SunplusTrade 11Pc Auto Trim Door Panel Window Molding Upholstery Fastener Clip Removal Tool Kit – Great tools for a novice

Strong and very reasonably priced. I had installed a wired back-up camera on one of my vehicles. To hide the wires running from the rear of the vehicle to the front, i used screw drivers, needle nose pliers and any number of tools to remove trim panels. Very tedious and easy to damage the panels. When i ordered another back-up cam for my other vehicle, i ordered this 11 piece auto trim tool kit. Much easier to remove panels to run the wires. I was able to apply a lot of force where needed without breaking any of these tools. And they did not scratch the panels.

I have only had this tool set a very short time, and only used it on removing door panel for window motor regulator. Didn’t leave marks on the metal or plastic pieces of the door. Unlike when using a metal object for such tasks. The quality of the tools seem to be fairly good. They look to have some fibers mixed in with the plastic to give them more strength and durability. The case they come with, feels like a canvas type material. Only issue that i can see in the future is that one of the tools may start to wear through the fabric case. Just because of it’s shape and the tightness of the pocket that it slides into.

I replaced the door lock actuator in my toyota highlander. I ordered these tools to avoid scratching up my upholstery or paint. I only would up using 3 of the set but they worked flawlessly. They are stronger than i assumed and are perfect for getting into the various access points of the door. They were well worth the cost for me. And now i see that the price has dropped $1.

I only just received this set but so far i think it will be a very valuable set of tools. I do a lot of work on my 2 classic cars as well our daily drivers and i am always looking for tools that will make my work more professional and not damage any part of any car. I think these will be a nice addition to my collection of tools and will prove to be very useful for a number of applications, even,around the house. So far i pulled 2 pieces of valuable trim off of one of my cars using one of these tools and it worked very nicely.

Very nice and helpful tool set. They have a nice heavy duty feeling to them. If your looking for something that wont damage your vehicle as much as a metal tool will, this is what you need. There is one downside i noticed, they’re pretty bendable, other than that the tools have come in handy so much. I attached a picture of what i used the tools for. (i changed my headlights and the tools were helpful when working with detaching the bumper. The plastic doesn’t damage the exterior as metal would when applying force).

This 11pc auto trim door panel window molding upholstery fastener clip removal tool kit arrived quick and just in time i’ve got panel removing kits before and they have lasted a ‘one time use’ but this set was very sturdy, easy to work with. I just upgraded my car with new sound where i had to remove ‘it seems like the whole interior’ and these tools made the job a whole lot easier and their ready for more.

  • Tools are great, but they are bendy: Still better than metal.
  • Makes The Job Easy
  • Sturdy, quality built tools, arrived fast and in good shape.

I’ve probably done 25 installations in my lifetime, varying from adding accessory modules to installing head unit, amps, and speakers. Through these, i’ve used various ‘tools’ to complete the jobs but never the right tools to make the job easier. I then realized there were proper tools for this type of work, where you need to pull trim panels, door panels, previous kits, etc. Without marring the finish or accidentally cracking the part. These are the tools for the job. They’re strong, they’re versatile and they’re surprisingly inexpensive. Yesterday, i used these to install a bluetooth module in my ’05 lexus gx470. If you know lexus, you know they have a lot of trim pieces to make the car look so nice. This toolset made all the difference.

I bought this to help my husband install a homelink mirror in our new car, which required removal of some trim pieces and fishing the wire through to the connector behind yet another trim piece. He had some old trim tools, but the edges were rough and i didn’t want to chance damage to my brand new car, so this was my pick based on reviews. They were right on the money. This little tool set does most everything you’ll need it to do. The tools are flexible, but not so much that they bend. My mirror is installed and there’s no evidence whatsoever of it being a ‘non-professional’ job (although it was a professional job because he does good work). I do recommend this tool set.

They are a little on the bulky side. This makes them hard to use in some situations. I think i would have rather gotten a higher quality set. I still found myself using other tools to pry some of the trim pieces up just to get these to be able to slide in between the pice i wanted to remove and what was holding it.

These are tools you always wish you had when you need them. And after you make due with pliers, screwdrivers or something else, and hopefully get the job done without too much damage, you kind of forget about picking up a set for next time. I planned to replace some running boards on my suv and decided to spring the $15 for this ahead of time. Without them, i would have easily added two hours to my project time, as i had to remove more than 40 fasteners around the wheel well, running board shells and other trim areas. The first tool i grabbed out of this pouch had a little too much give. No problem, just grabbed the next size up and worked perfect. Nice carrying pouch included. The best part: i’m prepared for the next project (that i don’t even know about yet).

