Schumacher PC-6 70W 12V AC to DC Power Converter : Reliable and well made

I’ve only had this converter for about a month but so far it has proved to be well made and reliable. I had a truck with a dead battery and almost flat tires. My existing air pump is dc only with a cigarette lighter plug. I could either buy an additional pump that uses ac current or get a converter. I took a chance on the converter because my pump didn’t show amperage or wattage. This little converter worked great. At under $20 you can’t go wrong.

We bought this item specifically to power a koolatron 52-quart krusader cooler while camping. After reading reviews on this item as well as the cooler, i was a little worried about it either not being able to power the large cooler or getting so hot it would burn up. Turns out i didn’t need to worry at all. Yes, it gets warm while operating but wouldn’t call it ‘hot’. We were camping in 80-90 degree weather and i had this thing plugged in, sitting outside, happily powering the cooler for 5 days straight. Never had any problems with it at all.

Bought this ac/dc converter in order to pre-cool my igloo iceless thermoelectric cooler in the house prior to loading it up for trips, and while on trips for plugging the cooler into an ac outlet when available on stops during my travels. For this purpose the converter has worked exceptionally and just importantly has held up after many uses thus far. On a more recent trip i had my cooler plugged into this for 4 consecutive days, so i can attest to the fact this a high quality dependable product. The transformer block does get quite warm during use, so i believe it’s a good idea to keep it in a well ventilated area to allow it to breath, in doing so it should prolong it’s lifetime. Highly recommend to others and would not hesitate to purchase again.

A friend recently gave me his old coleman thermoelectric cooler, so i thought it would be a good idea to buy a 12v power converter to pre-chill the cooler before taking out on the road. Imagine my surprise when this cooler started heating instead of cooling. I looked and saw that the cooler was in heat mode which surprised me very much. I saw some reviews that said this power converter was not powerful to heat thermoelectric coolers, so i guess my coleman is proof that the others were wrong. Since i have only had this product for a week, i cannot say anything about durability yet. So i will update this review in the future.

Don’t bother wasting money on others. I did, they either don’t work or at best they kinda work after fussing around. Save yourself time and money and get this one. Works as it should right out of the package. I wish i read the reviews before i purchased the others. I would have just bought this one. And i’m planning on getting another.

Works with my dometic cf-18 refrigerator plugged into my pure sine wave inverter. However, you need to know the wattage that your device needs as this goes up to only 70 watts and 6 amps. My dometic cf-18 only needs 35 watts. I think that means at 12 volts it only needs about 3 amps. So far everything is working very well.

I use this on an indel b tb18 vehicle refrigerator, pretty much dedicated to that task. I run my fridge a day or two before i leave to allow it to fully cool down, and i start loading it ahead of time, saves a lot of hassle just to plug it up in the kitchen with this and then move it to the truck before i leave. It’s pretty compact which is nice since it’s not a commonly used item when i travel, but i go ahead and bring it along in case i do happen across handy utility ac at a campsite or hotel. So far this item has done well, just plug my fridge in and forget it. Have not noticed any heat issues or trouble with it supplying the fridge, granted the fridge does not pull near the upper end of this units rating. I do always make sure to position it with plenty of room around it for air circulation.

I bought this for a spare power supply for both of my electric coolers. I have a larger coleman and a smaller igloo. The original coleman power supply still works fine. This one has enough ventilation holes to keep it cool and the 12vdc receptacle seems sturdy enough and so far overheating doesn’t seem to be a problem. There is also an indicator light to show when its working. Ive had the coleman power supply for years, this one should do as well.

