Stanley 92-824 Chrome and Laser Etched 69-Piece Socket Set – All the tools are in the bottom so nothing falls out

I am extremely pleased with my set. I wanted etched, easy-to-read sockets. This set meets that requirement perfectly. I also wanted a case that would securely hold the sockets (not like my old husky set). This set meets that requirement too. Some guys don’t seem to understand it’s not hard to remove them — just slip them out from the bottom only. And insert from from the top, then push down at the bottom to secure. The wrenches work perfectly too. Some guys don’t seem to understand you must push the button on the wrench to insert or release a socket. Yes, they are covered in a light film.

I’ve had issues with other socket sets i’ve purchased in the past not holding up to something as simple as a transmission head bolt, but this stanley set has already been put to the test against exhaust bolts with almost 200,000 miles of heating and cooling cycles on them. The sockets held up without a sweat, the ratchet didn’t slip even once, and even though in the end i had to cut the exhaust with an oxy-acetylene torch, it was for no lack of quality from stanley in this set. Like others have mentioned, the carrying case quality is not the best but for the price of the set it doesn’t really bother me. I was a little disappointed with the quick wear of the black chrome finish (some of my sockets after a few weeks are already turning a dull grey), but the socket size indicators aren’t fading and i feel that’s a bit more important. Overall, you get a great bang for your buck.

I have been using this set for around five months and i love this it. The main problem people seem to have with it is the case, but i think the case is fantastic although i wish the socket layout was a bit more inuitive. I find myself searching for sockets slightly longer than i would with other kits. It is a very odd and poor decision to screw the packaging onto the case but it doesn’t affect the case and i stopped noticing the holes very quickly. Plus, seeing as how i use it regularly for work it picks up other dings and scuffs anyway. Most of the sockets are extremely locked in and can be difficult to get out the first few times they are used which i find fantastic. Although there are a little under a dozen that are as tight (or loose i should say) as any other case, i couldn’t hate it more. I have had multiple ratchet sets in my life and the thing that causes me to buy new ones is lost sockets and ratchets. If sockets won’t stay put in the case then i am more likely to leave them out and then they end up lost.

My wife and i recently purchased a house, and when we moved i purchased a tool chest for our garage. I organized all of my tools, but found that i was lacking ratchets and sockets (all of those are kept at my place of employment). I have plenty of wrenches, but little to no sockets at home. I found this set for a very reasonable price of $53 here on amazon. This set had just what i needed and nothing more. The package containing this set arrived today and i inspected all the tools. There was a light layer of oil on all the tools to prevent rust, which is a good thing. The sockets snap into the case a little tighter than i would like, but that is not a huge concern. The case does keep everything neat and easily accessible, a very good thing. The laser etching is inconsistent on the sockets, but still legible.

Review of the stanley 69 pc 92-824 socket set. 5 stars for the sockets, ratchets, extensions etc. A fairly complete set for most auto work, but i did have to buy a few sizes from lowes (yes, they sell individual sockets located in sliding trays near the socket sets ) to make a complete set for my emergency tool kit. I also added the 1/2 drive sae and metric 6pt craftsman set from amazon. As for the case, it is impossible to remove a socket with oily, greasy hands. Also, it is impossible to remove some sockets with perfectly dry hands. I needed a screwdriver to pry out about half of the sockets. I ended up throwing the case away and used amazon’s ugem heavy duty 8mil plastic zipper storage bags to sort and store the sockets.

Well i’ve been using these sockets since december 2013 and after 5. 5 years of hard use i’m still thrilled with them. I bought these as my first sockets to work on my very first project car a 1972 bmw 2002tii. All these years later these beauties still serve me well now as a professional technician. My only complaint is that the top part of the case never stayed on and i got rid of it years ago. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to remove and put sockets back into case. But for the price it’s fine. I’ve used these on a near daily basis since i bought them. The finish has held up beautifully i can still read every number. My 1/4′ ratchet has started to bind up a little but still works.

  • Looks great, but be prepared for less than stellar quality!
  • Extremely good value
  • I got tired of struggling to read the size off the sockets of my old set!

I got tired of struggling to read the size off the damned sockets of my old setpicked up the stanley 69 piece laser etched black chrome socket set from amazon for $43 ($10 discount until 12/22/15)most of the time when you see ’69 piece set’ you can bet it is about 50% driver bits. This is all ratchets, extensions, and sockets (sae & metric, deep and shallow sockets)received it this afternoon and am impressed with the quality. The ratchets look and feel like copies of circa 70’s snap-on ratchets (not a bad thing). I had been looking at the high visibility socket sets from harbor freight, but this works out less expensive (even without the $10 discount) and hf are not even close on ease of reading and overall quality.

I keep this socket set in my car at all times, i use it at least twice a week and nothing in the case has failed me when i need it. The black chrome is great for not showing finger prints, grease, and grime. I will probably buy another one of these when i get a garage or another car. Everything has a pretty tight fit and the spark plug socket works great with the rubber insert inside. A few of my friends have bought this set as well from recommendations from myself and they absolutely love it. The nubs holding in the sockets are pretty tight at first but wear down as you use them.

For the price its not that bad, the case it self may be the worst out of the whole package. The case on the inside does feel very cheep and you will have 10 small holes inside the case from them screwing the cover onto the inside for displaying purposes ( but keep in mind if you are going to use this set frequently then of course you will get scratches and scuffs so the holes are no big deal for me). Another issue regarding to the case is the placement or the holding for the sockets. Some are very tight which is good but some are loose to the point where they will fall out if the case is tipped over without the cover and if you would like to have the label facing up well due to them being loose they just spin, ( when the case is closed however you can toss it in the air let it do a couple of flips then open it up and not a single socket will have poped out) but i think in my case that is only for 12 out of all of them. But if you can get pass all that then i would recommend this set. I have stressed test most of them on my truck and they work like a dream. Recommendations: -own a screw driver in order to take off the display cover haha. – wear gloves while first handling the sockets and wrench so i do not get grease all over your hands. -clean off grease with paper towels or rags (do not wash with water and soap)- if you find any imperfections or bad parts return them and either get a refund or a replacement set these guys are very understanding.

