Stanley STHT71839 Folding Metric and Sae Hex Keys : Great all around for the price.

The product is acceptable but overall i was slightly disappointed. Yes it does give you lots of options in terms of your hex/alan wrench needs but the biggest issue i have is that the keys do not ‘lock’ when you want to use them. This is a pretty big oversight in my opinion because it makes them much more difficult to use – they should lock in 2 positions (perpendicular and straight) – that would make it much more useful. Without locking you have to rely on holding it in place yourself and that’s not always easy. As a result i have found myself just using my old keys more often than this set.

I really like these allen wrenches. I use them for my compound bow. They slide in and out of position easily and because they are supported on both sides by plastic divider, they stay in position.

These stanley allen wrench sets are handy and of very good quality. I cannot stand the allen wrench sets that are comprised of the individual loose wrenches, i am constantly losing one of them. These sae and metric sets are great. Each one holds a wide variety of sizes, and they are all held together within the handle. Stanley’s redesign of these sets is a great improvement over the earlier models which they used to manufacture. The handles on these newer ones are larger and mor comfortable in your hands, affording you more torque and a more enjoyable working experience. Allen wrenches are used for most all set screws and for assembling many products which require the purchaser to assemble the product, and also in many mechanical situations. This makes have a goo set indespensible, and you cannot go wrong with these stanley sets to meet all of your allen wrench needs.

The set is bigger in size than i expected and easy to grip. The handles/holders for each set are made out of a hard plastic, with softer rubber type grips around the edges. The holder also has each size marked and is easy to read. Hopefully the plastic assembly and spacing between the keys holds up, and doesn’t break too quickly heavier jobs.

These wrenches are a nice addition to my toolbox with some caveats – first and foremost, they are conveniently organized and will pretty much fit 95% of your allen wrench needs. There are two reasons that these wrenches do not earn 5 stars. The first reason is that they are a little long, and will not fit into many tighter spaces, which in my experience, limits their function (i. Setting up my children’s cribs, where the wrench needs to be shorter). If you are just using them on bolts that are out in the open, it’s no big deal. The second issue is that these are not crafted from heavy duty steel, and seem as if they will easily strip if you do not use them carefully and on the exact size bolt they were made for. It would be nicer if these were forged from a harder metal to avoid this. Of course, that may just be due to my lack of experience in their use. Overall a reasonable value, however.

I have been using hex keys for years, mostly ones that come w whatever ikea or staples office furniture that i need to put together. That being said, i will never go back to using the in box hex key. These hex key sets allow you to grip the wrench much more and in turn allow you to tighten the screws much better and faster. For instance, i was able to put together a heavy duty office chair a bit faster using this hex key set than if i was using the in box wrench. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase and the quality of stanley products makes me believe this set will last me a lifetime.

Economical folding metric and sae hex set. These work okay for light duty use. The handle feels weak, and the wrench action does not feel right (stiff at first, then falls open). The steel seems cheap, and is well-oiled to minimize rusting, so i’m not sure how long they’ll last. If you need an inexpensive set of folding hex wrenches that are not intended for heavy duty use, these will do fine. Otherwise, i’d look for a higher quality set.

Prior to ordering this, i could not anything on all the sizes included. The set contains two folding hex key sets. – the 9 sae key sizes included are: 5/64′; 3/32′; 7/64′; 1/8′; 9/64′; 5/32′; 3/16′; 7/32′ and 1/4′. – the 8 metric metric sizes included are: 1. 5mm; 3mm; 4mm; 5mm; 6mm and 8mm. They are clearly not absolute top of the line. Made in china and feel like the cheaper quality stanley branded stuff, not the original branded items.

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  • It was terrible! The keys kept flopping out and I couldn’t
  • If you assemble a lot of furniture then buy these now

Stanley STHT71839 Folding Metric and Sae Hex Keys, 2-Pack

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I am really pleased with this allen wrench set. I used it right away to adjust my chainsaw. The wrenches and handle are well made and sturdy, and the handle is comfortable to hold. I’ll never have to worry about losing a particular size since they are all connected to the handle. Stanley tools are always great and they hit another home run with this one. (i should note that some of the reviews imply that the package contains two identical sets. Instead, it has one sae and one metric set on separate handles. That’s actually better for my purposes.

I never write a review on amazon but felt the need to today. I saw all the positive reviews and bought this tool set without reading any of the negative reviews. I got the set and immediately tried to use it.The keys kept flopping out and i couldn’t get the hex key to stay stable enough for me to use it. I got frustrated and then read all the negative reviews that people were experiencing the same issue. I was about to throw it back in the box and start the return process when i looked and saw that the screws that hold the keys in place had the ability to be tightened or loosened however you choose. I quickly tightened the screws and now the hex keys stay in the position i put them in when i need to use them.So glad i realized it before i sent this back.

I did not receive the items shown in the picture, it’s a different style and they’re not labeled with m and s. Obviously it’s no challenge to read the numbers and see if they are whole numbers or fractions and know which is which but at a glance they’re identical. Other than that it seems like a strong durable product. I would recommend loosening up the bolts on each of them though as they were very tight when they arrived and the keys started to bend as i was trying to pull them out. The 4mm works for the s and the 5/32 works for the m.

If you have a toolbox and you don’t have these — get ’em. These are terrifically handy, and stanley is still a superior brand. You can lose a whole set, but you can’t lose just the one key you need right now.

Useful to have, and cheaper than some other comparable packages. They seem well built, but there isn’t really much to go wrong with a set of hex keys. You can tighten the rotating mechanism; the sae set has a metric adjustment screw, and the metric set has an sae adjustment screw, which was good thinkingif you’re looking to build your own basic set of tools (as i was) there are some homeowner’s kits here that appear to be more cost effective than building your own set, and also come with a tool box/organizer. I wish i had known about those before i started buying various single tools.

It’s nice to have both metric and standard sizes all in one place where i won’t lose the individual wrenches. I keep these in my camera bag since so many photography products are made with hex screws and they all differ from size to standard or metric. The only issue i have is you can’t get much torque due to the construction of the product. I’m afraid i’ll snap the wrench right off the product.

What a steal, at least in my opinion. I cannot beginning to tell you have many hex sets i have had and lost over the years. The standard, on a key ring type, was what i could find normally. This not only is comfortable in your hands, the craftsmanship is solid. I have one in my tool bag, i gave one to a mechanic friend of mine (who was using the ring style or the driver set). I will order more and give to a few family members and perhaps have a spare for myself.

You expect practical design, good usability, and high durability in stanley-brand tools. These two hex-key sets are no exception to that rule. The fold-away handle is durable, and each key’s resting position is clearly marked with its respective size designation (very useful for older mechanics with aging eyesight). My favorite feature is that you don’t need to worry about losing keys. The range of key sizes is wide enough (in both the metric and sae set) to be useful for 90 percent of your diy projects and garage-based chores. The material is high-strength tool steel, so there’s no danger of ‘stripping’ a key on a tough screw. I bought the set of two for working on my toyota pickup truck and my rice-rocket (motorcycle); the sae set stays in my household toolkit for all those ‘some assembly required’ projects.

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