stable is a bright and friendly white, purple, and green color scheme with gray brick/cobble accents. The only change this set needs is the rider. The rider is solid plastic, and does not have jointed limbs. They can’t use all those great accessories, like the lead line or hoof pick or pitchfork. The rider needs an upgrade to a moveable figure. In lieu of a moveable rider, you can use the breyer figures with this, they will be slightly large, but manageable and much more realistic. Horse lovers buying this set know that riding is the smallest part of having horses.

  • This is the best toy for my 10 year old little girl who
  • Good quality product yet pricey.
  • Stunning Attention to Detail!

Schleich Horse Club Riding Center with Accessories Set

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  • Roof with paddocks becomes an open riding arena!
  • Fence parts can be connected in any way!
  • Movable roof window!
  • Introduce your other horse friends to your new Arabian mare and her lively foal
  • Entire set is highly detailed and crafted from high quality plastic-from play feed to the tack to the stable itself!
  • Equipped with hay racks, drinking troughs and tack holder
  • Set comes with all the accessories you need to feed, water, groom, and ride your horse!

I purchased this for my horse living 3 year old for christmas. It’s does have to be put together. Everything snaps together easily. Comes with horses, i love the quality of schleich product. Would definitely purchase again.

I bought this for my 4 year old daughter who loves figurine play. This was very well packaged, clear directions, easy assembly. The quality exceeded my expectations–very well made and sturdy. I really love buying toys that my kids can keep forever and pass down to their children–i see them as keepsakes. This is something that will last forever. We also collect calico critters and we chose this line to try something different-very pleasedi also purchased the show arena and she received a few other sets to go with it. I highly recommend this product and line.

I bought this for christmas this past year, 8 months ago, it’s still holding up great. She recieved it when she was 3 and just turned 4, very durable for a toddler and she is still enthused with it. Plays eith it at least 3 times a week. Well worth the money i spent for the enjoyment she get a out of this.

5 year old and almost 4 year old love this. The saddle and bridle are a little difficult for them to put on the horses but other than that it’s great. The only thing that would make this toy even more realistic is if they had horse poop and a wheel barrel.

My granddaughter has loved this — and was still playing with it many weeks after christmas — even took some of the horses with her on vacation.

I bought this for my 8 year old granddaughter, as well as her 5 and 7 year old sister. Great quality and the size is perfect. I wanted it big, however not too big again perfect. For the sake of size you will need to purchase this brand of extra horses if you want additional ones because they are not a standard size play horse size. I will be purchasing extras as well as any other coordinating play pieces. I did my homework on these stables and i most certainly made the right choice.

My grand-niece is a horse lover. Well actually she is an animal lover. At 9, she not only plays with horses, stables, and whatever building to do with horses she can get her hands on, she rides and ‘shows’. At her young age, she has already won many first, second and third place ribbons. Out of pride, i must say many, many more first place then either 2nd and only a very few 3rd place ribbons. She absolutely loved having this ‘riding center’ for her horses. It stays assembled with other building and on top of her thomas the train table that is no longer used for the original purpose.

We bought several different breeds of schleich’s horses and a book describing the characteristics that identifies the breeds. It became an educational tool. Now we just need to get her to a stable for a first hand look see at some real horses.

I knew going into this purchase what would be included, and that it would be a good quality product. I bought it for my daughter’s fifth birthday. She had been asking for a farm for over a year, but i had put it off since i was worried she would not play with it enough. I almost bought her a less expensive wooden barn, but then this went on sale temporarily on amazon for only $80, so i went for it. It is sturdy and good quality plastic. That said, it will not hold up to a child accidentally stepping on it or sitting on it i don’t think. I warned my daughter of this and told her to not leave the roof on the floor for this reason when she takes it off. I wanted a realistic enough toy that could grow with my daughter for a few years, and this probably will fit that bill. This exact toy is usually cheaper in the gender neutral version, so i probably would have purchased that version if this girl one had not gone on sale. I feel for the price, especially if it had not been on sale, there really could have been more accessories and especially figures.

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