Shock Doctor ” 870 Knee Brace : Well made brace, could use some minor improvements.

I have had problems with one knee for years. I have done everything possible to avoid surgery which included knee braces. All have given a degree of relief. Problems: some have folded up behind my knee causing enough irritation and chafing so the improvement wasn’t worth it. The last one i used was open behind my knee, but did not go far enough above and below my knee to give the support i needed, and had very little compression on my knee where it was most needed. I have had this knee brace for just over two weeks and worn it all day every day. I have never been able to wear any knee brace all day. It has soft material behind my knee that does not chafe. The compression is total and firm around my knee, and the adjustable straps make the fit perfect. No worry about reduced circulation. I actually forget i’m wearing it.

Takes a little getting used to, but it is a beefy brace. Watch the size because it is a tad on the small size. The straps can be pulled too tight and then it restricts movement and irritated my skin. I bike and once i adjusted, it’s fine. When you sweat it’s tough to remove. Keep your leg totally straight.

Have issues with my knee due to tendinitis and arthritis which effect the knee area. Product does not cure my issues but does allow me to preform sports activities as if i did not have knee problem though my issues do begin to slow my activities down in terms of length of time i can perform. Love to keep active while i am in a sport so this has allowed me to gain my activity performance back.

After a minor knee injury, i transitioned from the shock doctor knee brace with bilateral hinges to this model as i began healing. It provides comfort, but i wouldn’t give it an “omg this is amazing”. The ‘support stays’ seem to be basically just added material that keeps your knee aligned and comfortable. But it doesn’t feel completely supported. This may or may not be mental more than anything else, but i don’t think this will *prevent* an injury the same way the bilateral hinges would. I don’t think that’s truly the point of this product, however. This unit is bulky, but it’s manageable. I tend to wear pants when i play softball, but this brace bunches up enough that i’ve been wearing shorts, instead. Coming off an injury, i was expecting discomfort, so i shrugged this off.

I bought this knee stabilizer for my 15 year old daughter. I read all the reviews and bought an xx-large and it fit perfectly. It really is a great knee cap stabilizer. It is not loose on my daughters leg and fits her just right. It does fit snug though (which is exactly what i wanted). Just know that the first time you put it on it might be tight. Once you start to wear it often, like my daughter does, it starts to mold to your leg and loosen a bit. She says it fits a lot better now after wearing it for 2 weeks. It helps support her knee cap well and works well when she is working out with her physical trainer. It is a little tight, but that is exactly what i needed for her knee cap.

Great for recovering from a fractured knee cap, i am able to walk around with a lot less difficulty. I tried many other braces but none i found gave the right support for the healing knee cap. Does not stretch as easily or as fast as other braces, and if/when it does the way the straps are set you can still tighten it to your need. I would give it 5 stars but the sizing is off, at least for women, like it or not our thighs are larger then men’s. Followed the sizing video and chart to a t they say nothing about the upper portion width, not cool. If i hadn’t have needed it so bad to walk and couldn’t wait for the whole return and ship out of a new one, i would have returned for a larger one. The first few days were painful getting it on and off, because it was sooo tight, until i figured i would stuff it with some xl yarn balls to stretch it overnight for about two weeks, as i said it does not stretch easily. After that it was better to put on and take off. Another draw back is when you get sweaty it is nearly impossible to get off, which seems to be the case with other sleeve type braces. Although if i had a bigger size perhaps this would not be as much an issue either.

My spouse is eventually looking at a knee replacement, so we really researched the best option to help her meanwhile, this knee brace worked out great and really helping her get around more comfortable and less pain. But as most of the reviewers are saying is correct about the sizing issue. Buy the next size if your at the high number of the sizes offered, like the medium high size is 14, order the next size up, even the company suggest this.

The support from this brace is very good. In fact i purchased two; one with the side stabilizers and the other model with the dual metal hinges. I ended up returning the one with flexible side stabilzers. With the pull up tabs that help you put the brace on; although support was very good, when i’m done working out and want to take this brace off to ice my knee, it was a bee-otch to remove.I found myself struggling like heck to take it off because it was so very tight. And yes i did measure my knee the way they instructed for a proper fit. What i don’t understand is if they designed the brace with pull tabs to help you slide the bracenon, why can’t they provide pull tabs to pull it off from the bottom. As a result, the side stabilizers started to stick out the bottom of the brace about to tear out of the bottom seam. If you wait until your sweat dries off then the brace becomes itchy. You cannot just flip the brace down and take it off that way;the way you could with braces that don’t have velcro straps.

  • Great Knee Stabilizer, Women I would highly suggest ordering a size up!!!
  • the support from this brace is very good. in fact i purchased two

“Shock Doctor 870 Knee Brace, Knee Support for Stability, Minor Patella Instability, Meniscus Injuries, Minor ligament Sprains for Men & Women, Sold as Single Unit (1)”

  • Synthetic
  • Shock Doctor Knee Pad
  • 2014 Model

I like this brace, it fits well except for the very top. At the top of the brace, it flares out. In my case, the brace fits well at the knee and below the knee but then around the bottom of my thigh, it flares out so much it is loose. I can tighten the straps but then it feels like i wraped a cord around my thighs (the support is not consistent from knee to thigh. I do like the springs in the sides, it helps with deep squats and extensions. I also like the mesh material behind the knee that helps keep the knee much cooler during workouts without sacrificing stability or function of the brace. I would buy again, but might try one size smaller to see if i can get a better fit around my thigh.

I bought this knee brace because i wanted something to support my knee after having reconstructive acl surgery. This is a nice brace for when you need casual support. I wear it when my knee is sore and i plan on walking around a lot. The quality of the knee brace is great. It supports my knee well and i am very pleased with the purchase. I don’t have any complaints.

I bought this because i wanted some added protection and stabilization during flag-football games i’m 6’3”, 280 pounds with 18” calves and the xl fit me just fine. If your calves are bigger, then congratulations. And you may want to try and find something larger. On the negative side, one of the metal stabilizing springs that are sown into the side, poked through the top after a couple of games. I ended up pulling the spring out and kept using it without any noticeable difference in performance.

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"Shock Doctor 870 Knee Brace, Knee Support for Stability, Minor Patella Instability, Meniscus Injuries, Minor ligament Sprains for Men & Women, Sold as Single Unit (1)"
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