  • 8hrs/day, 5days/week, 52weeks/year, for 2 years. THIS THING IS A CHAMP!
  • Expensive, but it worked for my air compressor and vacuum cleaner.
  • This is the best. Don’t bother wasting money on others

Schumacher PC-6 70W 12V AC to DC Power Converter

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Converts household AC power to 12V DC power
  • Provides 70W and 140 Peak Watts
  • Includes LED indicator
  • Includes (1) DC 12V power port
  • Ideal for running mobile devices, travel coolers, lights and other 12V accessories

I’ve used this gizmo pretty regularly for 3 years, with no problems at all. I have a small air pump for my car tires, bicycles, etc. , but the air pump has a 12v “cigarette lighter” power cord instead of a wall cord. So whenever ac power is within reach, i’ll use this schumacher pc-6 to power the air pump. (i’m buying another one today to keep at the job site.

The schumacher power converter is a useful piece of device for someone who needs to use 12volt power. Be aware that it only has a capacity of 70watts power through 12 volts. If you do the math, it’s not that bad afterall. This device is more than enough to fill up mobile batteries, power your laptop, and many other applications. I had this unit for quite some time and it has not had a single problem. The green led light turns green colour when it is powered through a 110 volt power supply to indicate that it’s ready to use. Then i confirm with a voltmeter to confirm the 12 volt holes is correct. 5 volts so it is still within an acceptable range. In conclusion, i am very satisfied with the purchase schumacher power converter.

I’m using this as a power supply for a 12v actuator that pulls up to 4. Cut the plug off and wired direct. It provides power smoothly up to rating. Used a clamp ammeter to check the load, very efficient. Only pulls a fraction of an amp on the 120v side when not active, so it’s not a massive vampire if you’re leaving it on for long periods. A little warm under a continual load but nothing unexpected.

I bought this schumacher pc-6 to power our coleman power chill 40 quart cooler. We went to family camp with our church and stayed in the lodge with no air conditioning and it powered the cooler night and day for three days straight with no problem. I was worried at first because it got quite warm but it worked great. It does have vent holes for cooling. The cord is plenty long enough. It comes in a nice box so it can be stored when not being used. If you find this review helpful please click the button below.

I use this for converting 110ac to 12v dc for my welding water cooler. This thing gets a serious work out. It honestly should have failed by now. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year for almost 2 years. And not to mention its in a dusty dirty envirnoment thag is brutaly hard on electronics. These things never last this long. Granted im only running a transmission cooler fan, so its not a ton of amperage. The only thing i did was drill some holes in the plastic housing to allow air to pass through and cool it. But just the fact that it runs day in and day out, it makes me want to order 2 more so if they stop selling them i have some back up ones.

I tried a cheaper one of these 120vac to 12v dc power supplies (the bestek which claimed it was 90w). And the bestek did not work for my air compressor or my vacuum cleaner. After returning the bestek, i tried this schumacher pc-6 power supply and i couldn’t be happier. Both the air compressor (to inflate tires) and the car vacuum cleaner work fine with no problems. So if this goes on sale (around 22 bucks), grab one.

This power supply has been in continuous use for 6 years now. It has never been unplugged. Would definitely recommend it for reliability.

I got it to inflate my exercise ball inside (inflator has a car plug) and it was a strain but it worked. I stopped using it and went back to using the inflator with the car which is more powerful even though i have to take it outside and turn on the car engine. In other words, it definitely lessened the power of the inflator. It does work, however, and it would be handy to use inside if you can leave it alone and let it take its time.

I purchased this to replace my old radio shack 12 volt power supply. I use an ac to dc converter to keep some of my 12 volt equipment charged while it’s not in one of our vehicles. As many of you are aware, some of the new cars only have power to the cigar lighter when the key is in the run position. This means (unless you drive the car everyday) some of your electronic devices run dead while sitting. I always bring the gps unit in the house and charge it every few weeks/months with my converter. I purchased this unit because of the price and because i know schumacher makes quality equipment. I did test the voltage output before plugging any of my 12 volt devices to it. The manufacturer states the output should be 12 volts and a max 6 amp load, i checked it with my digital volt meter and the output was a steady 12. I did not put a 6 amp load on the converter but i feel certain it will perform as stated in the manual.

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