Spray Nine 15022 Fireplace Cleaner : Highly recommended to clean stone

I’ve been using my woodstove for a good 16/17 years now. I’ve used a lot of glass cleaners made specifically for woodstove windows. Nothing i’ve ever used works as quickly as this stuff. A few sprays on each window, a short walk to the kitchen for a moistened paper towel and back again – all of the soot wiped right off, first try. Definately wont go wrong with spray nine fireplace cleaner. This is all i’ll be buying from now on.

I tried spraying this fireplace and scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush. I even sprayed it and left it dripping wet and the next day the soot is still there. Update: i tried this on the glass enclosure of a fireplace and it worked like a charm. The soot and black stain dripped away. So, i highly recommend it if your cleaning fireplace glass but not on brick, stone or other parts of the fireplace. So, i upgraded the rating to 3 stars.

Awesome product, i sprayed it on the brick and watched the soot drip off. I sprayed it for a second time and with very little effort scrubbed the remainder of the soot away with a nylon brush.

This stuff worked like a dream in a gas log fireplace. There was soot and char all around the interior bricks, logs and flue. We sprayed this on and wiped it off. The hardest part was keeping new paper towels and rags handy so the soot didn’t get on anything outside of the fireplace. Use a drop cloth and a bucket to contain the contaminated rags.

We’ve been staring at spot stains for years. Tried a few other products (and lots of elbow grease) to no avail. A few squirts of this and a brush took the spot right off our stone wall above the fire box. Still had to scrub but at least i got clear results for my efforts.

We overlooked the small white bottle of complimentary stove cleaner we received with our new wood-burning stove a couple of years ago. At that time i ordered a 22-oz. We loved spray nine immediately, right to the very last spritz. Then i found the complimentary white bottle of stove/glass cleaner. I tried it, thinking one cleaner is as good as another. However, after using an entire bottle of spray nine, the white bottle was a big disappointment. That’s when we realized spray nine is superior in many ways, so i ordered another bottle pronto. My experience is (1) spray nine ejects a soft mist, giving you control over how much you want to apply (as opposed to splashing, splattering drops from the white bottle); (2) spray nine seems to dissolve the smoke stains on the glass, making them slide downwards. No such thing happened with the white bottle. Lastly, spray nine uses less product to achieve better, faster results. We threw away the rest of the white bottle when our second bottle of spray nine arrived. And you can bet i will be ordering spray nine from now on.

I have a used brick fireplace that i love. This stuff took off all of the soot with not too much scrubbing. I have asthma and have to be careful with cleaning products but the smell is not bad at all. I would definitely recommend this product.

This fireplace is original to the home, built in 1840, and since moving in a few months ago we had a problem with the smoke filling the room. After many chimney inspections the smoke guard was the solution based on the airflow and how the fireplace was constructed over 175 years ago. Since then, i had no idea if the smoke had ever been cleaned off this brick and was ready to assume it was baked on there forever. I was in shock when this product and about 10 minutes of my time made the bricks look new.Two pics attached, before and after, any black on the bricks you see is from when the bricks were made.

For cleaning the glass on my cast iron wood burning stove this is the best cleaner that i have ever used. It removes the soot and baked on combustion byproducts from the glass quickly and easily with no scrubbing you spray it on, let it sit for ten seconds or so and just wipe it off severe discoloration may take two applications but no scrubbing it just wipes off with a paper towel. It is absolutely amazing and so much easier than the soft scrub that i was using before.

Works quite well to clean fireplace surfaces. Recommend using it on a more routine basis, say every other week when using fireplace regularly, as stains that are ingrained for some time are tough to get out even using several cleaners and methods. Couple areas on the glass were a pain in the neck to clean.

It cleans much better than i thought it would. I spray several times, waiting for a time in between sprays, then wash down with a cleaning liquid. I will use the entire bottle in time. Some of the fire brick are now white instead of all black.

I was not sure this was going to work well for my outside kitchen chimney. It cleaned that soot and charred brick like nothing. I did not need to use any crazy scrubbing. Just a simple damp large sponge. Make sure you wear gloves, safety glasses and face mask when using this.

Five start because it works great and is cheaperi have glass doors on my fireplace and have used the meeco’s red devil wood stove glass cleaner in the past. The red devil works great; spray and wipe away all the suet and grime. However spray nine works just as well, is cheaper and you get more in the bottle. The sprayer has spray, off, and stream ( for the hard to reach areas). Honestly no scrubbing; spray and the grime starts to run down the doors, wipe off and it is clear and clean. Will definitely use this product in the future.

Spray Nine 15022 Fireplace Cleaner, 22 oz. 2 Pack :

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Spray Nine 15022 Fireplace Cleaner, 22 oz. 2 Pack
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