Shift Racing Enforcer Adult Knee/Shin Guard Motocross Motorcycle Body Armor – / One Size, another great quality product from shift

Easy to use can fit under or over pants. Unless you wear skinny jeans then wear them over the pants. The elastic and velcro wrap below the knee above and below the calf. Didn’t find them uncomfortable. Used them on a couple of hot days and airflow was good and kept the area cool. The only thing i’d like to see is a strap above the knee to hold that part down. It does flap once sitting on the bike. This is of course if you’re wearing this outside. Under the pants it’s non issue.

Good: bought these as light knee protection for riding a motorbike. Had them on during a lowside-and-slide at highway speed, sandwiched between a pair of bdus and a pair of carhartt unlined overalls. The one that took the slide was destroyed — the lower strap abraded through against the asphalt after the duck overall failed — but they provided excellent protection and i personally emerged unharmed. Worked much better than i expected from unrated gear, to be honest. Bad: there’s no upper strap for the patella protector so you really must wear them under some fabric covering to keep the armor in place, and they don’t seem very comfortable so i also always wear them over fabric as well. They tend to drift a bit during extended wear. Understand this is unrated protection that has to be sandwiched between fabric layers and you’ll do okay.

Much better quality than my bilt kneepads that needed to retire due to velcro tape failure, been using it for a few weeks with no complaints. I ride on the streets and yes kneepads like this have prevented injury in a head on collision with an suv on my honda cbr500, so buy it and use it if you love your knees, shin bones.

Crashed hard and it took all the impact. Had that been my knee, i’d be seriously messed up.

They are simply exactly what i was looking for. Cheap protection for my shin bones and knee joints. Yes the top knee part is not securely attached to the lower thigh but i feel in the event of a fall it would offer enough protection as the other 2 straps are thick and sturdy. Plus what do you expect for $20?.At that price you can sew on your own secure straps. Unfortunately i am a motorcycle rider that has pretty much strayed away from using full body protection. And i am slowly transitioning towards implementing protection into my riding lifestyle. I think this product is great for those that are still not ready to commit to buying expensive protection at the risk of it ending up in your closet collecting dust.

I am so happy with this purchase. These shin and knee guards fit me perfectly. I wear combat boots when i ride so the guards rest in the perfect position. I quickly devised a simple method of keep the knee guards from flapping in the wind. I took two small ball bungee cords removed the balls and looped the two elastic cords together. Run the upper strap through the loops of the elastic one at a time while positioning the cord over your knee. Put the elastic strap over the upper pad just under the edge of the hard plastic to keep it in position. You can adjust the tension by moving the elastic loops back on the upper strap. I have risen miles and miles with these already and i won’t ride without them.

These fit nicely under riding pants and casual pants. The straps secure the protectors to your calves, which leaves the top knee area free to rotate as you bend and shift leg position. This is nice because your leg doesn’t bind or get pinched by the straps around the knee area. There also isn’t a strap constantly sliding down into your joint area. It is a little cumbersome though if you bend your leg a lot, and your pants tuck in behind the knee portion of the guard. After sitting down or really flexing my leg back, my pants would tuck in behind the knee, then when i straightened my leg it felt a bit like tucking your shirt into your underwear – not really that comfortable. This didn’t happen with tighter riding pants. I imagine it wouldn’t happen with really loose pants either. I probably wouldn’t wear these for mountain biking since i usually wear shorts. I could see the knee guard flipping down in a crash since there is no strap.

Key specs for Shift Racing Enforcer Adult Knee/Shin Guard Motocross Motorcycle Body Armor – Black / One Size:

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  • Dual elastic adjustment straps with hook and loop closures
  • Color: Black
  • Size: One Size
  • Shift Racing Enforcer Motocross Knee/Shin Guard for Adult
  • Ventilated foam padded backing with abrasion resistant binding

Comments from buyers

“Highway speed lowside-and-slide tested. They work.
, Already saved my knee! Crashed hard and it took
, Uncomfortable with My Sportbike

I would definitely give this the highest rating, simply because it did the job well (not really tested in a crash) over a 5 day, 2400 miles trip on a sportster. Coupled with a sports wrap under the jeans, pair of socks and a knee brace under it, this held together for more than 8 hours of daily riding, also helped keep the cold wind and rain spatter out (800 miles in 2’c to 5’c), held itself in place and gave good maneuverability while on. I have scratched the knee plastic against the road/gravel/tarmac while working on the bike a couple times on the trip (and i loved the degree of freedom and support it provided), but the materials – the plastic, the fabric and padding along with straps feel sturdy. The knee flap does not have a strap, and it adds to the flexibility. I won’t be using it on a day to day basis, and won’t trust it on a performance / high speed ride (it’s a shin guard, not a complete leg guard), but this would be my go to gear for any long range riding that needs decent protection and flexibility.

