Stanley 92-839 Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set – missing pieces

When the item arrived it was all loose in the box. I had to find where all of the pieces went and some spots no longer hold the tools in place. It was also missing one of the sockets. The rest of the tools seem to be ok, and i am sure i will get by without the missing piece, but still. When you buy something you expect to get all of it.

I am a fleet mechanic by trade and bought this kit to add to my mobile set. Being as most of my job is spent at the shop, i try not to invest too much into my truck set. I am however used to high quality tools (snap on, so, matco, etc) as that’s all i use at work. This set has surprised me with it’s durability. Ratchets are nothing special, but survived a cheater pipe to remove lugs off a truck when the tire iron would clear. As did the socket and extension. Very pleased with the purchase.

Generally, this is a nice set. But there are a couple drawbacks. The case works well enough, the sockets don’t fall out easily, but it’s kinda a hard to pop in the sockets sometimes. The ‘black chrome’ is a pretty terrible paint job. The inside of the sockets are not coated, and the inside of the wrenches are not coated all the way. Also, the etching is all over the place. Way up high, or low on the sockets or wrenches, and sometimes very faint. The 1/4′ ratchet i received is hard to turn by hand, and has a very obvious hard spot when using the tool. It almost seems like something it bent and rubbing inside. The sockets are only laser etched.

So i wanted to take the time out to write a review for my new stanley socket set. Started not so good, as the package i received my set missing the 3/8′ drive socket. But from there it got better. I was able to very easily return that package free of charge. The package was delivered a day earlier than stated so that was a bonus. The replacement set was in the mail sooner than i was able to get to the postal annex to send the first one back. Upon receiving the new set it was all accounted for. An absolute beautiful set of sockets. Extremely easy to read due to the laser etched numbers and black metal. The tool box it arrives in is well built and looks great.

Pros:haven’t found a socket size i needed but wasn’t included in this set. (i do my own oil changes, brake pad replacements, put together sporting equipment)black finish is prettytorque action is good. Cons:wrenches and sockets often fall out of the case or jumble up in the case. Wrenches came with grease, had to clean. Have had the release mechanism jam a few times. Packaging was difficult to remove. Overall, the value (effectiveness/cost) of this set is average. If i had to do this over again(this was my first tools purchase), i would purchase craftsman tools at my local sears/kmart when they have sales or go to harbor freight for socket sizes i need. Keep in mind i’m not a pro who would buy snap-on tools. I’ve heard/read that some people would buy those tools for their quality and warranty, while others buy cheap and replace often.

Used it to fix some items immediately upon receiving. I only had one issue and that was that i had one socket missing from the set with a duplicate socket in it’s place. I did receive a credit from amazon in order to purchase the missing socket so they came through with great customer service as usual. Overall i am very happy with this set and it is nice to have the case with the markings and the big etched sizes on the sockets themselves. One drawback is that the case only has a plastic hinge with no metal reinforcing bar so there is no telling how long it will last. Hopefully it will last without breaking in half.

  • Good tool set, if you want to double up on some wrenches and sockets without your wallet crying
  • Good quality, lasting, affordable.
  • Great tool set at an even better value

I got the tool set a little over an hour ago; i’ve taken time to examine everything carefully. A few reviewers complained about the tools being dirty, insinuating that the tools had been used and returned and shipped again. There was a very light layer of oil on all the tools that was easy to remove; no grease, no drops or oil, and most importantly, there were no fingerprints. All the tools were in their proper place, and snap into place really snuggly, maybe a little too snug; the small ones are hard to get out. It was confusing to see two 3/8 and 7/16 sockets; on examination two of them are 6 point and two are 8 point; pretty thoughtful. The ratchets hold the sockets in place; you can’t release them without pushing the button. I’ve never used tools with ‘black chrome’, my guess is that the tools are powder coated; they are beautiful. I wonder though how well the finish will hold up for a mechanic that uses them every day. I will use them occasionally at work and to make repairs on my car and around the house; by keeping them in the factory box i imagine they will look good for years. Some complained about having to remove the plastic shipping covers; come on, that’s just being picky picky.

I haven’t had a job that wasn’t able to be completed with this set. I specifically wanted something with a carrying case as i move a lot and things just seems to get ‘lost’ in the move. This has been moved twice since i bought it and everything is still there. I also wanted black, because i’m so edgy it hurts. Na, not really, but i wanted to be able to distinguish my crappier bits from this set. If i had one gripe about this kit it’s because some of the sockets are a pain in the butt to get out and put back in.

I was a bit concerned after reading reviews that the box itself wouldn’t hold tools, came with wrong sizes, and had holes drilled through the box. Happy to report that none of this is the case for me. Every tool came (and in the correct size), the box actually holds the tools really well, and there were no holes in the plastic. The tools themselves are oiled as they should be from the manufacturer, so just take a few minutes to wipe them down and you’re good to go. Hoping the dark finish holds up over time, but from a few tests i did on my car last night, this set seems too good for the money.

