I was really blown away by what came. I couldn’t believe how much good quality pieces of equipment came in a really cool toolbox. I was really expecting some cheap looking equipment that just barely does the job. (use few times, throw away and buy a new one) not the case with this one.Even comes with everything you need to do the job. (extra soder wires) the coil holder and protector. Definitely happy with the price for product.

Used this for a quick soldering job and did exactly what i needed it to. Very happy with it and all the accessories it came with.

Soldering iron does not work. In response to this review the sealody customer service dept. Contacted me, refunded my payment and offered to give me a replacement set for free. I appreciated their kind offer but i had already bought another soldering kit in the meantime, and didn’t need another one. If customer service were the measure of a product i would give them 5 stars but to be honest the product itself was not impressive. If cost is your priority when selecting a soldering kit then this kit may be for you because their customer service may deal with your issues. I am increasing my review to 3 stars only because of good customer service, not for a good product.

Very good quality with nice accessories. It’s not top shelf $500 equipment but nobody really needs top shelf. I am a hobbyist and i fixed my cars pcb lights using these tools and it saved me over $2000 in parts and labor. I’m a nub and this kit is very easy to use and figure out. Remember to tin the tip and avoid burning it. This kit does not include flux but you can buy a life-time supply from any radio-shack or like store for $10. I miss-spelled radio-shack on purpose as not be be sued.

My old soldering iron was 30 or 40 years old and wasn’t getting hot enough to effectively solder anymore. I ordered this kit and have been using it to repair antique radios. I’m especially happy with the variety of different soldering tips. I’m very satisfied with the way it performs and would recommend it to others.

Perfect for my pc repair business.

Have 5 or 6 soldering irons now. I ordered this kit as i had yet to purchase a iron stand and i liked the adjustable temp. I also needed a desoldering tool. I expected the tweezers to be cheap and too flexible. To my surprise they are pretty beefy. I used it a couple of days ago to mend a wire on an outdoor decorative lamp. I was impressed how quickly it heated up. I also like the way the tips are attached. On my other irons the tip screws into the iron and is always coming loose. These use a collar to secure the tip.

This soldering kit has everything needed to start soldering. I repair rc quadcopters and therefor am soldering daily from circuit boards to motors etc. The soldering iron itself is awesome to work with from the lightweight iron, adjustable temp, and the ease of changing the tips. Its like working with a pen in your hand. , also included are six different tips allowing you to do the job correctly and with ease. Included is a solder suction pen and plenty of solder to get the job done. You get two pairs of tweezers 1 curved and 1 straight, a small spool of coper soldering braid, and a nice spring type with stand to keep your work organized. All this fits in the small plastic storage box to keep everything together. I have been soldering really heavy the last couple of days and this set works remarkably well. Looking forward to using this in the future.

I have a set of beats, and the kids broke the headphone jack at the end. I opened up the end and saw that the wire was disconnected from the terminal. The iron heated surprisingly quickly and the solder sucker worked great for cleaning off the terminals. I cut the wire just short and was able to solder the new portion of the wire back onto the terminals. The beats are back working and the soldering kit worked great.

I got this kit for my husband for valentines day since he likes to work on projects. This kit has everything you need and great quality. I love the case that it comes with too. Definitely recommend to all who love to work on projects.

Great starter kit for people. Works great and easy to use. It comes in a tool box looking case for easy storage. It has an adjustment for the temps and you can turn it on or off by the switch on the cord. This will definitely be used well by me.

This soldering iron is good for small fixes such as a tv remote or a small crack in a bracelet. It heats up very fast and is easy to use. I like that it includes the sponge to clean off the debris from your work. The only thing that would make it better would be if the power cord was a bit longer. Overall a great item, i got exactly what i wanted. The teens even busted out things to fix and play with.

