Stack-On DS-22 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet : Cloudy instead of clear drawers

Stack-on seems to have altered the design for this item around mid-september 2015. The drawers are made of a new kind of plastic, slightly more transparent, slightly less cloudy. The drawers no longer accommodate dividers, either — their side walls are missing the requisite slots. No acknowledgement of the design change came from either stack-on or amazon. I’ve bought a steady stream of these stack-on cabinets for the workshop over the years. For those keeping score, now we have reached design number 3. Design #1 was sold from 1995-ish until 2009-ish. Drawers were constructed of polystyrene, which was relatively rigid, transparent (like glass), and brittle. Each drawer accommodated up to 3 dividers, sold separately. The back sides of the cabinets had a reinforcing frame all around and 4 mount points. This was my favorite design; i wish we could go back. Design #2 was sold from 2009-ish until mid-september 2015.

Just wanted to write a review as there was some confusion about the drawers. I just received my stack-on ds-60 on nov. 12, 2015 the main body is the same as it’s been for the past few years. It looks like a new mold though, front edge is slightly textured. However the drawers are different than the cloudy / flexible version (purchased a few years ago). They are totally clear now and flexible. They are not like the “old school” clear, rigid plastic drawers though. Those would become brittle after a few years, probably simply from the weather, and than break. I think they finally found the best of both worlds with this drawer design. However a big downside to the new drawers is there aren’t any slots for dividers.

Just received this about a day ago. My rating accounts for the price of the product, and by that i mean i wasn’t expecting a high quality product made of plastic to look, feel and work like a steel fabricated one. Plastic quality:it’s good for the price. The frame is stronger thicker plastic which makes it easy to hold or move if needed. The drawers are not as thick or sturdy but not too flimsy either. They are not high quality, sturdy plastic; that being said, they won’t break if they slide out of their slot because they are more flexible/ductile. Opening/closing:the drawers will slide open kind fast and easily if you tilt it forward which is kind of annoying (also why i gave 4 stars). This happened when i was taking it to the garage, it’s permanent location. If you’re going to hang it up or place it in one place just make sure that it’s not tilting forward. The drawers do pull out easily which can be useful if some of the rows are higher than eye level and you need to pull them out to see the contents.

I got this in high hopes since i had another of the same model and brand and had nice crystal clear straight drawers and even the question section and image for this one was the same as the one i already owned. Sadly when i got it in it had the cloudy plastic and kinda flimsy plastic so already kinda buckling in. For normal organizing it’s fine, but i got it hoping it was the same as the one had and needed the nice actually clear drawers. Photos are the clear drawers in the one i already owned, same brand and everything, and one next to it is the brand new one i just got in the mail. My older one looks like the actual picture shown for this item as well, but different from what actually got when ordered this. Not as exactly advertised sadly.

I bought this to replace one i bought decades ago that was rusted. This product met my needs but i could not say it was a good value, it is an ok value for money. The plastic is as thin as can be with zero metal support. The trays slide in and out on guides that only go half way back the length of the tray so if you pull it out half way the tray will drop down and fall out. At the end of the day it did the job and i did not return it but i would gladly pay one or two dollars more for thicker and longer tray supports and maybe a metal support angle on the corners.

Purchased as my ‘teacher toolbox’ for my classroom.

I have several of the stackon parts organizers in different styles. These are very inexpensive and a great way to clean up your clutter or to save small parts that you would otherwise throw out, only to later wish you had saved them. They do not include dividers for the drawers. I believe they are sold separately. It is possible to mount them onto a wall, but i’ve not tried this. These are not high-dollar parts bins. If that’s what you are after, you should purchase something else. I gave them ‘five stars’ because i knew that, for the price, these things are a good value. If i break some of the drawers eventually, i’ll replace them. They are so cheap, unless you are working out of them all day, every day, you probably do not need a more durable, more expensive product.

I used this to make a desk toolbox 😊.

  • New cabinets are flimzy. Old were much better. See my photos.
  • Teacher Toolbox! Great for organizing and well made!
  • Stack-On changed the design again

Stack-On DS-22 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet

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  • Ideal for storing supplies for arts, crafts, sewing, and more
  • Contains 14 medium drawers and 8 large drawers
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 6.5 x 9.75 Inches(W x D x H)
  • Easily mounts to wall or stands on bench or counter top
  • Large, ribbed drawer pulls allow easy access to contents

The pictures make it appear to be almost like acrylic style stable. The containers are actually cloudy, slightly flimsy, and not as high quality as imagined. However the storage cabinet is not very expensive so there is that. On the top edge of the containers it doesn’t have a thick lining edge to keep the container stable, and some might find that irksome as it makes the containers more flimsy than necessary. Also the containers are not well aligned but they still do stay in the shelf and slide easily as long as nothing heavy is placed in the containers. If a person needs more stable drawers, this is not it. One can find plastic food containers for cheaper with stronger edge stability and overall higher quality for cheaper. It’s not a storage container i’d put out there as a ‘display’ but something i’d place in a backroom desk or workbench. It’s not something that is a forward facing product. For me this doesn’t really matter as i needed to store just small light weight items on my desk. The shelf may not handle heavy items that will fit in when drawers are pulled out. The back of the container is open ended and contains wall mount holes. The trays can stay in shelf when pulled out but are also easily removable.

Arrived quickly, well packaged, and as described. I ended up putting labels on each drawer and using this as an organizer for my desk. It has enough compartments to keep me well organized and the compartments are well varied in size. Definitely worth the purchase price.

This is a very average quality set. Made in china but for the price it’s not bad. I would not stand it horizontally since it’s not perfectly stable. Great for hanging on the wall. The fit and finish isn’t great. The drawers slide in and out they’re a little loose for the fitting. Here is a great tip for tripling the space. Cut up business cards into 3 and stick them in the drawers with two pieces of tapes, one on each side so as to divide each drawer into three. Fits very well into my closet.

[editedthis just a warning review. The score 4 is for the old drawer storage cabinets. 1 star off for the dividers i have to buy separately for $1 a piece. I have stack on drawer storage cabinets for years. Today i purchased same cabinet from local hardware store and found out the drawers a more filmy and the big drawers all bent. Aa batteries do not fit anymore in the new cabinets. And pc memory sticks do not fit as well. If you are looking for stack on cabinets, try to get the old ones. ]

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