I liked that it really came down to basically just one tool, the one that comes to a point, that got the radio panels on my 2005 rav4, off. Most of these tools are thicker than necessary, so i could really only use the one tool. I tried a different one to begin with and part of the tab broke off. I do like the bag, snd to be fair, i didn’t have any other use for this kit, at least at this time. It got the job started for me. The sharp point piece got the two small side radio panels separated, so for the money, i think it was still worth it. Just wish the one hadn’t broken and they would have had a couple of thinner metal panel starter removers as well.

Features of SunplusTrade 11Pc Auto Trim Door Panel Window Molding Upholstery Fastener Clip Removal Tool Kit

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  • 11 Piece Auto Trim Removal Kit. Made Of High Quality Nylon Fiber That Will Not Break Or Bend Easily Like Abs Plastic Under Pressure.
  • Universal Application For All Makes And Models Of Cars, Boats, And RVs.
  • Comes With Thick Sturdy Pouch To Store All Of Your Tools After Use.
  • Variety Of Shapes And Sizes For Hard To Reach Areas.
  • Perfect For Installing Or Removing Stereo System, Door Panels, Moldings, Window Trims, Clips, Or Any Plastic Piece In Your Car Without Damaging The Car Like Metal Tools.

Make sure this fits
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Great set of plastic clip and fastener removers. It contains a lot of my go-to sizes and even contained a few more designs that will come in handy for auto glass installation. I’m giving this a 5 star because of the price, promptness of delivery and an overall well made product. Not to mention they are a family owned company like myself.

For years i have struggled to pry trim panels up using the wrong tool usually damaging the clips, the panel or both. This toolset gives you the right tool to perform the job. You won’t need all of the tools for every job, but each tool has a specific purpose. I bought this set because it comes with its own organized storage. I was able to remove the panel on my mazda cx-9 without the usual frustrations. As a bonus, i received an email from the company informing me how to properly use the tools and that they have a two-year warranty for their products. I would buy this set again and only wish i had bought it years ago.

Surprisingly excellentthey’re plastic but they’re much stronger than you might think. (whatever plastic they used is either ‘structural foam’ or something very similar to it. )the pouch they come in would be worth ten bucks all by itself. If you have to pry on something *really hard* they might not do the trick. But if that’s the case you’ll have to use a metal prybar, because there *isn’t* a non-scratch material that is strong enough for that.

I’ve never cared for these kinds of tools, but after using a screw driver to remove a panel and scratching it, i decided to buy these for my next job. These are better than using a hard screwdriver to remove panels. Softer plastic tools are great and with the verity of tools available, there’s a tool for every job. I got this mostly because of the carrying case that organizes the tools and keeps it nice and clean, but i recommend buying them regardless.

Nice variety of car panel clip openers. Probably indestructable for intended use. Opened my toyota van dash to remove the radio. The display became unstable after 5 years. The connector between the face plate and the radio body needed some contact spray to work like new. I expect to have to do it again in 5 years, with any luck. Toyota dealer wanted to replace the whole radio for $450.

I just used these removal tools to fix a rattling door pocket today and boy did they come in handy without me snapping anything. Only problem was choosing which tool to use. There are so manypros:feels like hard fiber, was expecting bendable plastic but feel really sturdy. For the price, it seems reasonable to receive 11 well made, useful tools that will come in handy. Customer service:superb; upon arrival of my item, i was greeted with an email regarding the delivery of my item. This company needs more recognition, as they stand strong behind their products. Will be purchasing more tools/items from this company.

11 Piece Auto Trim Removal Kit.

The first time i used a pry bar it cracked and broke. I think most of the smell came from the roll bag, but the smell remained even after i washed the bag and tools multiple times. Good selection of tools, bag fits well. I just can’t handle the smell. Their customer service was great and response and replaced the tool that broke. The bag still smells though.

Items are exactly as pictured. The parts are made of plastic so as to minimize the chance of scratching anything. They are well designed to pry off interior panels and did the trick to help me take my car’s dash and pillar cover off. It would have been more challenging and i probably would have scratched something (with a screwdriver) if i didn’t have these. The parts fold up nicely into a compact package and with such a variety of tools, it’s likely there will be something in there that will help solve any interior trim challenge. For the price and the head / heart ache you avoid you can’t beat it.

Universal Application For All Makes And Models Of Cars, Boats, And RVs.

Comes With Thick Sturdy Pouch To Store All Of Your Tools After Use.

Variety Of Shapes And Sizes For Hard To Reach Areas.

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