STANLEY FATMAX PCI140 140W Power Inverter: 12V DC to 120V AC Power Outlet : very durable

I have wanted such an adapter for my car for a while and i was happy to find this one on amazon at such a great price. I has been very useful on long trips when i need to use my electric heating pad or my electric neck pillow.

I have been looking for this type of inverter for about 2 years. I know they’ve been around for quite some time, but i just didn’t know what they were called. Since my husband and i take quite a few long road trips and road stop food just isn’t really good for you, i’ve always brought leftover soups, chili, stews with us and had to use his big box inverter to warm up our lunches in a small slow cooker. In my searches, i found the mini crock pot hot pot and wanted a smaller inverter. Came onto this one a few days ago because i was talking to a “ahem, young person” and she found this on amazon. The other super perk is that it has two usb ports to charge cell phones, ipads, whatever you have that needs a usb port to charge. We are never leaving home without this little invention. It is relatively inexpensive and does the job well. I do recommend this to anyone that wants to warm up food in their car/truck while on the go.

I really like this power inverter. It does falsely advertise a little. It’s actually only 100watts continuous and 140 peak for a short period of time. Regardless of that fact, it works perfectly for my needs. This has one 120v outlet and two usb outlets. The usb outlets do charge my phone rather quickly ( i have an s6 edge). I use the 120v to charge my drill battery that i use for work. I like that it comes with a mounting bracket and two screws.

Perfect for charging my laptop and power tool 20volt batteries in the car. Small compact design is easily stored in your glovebox or under the seat.

Works well, plus it does not have a fan so my 12vdc 18amp battery does not get discharged too fast.

I bought this so that i could pump in the car. This was recommended to me by someone who went on a road trip across the country and said that this came in handy. Well it is not only good for pumping in the car with my medela symphony but also for charging my phone and who knows.

For small jobs this is a great inverter. I like the fact that it does not have a fan. I only load it with about 10 to 15 watts and it runs cool. I have one that has been in use over a year 7/24 in a solar installation and it has not had any issues. Do remember this is a low power inverter and if you try to plug a big load into it you will get what you deserve. As forest g said, ‘stupid is as stupid does’. Use it correctly and you will be very happy.

It was nice to take on vacation. Charges cell phone and tablets super fast. 6 phones/tablets never went dry.

  • Fair Price for a good inverter.
  • Excellent power source, powers up my hospital grade pump
  • best cell phone charger I ever bought

STANLEY FATMAX PCI140 140W Power Inverter: 12V DC to 120V AC Power Outlet with Dual USB Ports

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 140 Watt power inverter delivers power you can transport using a single 120 volt AC outlet and 2 USB charging ports
  • Plug into your vehicle’s DC plug (cigarette lighter) and plug your devices into the power inverter; Perfect for charging small electronics such as a cell phone, tablet computer, and other electronic devices
  • Features a fan free, silent running design and low voltage with automatic shut-off; Will not drain your vehicle battery, leaving you stranded
  • Includes a mounting kit for convenient location placement that won’t move as you drive; Power inverter clicks and locks into place on mount and has push button release
  • Includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty

Does exactly it is supposed too. I like the fact it has a cord and power button. Charges cordless drill batteries quickly. I have used to charge my laptop.

This is so awesome to have when you go camping to be able to use a pump for air mattress and not have to worry about taking 1 million size d batteries in case you need to re inflate. Also great to charge a phone if you only had wall charger with you. Great to have when cleaning vacuuming out car. Once you have it you will be surprised how useful it is.

For what you’re ordering here, this is an excellent product. Inexpensive and can run multiple things. We had to travel with a medical device and this was perfect. Also the little way you can actually set it up to be hung and clicked into place is great.

This little sucker is great, it will charge any cell phone from dead to full charge in about an hour(provided you aren’t using it every minute) and the charging works flawlessly. My car is kinda a pain in the neck because it’s a newer chevy malibu and they want to ‘conserve power’. When i am driving i plug in my phone and it charges great and quite a bit. I just got some longer usb cables so i can put it in the back seat and run the cord to the front cup holder to charge my phone. If you need longer cables just look for them on amazon. My cig plug is under the center console so i run the power inverter cord to the back and the usb cables to the front. I haven’t used the power inverter yet, as i needed it for work to charge drill batteries, and that should be fine as well, considering that the charger is only 80 watts. I will post another review when i test it. If you are getting it just for a cell phone charger, buy it, it works great. The small batteries for the ryobi drill kit i got actually don’t last really long, that is why i purchased this, but the batteries i got this for so i could use mthe drill battery charger in the truck the batteries are working better.

And it might be perfectly fine. It’s just that the one time i used it with my turbo charger for my moto z play phone, the charger cable for my phone then stopped working. Might have just been it’s time, but i found it interesting and concerning that the one time i used my cable with this inverter, my cable dies.

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STANLEY FATMAX PCI140 140W Power Inverter: 12V DC to 120V AC Power Outlet with Dual USB Ports
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