Received the tools very fast, packaged extremely well. Everyone else only seems to dwell only on the case for the tools however ive had no issues so far. For the tools them selves, man are these great for the cost. Have replaced my sparkplugs, done oil changes on my vehicle and significant others vehicle, and brakes on the two as well. The black chrome finish looks amazing with the lazer etched numbers. All the components (heads, ratchets, extensions) feel well made, clean, and sturdy. Worst scenario you take some bubble wrap and put it in there.

I needed a new ratchet set after i think my contractor walked off with mine during a bathroom remodel, or my knucklebrain memory forgot where i put it. The sockets a very well made, nice and heavy to the fell. I have not had a problem using any so far. The extension pipe was necessary to undo the bolts from my toilet. I am not sure my last set had that extension piece. I like the nice clear contrasted marking on the socket size. My last set was were etched into the socket withouth writing, and it was hard to see the sizes unless the light hit it at the right angle.

Features of Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set, 99-Piece

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  • 99-piece black chrome and laser etched socket set meets or exceeds ANSI standards for sockets and ratchets
  • Max-Drive design provides 15% more torque
  • Black chrome offers sharper appearance and better Slip Resistant,corrosion resistance
  • Case provides for convenient tool storage and travel
  • Limited lifetime warranty

From the manufacturer

Stanley 92-839

Black chrome finish for anti-corrosion protection and attractive appearance.

Laser-etched markings for size visibility.

Quick release switch and reversible mechanism for easy operation.

Knurled handle finish for slip resistance.

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I have owned many socket sets over the years and when i retired i got rid of all my tools. Soon i realized i should have kept a few like a good socket set. Having craftsmen tools all my life, my expectations were pretty low when i ordered this set but figured at this price it would be fine. To my surprise, this set is even better than advertised. I was able to change upholstery in my golf cart from hard to reach places and the rusty old fasteners were opened with ease and with no stripping the threads. If i were a mechanic, i would likely buy kobalt or craftsmen even today, but for a tinkering old _____ like me, this is a great value.

At first glance , the sockets and wrenches look great. After a closer look , the laser etchings on the sockets don’t look as if they might stand the test of time. The etchings are on the surface of the sockets and anyone who has done any work on cars can attest that the sides of the sockets are prone to get very scratch up due to rubbing against other metal parts. I’m not sure if i will keep the set just for this fact. After some moderate use, will you be able tell what the smaller socket sizes are ???.

Ok so this set blew me away. I honestly got it for a junkyard set/mobile site set. I have previously been using a williams 50$ set (great set essentially made by snap on) but it was only metric and it only was shallow well sockets. So, with this set you get a ton of sockets for every job deep and shallow well. This has been incredibly handy along with wrenches so this makes a great set to keep in your car or something for a diy person. Get a couple pliers and you’ll be well on your way. They do have 3 8 point sockets which are not common at al any more. But it’s nice to have if a super rare occasion comes up. Ok the draw backs for this product the latches seem cheap not the rock bottom cheap but seems like it’d snap pretty easy cheap. Only one of my sockets were loose the 15mm shallow but i’ve already shook them a lot and none come out.

My knee jerk reaction on this set is:+easy to read #’s etched onto the tools+seems to be decent build quality. The finish on the ratchets and sockets, and wrenches was pretty good. +wrenches are slim, surprisingly not boxy. So, if you have a clearance issue, where you needed a slimmer wrench, this might be the setto get you there. +the case, which is black, comes opened to display, in a yellow cardboard box (stanley flavor), with a clear plastic cover, with 15 plastic/wood screws, 3/8′(about?) course threads, holding said plastic down. I was surprised at this move, mainly because i’ve never seen a tool set packaged like that. I guess it protects against thieves when in the store?anyways, probably a dollars worth of screws, if you count taxes, and the trip to the hardware store. ( i kept mine)+like some have said, some of the sockets in the set, mainly the deep sockets, near the handle, on one side, seem to want to come out of place. I took a folded news paper page, lined it up with the inside of the plastic tool case, and stuck in the tool box, closed it, then used my knife to trim the excess, ie what stuck out of the closed box. A thick sheet of flexible plastic might work as well, to hold your sockets securely in place. That being said, the majority of the tools, i’ve had no issues with them staying in place. But the more use, the more wear on the plastic holding them, so i may get to a point where they bounce around. +it says, ‘do not use with power tools’, so don’t go using these as impact sockets.

The beautiful black chrome finish sets them apart from everyone else’s chrome tools so’s there’s no doubt about who they belong to. They work great and they are stanley quality at its best. I bought the 69 piece set last year for use in my garage and decided to get the 99 piece for work.

Received them and all of the sockets were out of place. Also some of them look to have been used and are greasy as if someone has gotten oil on them. I ordered it new so not sure why they came like this.

99-piece black chrome and laser etched socket set meets or exceeds ANSI standards for sockets and ratchets

Max-Drive design provides 15% more torque

Black chrome offers sharper appearance and better Slip Resistant,corrosion resistance

Case provides for convenient tool storage and travel

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