Sylvania 7443 Basic Miniature Bulb – Perfect replacement for burned out brake light bulb

Not much to say, its basically a replacement for my car. It replaced my right passenger rear brake light. Hope this one last longer than the last one. I usually buy sylvania, its a good brand.

Nothing special here – just exactly what i needed for the third brake light (5 bulbs required) on a 2006 ford escape. These were nearly two-thirds less expensive than at the big blue box.

One of the running lights burnt out on my mercedes and i went to all local auto parts stores looking for one of these bulbs. No one had so i had to turn to amazon. They are nicely priced and work. I now have a spare bulb incase the other one burns out.

My center light brake light was out on my ’97 3-series, so i made the two side bulbs new via this pack, and used one of those for the center light.

Worked just as expected for licence plate lights. Not very bright, but bright enough to not get ya pulled over for licence plate light being out.

Worked fine in my 2005 prius tail lights.

This is an incandescent light (exactly what i needed). Sylvania 168 fits as a perfect replacement for the tail lights on lexus rx350 2nd gen. If you have the same car, make sure not to buy an led accidentally — the leds are a different animal electrically so your controller will not recognize them and put a warning light on your dashboard.

Fit perfectly and identical color/brightness as original light.

I bought this to replace my break lights of my saab 9-3 linear. It’s easy to install after watching a youtube video for 5 minutes and works great. It would have cost like 40 bucks if i get it replaced in an auto machine shop. This way it only costs less than 5 dollars.

Fit perfectly for the license plate light of 2007 hyundai sonata. These are standard sizes and are probably used in 99% of cars out there. I found a video on you tube to show how to remove the light – very easy and saved $50 by diy. Also, i bought a set of nylon/plastic ‘trim removal tools’ from amazon that i used to pry out the bulb holder without causing damage to the paint – worth the five bucks.

Ordered as replacements for oreck xl vacuum cleaner headlamps.

Look closely at the base of these bulbs as they actually have the metal knobs (nipples) on opposite sides, both near the base of the bulbs. But some bulbs (such as the brake light bulbs for my vw touareg) have the knobs/nipples where one is near the base, and the other nipple is near the glass of the bulb. Due to that these tiny knobs (or to better describe them, metal nipples on the metal wall of the bulb’s base) are both on the bottom of this sylvania 7506, this makes it either difficult or impossible to force the bulb into installation for my vw touareg’s brake light’s housing. In other words, these are not quite the right bulbs for my vw touareg despite that amazon noted that these fit my vw touareg which is why i ordered them. See the photo of my bulb with the arrows indicating where the metal nipples should be located:.

Exactly what i needed for my pontiac g5. Did the job, easy install, and they work. Don’t go to a dealer or mechanic and waste 60-70 bucks to have them do it for you. Even someone with no knowledge of cars can fix this one. Get them and save yourself the money and trouble. Here are the specifications for the Sylvania 7443 Basic Miniature Bulb:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • See Sylvania’s Application Guide in the Technical Details below to confirm compatibility
  • Made from high quality material for long lasting durability
  • Produced by a trusted OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) light source supplier
  • Easy installation as a direct replacement bulb
  • Legal for on road use
  • Lights dim over time, replace in pairs for optimal performance

I know some folks are nervous about ‘working on’ their cars, but this is a breeze. The bulbs arrive just as pictured and are a good brand. You should get long life from them, at a far better price than buying from an auto-parts store or paying a mechanic a fortune to do the minor job. To do it yourself, first, be sure when ordering that you have your year and model correct. That’s probably the hardest part of changing this bulb. Second, consult your owners’ manual to see how to access the old bulb, although the adventurous can probably figure it out for themselves. If you don’t have the owners’ manual and are nervous about making a mistake, just google how to change the bulb in your car and follow the directions. Third, after exposing the old bulb, simply remove it and pop the new one in. Fourth, test the bulb before resealing it.

Completely satisfied with this purchase. Excellent protective packaging of the bulbs. It took just a few minutesto replace burned out brake light bulb.

I had tons of trouble finding these at my local autozone and o’reilly’s. Naturally it’s robbery what these bulbs cost for just one, but a double pack kinda softens the blow. A worthy buy especially with prime.

I bought these in 10/2016 and can confirm they fit my 2012 ford focus like a charm. Super easy to install and taught my stepson something along the way. One thing youtube did not actually dive into is that you basically just pull the old bulb out of the socket and push the new one in. It doesn’t matter which way you orient them.

These bulbs actually do not fit a 2011 buick enclave as indicated on the website. Oddly, the correct bulbs (7443s) specifically state on amazon they don’t work for my enclave, but they actually do. Consequently, i went to my local auto store and bought the correct bulbs. Fortunately, i have a 2003 chevy silverado as well and these bulbs will fit it when needed.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • They don’t quite fit my vw touareg (see photo of my bulb)
  • Great Quality! Even Barney Fife Could Change This Himself!
  • I had tons of trouble finding these at my local

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