Slime 20017 EMW8503781 : The price is right and it is better than the good old manual pressure reader.

The price is right and it is better than the good old manual pressure reader. I think it is nice that it is about $6. 00 and it has light on the nozzle to help out when you are in the dark and trying to find the tire stem. I think it might be off by 0. 5′ but on the pre-set pressure ’32’ set at costco tire center. Oh, not sure how long the batter will last though.

Works well with easy, accurate measurement. I was worried this was a cheaply made plastic product, but have no complaints. It’s a little faster than the old pencil style gauges i used before, because you just press once and get an accurate reading with confidence. It’s seals tightly on the valve the first time.

I read some other reviews complaining about escaping air but no issue here. Air will escape when checking the tire pressure but less than the old manual gauges i’ve always used. My only nit is the gauge defaults to metric. After checking the air you’ll have to push the button a few times so it will cycle to lbs.

The package lists the specifications as: range 5-150 psi; operating temperature 0-100 degrees f; accuracy +/- 2 psi at 20-100 psi, +/- 3 psi at 101-150 psi. As other reviewers have stated, it works as it should. You do not need to turn it off or reset it in any way between readings. It automatically takes a new reading every time you press it on a tire valve. It locks that reading on the display, recognizes the pressure has gone to zero, and updates the display when it senses pressure again. It shuts off automatically after a while to conserve the battery. You can shut it off manually by holding the power button for a 3 seconds.

They both deliver consistent readings. I’ll have to compare with other gauges to find out which one is accurate. Says you can’t change the battery so i guess i’m supposed to throw it away in a year or few once it dies. When that day comes i’ll open it up to see if i can just replace the battery.

A must have for every vehicle on the road. In fact, all of our cars have one in the glove box. The only thing i dislike is that i find myself needing to ‘cycle’ the device in order to get an accurate reading on the next tire but that’s a small gripe. Screen is very easy to read with black characters on a green backlit screen (i believe it’s liquid quartz but not sure). Very handy and recommended for anyone who regularly checks their tire pressure (as we all should be doing).

Slime 20017 EMW8503781

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Properly inflated tires improve gas mileage
  • LCD easy-to-read display
  • Auto shut-off for battery life extension and a reset button for quick multiple tire readings
  • Made with an ergonomic rubberized grip for comfort
  • Green translucent lighted tip and backlight for night use

We’ve had three or four of these. They work well, and seem accurate until they are close to their demise. After several years two of them wouldn’t stay on psi, and / or wouldn’t stay ‘on’. You’d have to turn it on and scroll through to the psi function every time. As a science guy i can do the calculations in my head from psi to kpa or bar, but it was a sign of impending death on the part of the gauge. I replaced the batteries in one and it would not longer go back to zero after a check. If you were bleeding a tire down, the gauge would only show the highest reading.

Easy to use, bright display and small enough to leave in the console of the car. It reads pressure accurately for 35 psi (tested against a recently calibrated professional model).

I usually check my tires before i go on a long trip or if the tire light in my car turns on. So i just always relied on the tire pressure gauge at the machine at the gas station. The last time i filled my tires, it was pretty clear that the gauge was inaccurate. It was also dark and really hard to see.Then i thought of how annoying it is to pull on the retractable hose and how it wastes my quarters to use the pressure gauge and also deal with the awkwardness of the hose. And i thought about how annoying it would be to be in a situation again where it’s dark and the gauge at the gas station isn’t working. So i begrudgingly got this, and i’m happy i did. I feel like a more responsible car owner.

There is one button to turn it on and that button also scrolls between psi, bar and some other measurement that you will never use. Kinda like flashlights that have one button and you have to hit that button several time to get to the setting you want. It would be better if it was just psi. But it works well other than that and it works on semi truck tires that go up to 120psi.

I only use this gauge occasionally, but it is in my car through the heat of summer and cold of winter and has worked well for quite a while. I recommend it highly because it is a high value at a very reasonable price.

Got this to replace my 5 year old gauge of the same model (don’t try to replace the battery – the display didn’t work correctly afterwords). My only complaint is that it is easy to switch from psi to bar, etc and this confuses my girlfriend sometimes. This gauge gives a nice accurate reading and it seals against the valve well, as long as it is square with the end of the gauge.

I have checked it against my old mechanical gauge and the difference was only halve a psi. You cannot turn the gauge off, which probably will kill the battery faster. The battery is not replaceable according to the instructions. When you hesitate and do not move fast enough the gauge will turn off by itself and when you measure the next tire’s pressure you get a blank screen because the gauge already turned itself off.

Slime 20017 EMW8503781 :

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