SUPER EASY SIPHON HOSE Super Easy Siphon Hose | Self-Priming Water & Liquid Siphon | Manual Syphon | Use On Aquariums : Works Great!

As the ad states, it is a no kink hose. I owned another brand that was a pain to deal with, so i thought i would give this one a try. The concept is great and it works like a charm. Having a pontoon boat, jetski’s and a fishing boat it seems like i’m always adding fuel. It works great with all these different watercraft. Highly recommended as today’s gas cans are almost impossible to deal with.

The siphon hose works but my expectations of ease of use were higher than the true results it takes a bit more shaking than i expected but i would still recommend this item.

It fits through the restrictive holes of autos and motorcycles. It moves a lot of fuel fast, it is a great little device.

It is extremely easy to operate and does exactly what i need it to do. With our recent storms i’ve had to drain my pool twice. This little device did the trick.

Sure makes it a lot easier to siphon two five gal, cans of gas into my boat without pulling it to the gas station. Since i switched for using ethanol gas, to using ethanol free gas which has really made a huge difference in the overall use of my boat. Just stick the brass end into the can shake a few times and 2 or three min, later your done.

Took a minute to develope a knack for it, but after that no problems. It’s not really a ‘shake’ siphon, you have to almost push it longwise into the fluid as if stabbing the fluid with the brass end and do it fairly rapidly untill it crests the highest point in the bend of the hose. My hose did not come damaged as others stated. Very happy and it works well for me.

It’s so good that someone that came over to buy something from me stole it. Yep , i guess the temptation was to much. I had the first one for some time and it did a great job getting the water out of my peddle boat. It’s always raining here in florida so there are so many things that fill with water. It even laid in the sun for a week or so and it’s was still fine. I highly recommend it , just don’t show it to your neighbors.

I use this to put gas in my boat, parked at my dock. Holding a 5 gallon gas can takes forever. The siphon starts very easily and will empty a 5 gallon can in a couple minutes. Best purchase i’ve made in a while.

  • Works great and really sucks down liquid!
  • Works Great!
  • Super Easy Siphon Hose needed to do simple task of putting gasoline into Work Equipment caused by Politicians

Super Easy Siphon Hose | Self-Priming Water & Liquid Siphon | Manual Syphon | Use On Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Pools | Pump Gas, Fuel & Oil | Safe for Drinking Water | FDA-Grade Clear PVC Tubing | 6ft

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  • FDA FOOD-GRADE TUBE: The Super Easy Siphon is manufactured with kitchen-grade anti-static PVC tubing that is safe to use with beer, wine, or any consumable and/or volatile liquid. It is perfect for bottling your own brews or accessing water from drums. The high-quality tube also makes this siphon safe for use with fish tanks, aquariums, and ponds that house your aquatic pets, allowing you to quickly lower the water volume when cleaning or emptying for storage, moving, or winter months.
  • RELIABLE, SAFE, AND EASY TO USE: This siphon is a reliable and safe tool for transferring liquids. It doesn’t require electricity or a pump that can wear out over time, so it is virtually infallible. No more sucking on tubes that can put you in contact with dangerous fumes and liquids – simply insert the brass valve into the container to be siphoned from, shake it in an up and down motion, and the liquid will begin to flow! To stop the flow, remove the fitting end from the liquid.
  • VERSATILE USE: With features that make this siphon reliable, practical, and easy to use, it is a valuable tool to add to any emergency preparedness kit, and is beneficial for homeowners, RV enthusiasts, off-roaders, farmers, campers, auto mechanics, and more. The Super Easy Siphon hose is fully compatible with volatile liquids and able to safely transfer fuel and oil as well as consumable liquids. The multipurpose function makes this siphon perfect for emergency or everyday use.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Our industrial-strength siphon is manufactured with quality and longevity in mind. It features a 2.5mm (1/10 inch) thick hose wall, making it up to 100% thicker than that of our competitors, a 6 foot long tube, and a high-quality brass fitting. These features allow the siphon to function without kinking or bending; it also has a convenient extended reach that won’t tangle or twist, ensuring hassle-free and low-maintenance use that will outlast almost any other siphon.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION – We proudly stand by all of our products! The Super Easy Siphon is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason we offer a full refund. Shop with confidence, knowing that we aim to provide the ultimate in quality service and products!

I have it in a timely manner. It may be a few weeks before i need to fill mowers with gas. I need an easierway to pour gas into mowers then these terrible spring loaded spouts that are on gasoline storage cans. Why would engineering beso terrible ?. Twist or push on pour spouts is terrible. It causes problems by the terrible design. Does not speak well fordesigners and engineers, if what we have is the best they can do.

I bought this to replace a thin, cheap version i got for free somewhere that wasn’t doing a very good job. This one works amazing and really sucks down liquids as fast as advertised—comes out with such velocity it’s almost alarming. Cool that the metal side is slightly heavy so that it stays down and prevents the tube from curling. It also has a ball inside that prevents the liquid from leaving that end in any situation to guarantee one-way siphon. Pretty fancy for being so dead simple. Mine wasn’t all kinked up like some reviewers showed in pictures. It looks like they’ve fixed that issue.

I just use it as a regular siphon hose. The brass fitting allows you to get pretty much all of the water out of a water container since it weighs it down. I tried numerous times to use the self-priming and it never worked. It could be because the tubing is curved from the packaging and storage, but it isn’t worth the trouble for me to keep trying.

Works fine and is a nice, small item to store in my shed when not needed. It works well for draining any tank you can easily access. I haven’t tried it in a car. But for my snowblower which doesn’t flip over easily, it’s great. I tried to get it into my boat tank when i winterized it last fall and it won’t work for that without some modification.

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Super Easy Siphon Hose | Self-Priming Water & Liquid Siphon | Manual Syphon | Use On Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Pools | Pump Gas, Fuel & Oil | Safe for Drinking Water | FDA-Grade Clear PVC Tubing | 6ft
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