Absolutely surprising, as i only picked up this kit as a one time use as my far more expensive soldering gun let out the magic smoke after only a few years of light usage. This iron itself is actually pretty well built, not flimsy, heated up faster than the manual stated, and kept hot even in contact with copper wire. The stand is cheap, but totally functional, and the solder is actually a bit better grade than the stuff i have already with a very specific melting point, strength and bond to copper following cooling, and great ductility without break away. The included tip selection is great, the pliers sets are not bad, the box is dinky but decent quality. I have not used the solder sucker or solder wick, as i was not repairing an electronics board, but was building a stereo wiring harness for our new car. Here are the specifications for the SEALODY Soldering Iron Kit:

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  • [8-in-1 FULL KIT] – Kit comes with soldering iron, desoldering pump, solder wick, solder wire, stand with cleaning sponge, 5 solder tips, 2 anti-static tweezers and a hard carry case to meet all your soldering project needs.
  • [UPGRADE DESIGN &FAST HEATS UP] – Switch ON/OFF on the soldering iron, make it saving energy and more safe. 60 watts, heat up to standby efficiently just in few minutes. Adjustable temperature with thermostat range 200~450℃. 6pcs interchangeable tips from broad chisel to super-fine for a variety of different projects.
  • [DURABLE SOLDER WICK& DESOLDERING PUMP] – Pure oxygen-free copper wire that is 2.5mm wide, 1.5m in length, 0.4oz in weight and is easy to clean residue flux, especially in hard-to-reach areas. The desoldering pump is high pressure vacuum with an aluminum body frame, which allows easy one-handed use; best for removing solder from PCB through-hole solder joints.
  • [EASY FOR STORAGE] – Tool carry case is rather convenient to store small tools and easy to carry. The item is great for electric repair, home DIY and other soldering project.
  • [USER ATTENTION] – Please do not hang the soldering tips; place the tips down when heating. Otherwise there is a risk of dissolved the plastic handle.

Great little complete soldering kit. I had to replace a tiny power ic and the tips provided worked fine. Just had to be careful because even the lowest setting was more heat than i would have liked. But, the iron is easy to handle and allowed me to quickly do the soldering. Definitely recommend for the beginner and as a traveling kit. The holding stand looked a little light but worked fine without having to fasten it down.

Β this is the best tool for my school arduino project which my classmates introduce me to buy it from amazon. It is valuable, portable and safety product which basically contain everything i needed. It contains soldering iron, desoldering pump, solder wick, solder wire, stand with cleaning sponge, five solder tips, two anti-static tweezers. The different soldering tip for different part of the circuit. The soldering iron tip temperature can adjustable from 200 degree to 450 degree. This is a good quality and smart product which i feel much safe and comfortable when i using the soldering iron. The soldering iron is very light weight and the power cable is long enough. This tool box takes very little space and i can carry this soldering iron to everywhere i want to be, no matter school or any other places. Price is very good deal for student like me. Thanks for my friend to recommend me this product.

First time ever using a solder kit in an effort to save my wife’s busted flash drive. The kit saved the daypros:- cheap price- everything you need for basic soldering, not a professional kit. Cons:- i wish the holder (the spring looking item on the black base with sponge) fit in the carrying case. Because of the size, you have to unscrew the spring from the base every time you finish using it. Overall i am very happy with this kit as a around-the-house soldering kit. For $30 it’s already paid for itself.

I wanted to learn how to solder but i didn’t want to spend too much money on a kit. This was the perfect choice to learn how to do things correctly. I practiced on a few old motherboards before i started on other more expensive things i needed to do and picked it up in no time. I have already made hundreds fixing broken game consoles and reselling them. Eventually you are going to realize that you need more tools that are not included in the kit but they aren’t necessary, they just make the jobs easier. This kit has more than paid for itself and if you are looking to learn how to solder, just buy it. It’s too inexpensive to pass up on learning a lifetime skill. This is probably the most useful item i have purchased off of amazon and i’ve been buying things since 2009. This would also make an excellent gift for any friends or family that are interested in computers or repairing electronics.

He use it to fix my wash machine. Good quality with lots small items which you can use during the process. I didnt buy the other thing to fix it. The seller is very thoughtful person. The small kit help me save lots lots money. I dont need to buy another wash machine.

I wish i would have bought this right from the beginning. I originally bought a weller soldering iron from lowes, but the tip was too big for what i was doing. The soldering iron heats up quick and the tips are perfect for working on small electronics. The two sets of tweezers makes working with surface mounted items soooo much easier, and re-soldering very small wires. I haven’t had to use the solder sucker, but the wick works great. Soldering irons are all about the heat. Just like how a dull knife will cut you, a ‘cool’ soldering iron will burn you. I burned myself on my weller iron because it wasn’t heating up fast enough for what i was working on. This one heats of so fast and so hot that it does the job the first time.

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  • Complete Soldering Kit
  • Safe,portable,valuable product for my school project
  • Five Stars

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