Star Brite Instant Hull Cleaner : Works great for light water spots but not heavy build up.

I first saw someone using this in the boat yard at the marina in the fall cleaning their fiberglass boat hull. That stubborn brown residue on a white hull i couldn’t get off no matter what i tried over the years. I was told by the user to buy the starbrite brand. He tried others but they didn’t work as well.

This stuff is scary good at removing scum off the bottom of boats. We’re on a lake with a lot of bio-matter in the water, so the water stains our hull black. No household cleaner make even the slightest difference. This stuff takes the black stains off with almost a single wipe. I don’t know how or why it does what it does, but it works.

Was surprised it actually works. This was the first i left my boat in the water for a few months. Had hard dried brown stains on the hull that wouldn’t come off. I tried a pressure washer and it didn’t make a dent. I wiped on this product and the stains immediately disappeared. Some area’s will have to brush also and will work better if i can spray the product on so will transfer to a spray bottle. Also had an area around the swim deck that was stained on top and this product immediately cleaned it off where normal cleaning and pressure washing didn’t work.

I’ve tried other cleaning products with some serious elbow grease scrubbing with a bristle brush with almost no results. A friend recommended this product and i couldn’t believe the results. With mostly the soft side of a sponge rubbing over a spot for a while, the results were incredible.An absolute recommend for any boat owner. I keep my boat on the coast of maine where the waterline can get really grimy.

This stuff works magic on my boat. I use it on the east coast a lot in brown water and it turns my white hull kind of an orange color. I’ve tried scrubbing with car wash soap and a brush to no avail. Someone at work told me about this stuff and i tried it. I love this product and will buy again. I definitely recommend this to anyone with a white boat who wants to keep it clean.

I live in michigan and the black river is called that for a reason – and after only 2 days in the river, my hull was badly stained. I searched online and tried everything – deck cleaner, boat cleaner, hull cleaner (another brand), acetone (online recommendation), isopropyl alchohol (hey, acetone was recommended – why not give it a try?), mequire’s rv/boat oxidation remover (removed the oxidation around the snaps for the cover but didn’t touch the hull stain) and even windex for christ sake. Deck cleaner actually had some effect, but not much. Then i found recommendations for this product. I pulled on some rubber gloves (wear gloves), poured some on a sponge, and it was like a magic eraser – the stain went away where i wiped the sponge. It didn’t take very long to wipe the entire bottom of the hull on my 22′ long searay and it looked awesome again. Hosed it off (rinse well) and let it dry – ready for a waxing (which hopefully will reduce the need to clean the hull).

Star Brite Instant Hull Cleaner

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  • Quickly Removes Stains From Water Line
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  • Cleans Scum Lines & Stains On Boat Hulls Easily & Effortlessly
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We have used this hull cleaner for years. We used to be able to buy it at the local walmart but, none of them are stocking it anymore. We keep our boat in the water all summer and use this to clean off the scum before winter storage. Works with very little elbow grease.

I had heard from friends this stuff works well. I got the bottle of it today and took a paper towel wetted with a little of it to a boat i bought recently. This boat had 4 years of lake scum build up on it. I had pressure-washed the fuzz away but the staining was pretty bad. I was afraid i couldn’t clean it. After wetting a test area under the swim deck with star brite i literally watched the stains disappear. Gone, vanished, back to pure white gelcoat. I was stunnedi took it in to get a spray bottle and my curiosity got to me. I had to try it on a shower stained by our well water.

I previously tried assorted household cleaners but none of them did a good job. This starbrite hull cleaner worked great on my aluminum fishing boat on both unpainted and painted surfaces. Minimal effort needed, no hard rubbing or scrubbing. A little goes a long way but i had to do a small area at a time and rinse it immediately for best results.

Had tough stains on my boat from 20+years. Sprayed on, let sit for 1-2 minutes. Lightly scrubbed with soft towel. Let the chemicals do the work for you. No need to scrub hard (i made that mistake at first). You dont need to apply alot either.

Omg – this stuff is awesome. I am a bit of a clean freak and since we are severely tide dependent sometimes the boat has to sit in the water overnight because we cannot get it back on the lift. This causes a brown scum line that cannot be removed with traditional scrubbing. I used this product and with none to minimal scrubbing the scum line disappeared. I will never use anything else. Not harmful to your wax just removes the stains. I have turned several seasoned boaters onto this product and they all say the same.

An awesome product for my bathtub. Cleans fiberglass tubs like they were new again. And quickly with hardly no effort.

I picked up a used boat that had very little care done to it. Buffing the paint looked great but the hull was still very yellow. All i did was put this in a spray bottle and spray it on. Within 30 seconds the hull turned a bright white. I didn’t have to do any scrubbing or rubbing. Just washed it off with a hose after it turned white. This is the most effective product that i have every purchased in my life. I was so impressed i was even telling the neighbors about it and they couldn’t care less about my boat or hull cleaner.

This hull cleaner works great for getting off stubborn stains from your hull. Unlike other posters, i do not recommend spraying it on as i’m concerned about allowing it to get in contact with my aluminum trailer. What i do is pour some out into a rag and wipe on, spray off with lots of water. The boat wash is all you need after cleaning once with this, unless you allow stains to really dry out in the sun.

This is the first season that we kept our boat in the water at an ohio lake marina. When we brought the boat home to clean up to take on vacation it was disgusting. Tried every product for lake crud. No good even with a pressure washer. After a vacation in tennessee and then another month at our ohio marina we tried the star brite hull cleaner. Took off all the lake nasty. I highly recommend this product.

Works great for light water spots and i will continue to use for that. I attempted to use this on the bottom of our boat with dried on river water gunk with no luck what so ever. I was hoping for great success based on the many reviews but was very disappointed and found the products limits imediatly after opening the bottle. It’s entirely possible it’s the water we boat in and/or the fact that we pull our boat out of the water every time we are done with it giving the water time to to dry and build up over a few months of use. If this is how you use your boat i would not recommend this product for heavy build up.

It didn’t work at first when i used a scrub brush & i wasn’t happy with this product. Then i tried using a brillo pad & it worked much better. It got all the scum off easily. It didn’t remove oxidation & restore the pontoons to new like i expected but i guess that’s not what it’s for. I still need to find something else to get them shiny.

Star Brite Instant Hull Cleaner : I was skeptical of wipe on, then wipe off. I had a kennedy mini toon, that was 4 years without cleaning. Well, i wiped that on with a sponge, waited a few minutes. Took a bucket of water and one of those sponges with a green rough edge. I wet the sponge, and i just couldn’t believe all that gunk came right off. Of course elbow grease was needed in a few spots along with the rougher side of the sponge, but i did not need a second coating. Then i did my big pontoon which had 2 years of gunk. This is the only product i am ever using again. On both pontoons, i didn’t use quite 1/3 of the gallon total. The only hard part of the whole thing was crawling under the trailers to get to the inside of the pontoons.

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