SiriusLED 9005 9145 H10 Size Projection LED Super Bright 30W 6000K Fog Light DRL Bulb Pack of 2, The color is a nice white that matches my HID’s (stock) and LED cool

I bought these because my old 3w cree drl bulbs finally burned out after 10 years. While i didn’t expect them to be bright because of the voltage difference, i did expect them to at least light up. Installed in my 2007 acura tl type-s, the driver’s side doesn’t light up at all, while the passenger side just has a tiny dot of glow in it. For somebody like me who hates the look of drls, that’s fine. They don’t light up, and i don’t get a drl warning light on my dash – and no, i’m not running any resistors on these lights; they’re directly replacing the factory halogen drl bulbs.

I had these installed as drl’s for one day then the driver side led stopped working. I contacted the manufacture via email at siriusledlight. Provided my order number and they sent me out a replacement within 5 days no questions asked. I just wish they provided me an eta as to when they would have been received. These lights also act as high beams for my vehicle. Combined with the 55w 6000k kensun hid kit thats already installed, i can barley tell when there on. Probably due to the extreme brightness of the kensun kit. But that’s not a down fall by any means. I specifically bought these for drl’s and they work just fine.

I installed these on my 2017 f150 lariat. My specific model came with the led headlights, which look great and provide excellent lighting. Somehow ford couldn’t possibly install led fog lights from the factory on a $60k vehicle. I found out about these replacement lights on an f150 forum and bought them immediately. Installation was easy as could be, and thanks to siriusled the front of my truck now looks completely clean with nice bright white lights instead of the hideous yellow lamps. Light output is nice but not blinding. Excellent product, i highly recommend these if you’re looking to upgrade the look of your vehicle.

I replaced the halogen lights in my 2013 toyota rav-4 with these to give my vehicle a more expensive look. When i plugged the bulb into the socket, it was very bright especially from the two leds at the end of the bulb. However, when i placed the bulb inside of the headlight, it was significantly dullwhen i took a closer look, i realised that the design of my headlight was where the bulb would be fitted facing perpendicular to the headlamp’s opening, which results in dimmer side leds becoming the main source of light. When considering these lights, please check to see how your headlights orient their bulbs. If they had the bulbs facing towards the opening, then these will work very well for you. If they are oriented to the side, then these bulbs will only give you the derivative of nice daytime lights. As my problem with these bulbs are not a performance problem but rather a compatability issue, i will give these a 4/5. Despite the issue of bulb orientation, i do think that an equal amount of light should be coming from all leds on the bulb. Reading other reviews, this has been an issues for a lot of other buyers and has caused these bulbs to limit their customer pool.

Bought these to replace my halogen fog light bulbs in my 2015 f150 in hopes they would match the led headlights. They are brighter than the halogen builds by a long shot and help with night driving. So far so good, i’d recommend there to anyone.

Quality looked great and solid unfortunately didnt work for me. The previous owner of the car modified the socket in diy style and these didnt fit. Overall return process was painless, wish they fit because they looked nice and bright when i wired them to the battery for a test. Remeber check you exisiting connection & bulbs before buying anything you cant use.

I use them as my drl on a 2009 accord sedan. As others say, there are not to be used as high beam. I replaced the yellow halogen stock bulbs and now my vehicle looks aggressive. :)be warned, i also needed to install an ‘ error warning cancellor ‘ since my accord was detecting an error and giving me the drl indication.

Key specs for SiriusLED 9005 9145 H10 Size Projection LED Super Bright 30W 6000K White Fog Light DRL Bulb Pack of 2:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • A pair of 30W LED bulbs that are used to upgrade your Day-Time Running Lights (DRLs) and Foglights (not suited for use with headlights and does not have duel Hi-Low beam functions).
  • Each bulb has 6 individual 5W LED chips with projection technology that increases light density and distance to give you that very bright pure white light output.
  • Compatible fitment size for 9005 HB3 9415 and H10 (confirm correct size needed before ordering).
  • No hassle plug-and-play installation, manufactured with high grade aluminum that is durable and weather resistant.
  • Note: A load resistor kit might be necessary for vehicles equipped with CANBUS system to bypass the error codes.

Comments from buyers

“Replacement fog lights for Ford F150, 2015 Subaru WRX DRL’s, Best LED, hands down – 1 year and going Strong”

Got them for a 2015 wrx drl/ high beam. The only issue i had while testing the led bulbs it would shut down after two minutes. This only happened when i had one regular bulb and one led bulb. With both led in i haven’t had any problems. I’m assuming that the computer didn’t like the different resistance, but just a guess. The brightness is not as good as the factory and the high beams do not seem to do much. But then the factory high beams only seemed to change the color rather than making it brighter. I was going for the color match. They match the factory hid and leds perfectly.

Very nice fog lamps, huge improvement over oem in my 2005 f-150. Extremely wide angle light, were previously outshining my headlights with how good they are. Highly recommended if you do a lot of night driving, they sure do light up the road and sides of the road, helpful for deer.

Put these in the fog lights on my 2015 f-150 and they work like a charm. The light spreads out on the sides and then has a forward beam as well. These really do light up the sides and right in front of the truck well.

Quick and easy swap into 2003 f150 fog lights. Installed halo projector headlights and fog lights were yellowish, so had to swap em out. They are bright white and matched fine. Problem is the reflector housing is not made to reflect directional light emitted from leds. Oem style bulbs would work better. I think sylvania white bulbs would work better.

I have a 2016 ford f150 with the led headlights, the brainiacs at ford didn’t see it necessary to even offer led fog lights to match. So it always bugged me that the headlights were pure led white and the fog lights were yellow incandescent. I didn’t want to spend the hundreds of dollars on the led fog light kit’s i was finding so i went with these. They are a little brighter, maybe clearer is a better word. But for me the important part is they match the color of the headlights now. Super easy install, they just replace the stock light bulbs.

Even though amazon says this will not fit my 2014 dodge charger rt (with hid), these fit perfectly as replacements for my drl/high-beam bulb. The leds clicked in as expected without any issues. There are only 2 wires so i did not know if the dlr would still works as they are also the high-beam bulb. These led bulbs work perfectly in drl mode (about 60% brightness i guess) and as high-beams (full brightness). The color is a nice white that matches my hid’s (stock) and led cool white fog lights. Since they do not blink, you do not need load resistors.

2014 f150used as fog light replacement. When looking at the truck from the front , these lights look white and almost match the hid head lights. But project a much smaller path. U loose alot a useable light that the oem bulb gave u. So if u only looking for a whiter light (fog light) from the front view it’s great. . But u loose to much visibilty compared to oem.

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