It was time for me to downsize my socket set and find something with a good case. This fit the billet and i thought the gold etching would be nice. I got my first kit a few days ago and found at least eight of the sockets had poor to unreadable etching. You could see that some were crisp and gold in color and some were as if they didn’t get enough paint. I had two that barely got any. So, i requested a second kit which arrived today. I had thoughts maybe it was just my kit. Wrongthe second kit was better, but had some sockets that were also poorly etched. I had planned to simply select the best of the two kits and send the worse of the sockets back, which is what i am going to do.

I have used this socket set for about 3 years now. I like to work on cars as a hobby and have put these through the ringer. I have used this set to replace the head gaskets on a v8, do brake jobs, suspension, water pump, you name it. I have used the 3/8′ socket with a breaker bar to bust loose rusty bolts without issue. The set has held up well and the tolerances are really good. This isn’t snap on quality, but honestly no amateur mechanic needs that stuff. The only complaint i have is that the black color makes it difficult to see dropped sockets. A chrome set would be better in that regard.

Features of Stanley 92-824 Black Chrome and Laser Etched 69-Piece Socket Set

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  • The 12 amp motor 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and mulched keeps the yard neat and tidy.
  • The 230 mph blower clears leaves and debris with ease.
  • The 230 mph blower clears leaves and debris with ease.
  • The 230 mph blower clears leaves and debris with ease.
  • The 230 mph blower clears leaves and debris with ease.

From the manufacturer


Stanley 92-824 Features

Stanley sockets feature the proprietary radius corner design which provides more torque, making it easy to tighten fasteners and simplifies the turning of rounded corners.This helps reduce slipping on frozen or rusted fasteners. Stanley sockets are manufactured with high alloy steel and heat treated for better performance

  • Black chrome finish for anti-corrosion protection and attractive appearance
  • Laser-etched markings for size visibility
  • Quick release switch and reversible mechanism for easy operation
  • Knurled handle finish for slip resistance

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This is the best socket set i have ever owned. There are enough pieces to get a 2 man crew both doing the same task. The case holds the sockets better than most, not great, but better than most. The best part of this kit is that unlike most; all the tools are in the bottom so nothing falls out when you open it. The worst part is the plastic hinges tend to ride out and leave the top loose. I found a work around for this; the kit comes with a clear plastic cover screwed to the bottom case with phillips head screws, if you take 2 of these and use them to block in the red hinge (see pic) they will stay tight.

This is a very good home handyman ratchet set with excellent variety. It is just what i need for keeping up with home and auto projects. The pieces look great, though i’m certain the black powder coat on the common sockets will see wear before too long. I hope the etching will hold out, because it is very light. The quality control on my set leaves a bit to be desired. See the attached pics for examples of poor and even upside-down etching. The complaints in other reviews may have merit re: the quality of the case, but it seems the manufacturer has improved the sturdiness somewhat (there is no screwed-on label on the outside of mine). My chief complaint about the case – how insanely tight the fit is of some of the socket slots. There are several that i have to use a screwdriver or needle nose to pop out (and conversely need a tool to pop back in if i don’t want finger damage). Because of this i have taken my most common sockets and separated them onto other holders to keep with the ratchets in my handheld box.

I have had about four years now. They get used about once a week still have every piece no broken sockets yet and i have put a 1/2 to 3/8 adapter on a impact more than once and used them even tho they are not made for it i have never broke one. The only issue i have to say is after four yrs of use the 3/8 ratchet every once in awhile tries to reverse direction when tightening a bolt. It just started i plan to send the ratchet back or just pick up another if its to big of a deal. If i used them daily i would say the sockets are great but the ratchets might wear out. But if you are a do it you self guy this is a nice set and the case is well made and keeps all of them in place so you have them when you need. This set has been under the back seat of my work truck for the last four years the case is in as good shape as the day i bought. I hope that stanley will replace the ratchet without a big deal but even if i need to spend $20 on one i have got my money out of it. I love the way they store when your done with your work you can just start snapping them back in place and it keeps you from loosing pieces because you can see if you left one out. I am giving the 4 stars because my ratchet but a month ago i would of gave five.

I absolutely love this stanley black chrome and laser etched socket set. Before i bought this set, i had random sockets in 20 different places and could never find the socket i needed. This set is perfect because it has a very large assortment of sockets and ratchet arms. I haven’t come across a project yet that i wasn’t able to find what i needed in this case. The sockets are a bit ‘greasy’; i’m sure they’ve been lubricated before packaged which makes them slightly slippery. But that doesn’t affect their ability to do what they are intended to do. I like that stanley provides a lifetime warranty for the product and will replace if it fails to work. The black chrome look is nice, not that looks are important when using a ratchet set, but they do look nicer than the usual chrome socket sets i have seen. The black chrome does make it very easy to see what the socket size is so you don’t have to search or squint for sizes like you might on a chrome set. The carrying case is also very useful and makes it easy to put the sockets back in place when you are done using them.

The 12 amp motor 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and mulched keeps the yard neat and tidy.

The 230 mph blower clears leaves and debris with ease.

The 230 mph blower clears leaves and debris with ease.

The 230 mph blower clears leaves and debris with ease.

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