Sylvania 1157 Long Life Miniature Bulb : Great for your older Ford Truck Instrument Panel Lights

Great price for the little bulbs that my kia soul uses in several places. The licence plate bulbs went out & couldn’t wait too long to replace them. (didn’t want to get pulled over by the sheriff or highway patrol for a ticket). Quick shipping, at the auto parts price for 2 bulbs & have extras for when the other ones start going out.

Used these to replace my dead/faded bulbs in the instrument cluster of my 95 ranger.

My 2005 buick lesabre uses 8 of these in the light cluster on the trunk lid. It’s a real pain to get that light cluster loose so i can change the bulbs, so i put leds in the first time i had to change some bulbs. Unfortunately, the leds lasted about 3 months. So, i bought these to replace the leds and haven’t had a problem since.

Bought a couple packs of these and replaced all the dash lights in my 97 crown vic. (okay, the wife did the work. ) all the bulbs were good and still working a year later (and hopefully many years more). (if you want to replace all the lights in this car, you may need more than 20 bulbs. She skipped the climate control bulbs.

This is a good deal on a set of 10, way cheaper than local sources. I used 6 of these to replace the instrument panel bulbs on a 2001 ford sport trac.

I replaced all my clearance lights in my fifth wheel camper with these bulbs ( oem ) after having trouble with led bulbs i installed. The only problem i had was i miss counted and was three short so i ordered another ten, can’t beat a great product at a great price.

I’m having to replace my rear lights almost every 6+ months on my softail. The roads all around so cal aren’t in the greatest shape, so i’m factoring all the unavoidable bumpy rides to the hard wear on my rear lights. This 10pk will definitely help with costly replacements.

I thought about going to led lights, but these are such a good deal and they last for so long, that there really isn’t any good reason to not use them. The originals (all but 1) have been going strong for 11 years.

  • The best way to replace your dash bulbs
  • Good price for a good product that has been around for ages. Don’t use LED they can cause issues.
  • Sometimes the old proven technology is better than the new.

SYLVANIA 1157 Long Life Miniature Bulb, (Contains 10 Bulbs)

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  • See Sylvania’s Application Guide in the Technical Details below to confirm compatibility
  • Longer life than basic bulbs
  • Legal for on road use
  • OE (Original Equipment) Manufacturer
  • Light bulbs dim over time and require replacement
  • Replace in pairs for optimal performance

I was seduced but the idea of brighter dash board lights with led replacement bulbs. Half of the bulbs were out when i started, so i had to take the dash apart. I put in the leds and put the dash back together. Maybe there are some better leds than what i tried but these had to have the correct polarity. Take the dash apart and try again. I got the led bulbs to work and was happy for a while but one of the leds would flicker. I assumed a loose connection or a bad bulb. All apart and back together again with different leds. One of the leds would still flicker. I could work around this by adjusting the dimmer. This also turned off the light on the radio. My car is a 2000 subaru and it likes the old incandescent bulbs.

I’ve had trouble finding the 194 long-life bulbs locally. These are half the price of any local supplier. I haven’t been using these long enough to have any come back, so i can’t really comment on how long they last. That said, sylvania’s a good brand, and i trust that they’ll last longer than the conventional bulbs.

Amazon recommended these as replacement bulbs for my cars instrument panel. It takes two different bulbs and these were a perfect fit.

Great deal on standard brake/tail lamp bulbs. Many people have had issues changing to led bulbs, their cruise control stop working. These bulbs have been used in vehicles for many years without issues, yes they get warm/hot but all regular light bulbs do. The price was very low for ten of this bulb, i am very pleased with this purchase.

You can’t go wrong with this purchase. It was going to cost $8 at my local auto parts store for 2 bulbs. . I needed 3 for my vehicle which would have cost me over $16. I save $4 and i have 4 spare bulbs.

I have a 2016 explorer that has several burned out bulbs in the dash. At night i can’t tell exactly how fast i’m going on the highway because half the speedometer is in darkness. Rather than replace the entire bulb and socket, i decided to just replace the bulbs. Other than saving significant money, this allows me to keep the stock sockets (the little plastic mounts that hold the bulbs). If you read the reviews of aftermarket bulb/socket combinations, you’ll see that manny people complain about the quality of the socket. My advice is to save your money and just replace the bulbs. They simply pull straight out and you push the new bulb in. One negative is the way these are packaged. Just a bag of bulbs in a small box.

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SYLVANIA 1157 Long Life Miniature Bulb, (Contains 10 Bulbs)
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