I bought these to wear under jeans while riding my motorcycle. Although they appear as though they will provide knee and shin protection, i found them uncomfortable to wear on a sport bike where legs have to be bent to an almost 45 degree angle. The upper straps pinched uncomfortably behind the knee when my legs were bent. Plus the padding under the ‘knee cup’ section was not thick enough to prevent hard pressure and chaffing of my right knee. They remained in place with the jeans i wore so i believe they would provide the needed protection on the knee and shin area in the event of a crash. It is doubtful however that these could be worn for any length of time without having to be removed due to the discomfort. I am going to try adding a little padding to the areas of concern and see if this works. If not i will unfortunately have to return them and try a different brand. Three stars for quality construction and protection capability, and a deduction of two stars for the major discomfort.

I ordered them for a halloween costume and knew that i would have to paint them, but that was no big deal. However, i will add that if you have larger legs/big calves the straps that come with them will not fit. I have a larger calf (20′) and its a no go once i put my boots on. Aesthetically, for the purpose i bought them for– they are great. The part at the top that covers your knees does not sit flush against your knee, but considering i am not using them for dirt biking– this was not a big issue. Grab some velcro straps from amazon add new straps and you are good to go.

I have bought many other cheap knee pads and i have to say these are the best pair i’ve ever owned. It has two straps that perfectly go above and bellow the calf muscle so they do not slide up and down on your leg. I really like how the straps are not attached to the knee part so they don’t need to flex with your leg and cause them to rub up and down. I use these for airsoft and i slide into bunkers, kneel on tree roots and rocks, and kneel on them for times up to a half an hour. They have not broken, ripped, or cracked but are still very comfortable. I also do motocross so these are amazing all around, especial for the price.

These are so awesome for the price. They’re very substantial, and they even fit under my moto boots. They’re a little bulky, but they are also full knee and shin pads. They’re comfortable; i forget i’m wearing them a lot. I dump my dirt bike lot and they’ve kept me injury-free so far.

First of all the straps seem to be too large for anyone with thin legs. If you have pretty large/fat calves then it should tighten fine but otherwise you’ll be using a very small part of the velcro to tighten it. They would probably look better on people with bikes with forward controls. I have a sport bike and the top where it covers the knee, sort of sticks out since i’m bending my legs and it doesn’t have a strap to tighten around the knee area. Probably not the best thing to use for protection but still better than nothing.

These knee/shin guards function so well and fit very comfortably. I wear shorts almost year round because i work at an elementary school for an after school program and hit the gym right after, so i enjoy the comfort of shorts. So, i needed something that would offer me protection without having to always put on a pair of jeans while riding my motorbike around town. I commute from school to work and work to gym, so these come off and store away very easily in my saddle bags. The velcro is made very well and is stronger that i expected. It really holds tight and sliding is very minimal. Overall, this is a very good purchase for the price and it’s made very well with a strong shell and breathable padding.

Another great quality product from shift. This is the second time i get a shift product that delivers great great quality for a fraction of other brand’s price. I could not be happier with these shin guards. They are very well constructed, breathable and stay in place for as long as you have them on. I have been ridding with these for a few months now and the elastic bands’ hold its virtualy the same as when new. They will dry really fast after a good rain and so far they are showing no deterioration. I also own a $250 shift jacket that provides same confort/waterproofing/safety than other $700+ jackets. It is clear to me that shift is all about making good quality products at really affordable prices. Bottom line:i would insist you get this guards.

I bought these for my 14yo nephew. He had been mountain biking with friends a few times and thought it was something he would get in to. Knowing the fickleness of a teen’s ‘latest passions’, i didn’t want to spend too much for the elbow and knee guards he wanted. I saw these were highly rated, so i took a chance. Well, for the few times he’s worn them. He’s on to other things now. For reference, he’s about 5’5′.

I have only used these once on a mtb ride i am not sure if i will continue to use these or try something else next spring. A strap for the knee would be nice, but i think a fall over the bars they would protect. I did take a pedal to the shin at the end of my ride and i was thankful that i had these on.

Bought these knee pads for a little extra protection from riding, and they certainly do the job. Never really fell hard on my knees, but on slow crashes they were fine and held up. To answer all of the questions about them fitting in boots, they do. My boots go 3/4 of the way up my legs and the knee pads fit in them pretty comfortably. As for the straps, you might want to move them down a little. I ride a bike that’s too small for my size (ttr 125, i’m about 5’8) so the back of my knees can get a little irritated from them being bent and the strap’s pressure on it, but if your legs aren’t bent too much when riding you’ll be fine. But overall i’m satisfied with this product, especially for the price.

They seem like good quality for the cost. They fit just fine under regular jeans and aren’t even very noticeable when standing or walking around. The straps could be a little longer. I have muscular legs with very large calves and the top strap is just barely long enough to reach around and attach securely. The straps are elastic so it works, but i have to stretch them just a little more than i’d like, meaning they are a little too tight. It works fine for a couple hours but i’m not sure if it would get annoying if i wore them longer. If not for that i would have given them 5 stars. I’m sure they’d be fine for anyone with normal sized calves.

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