SYLVANIA 9006 Basic Halogen Headlight Bulb : There the same as the OEM that it came with

I bought these for my chevy silverado that had the original stock bulbs since day one. I understand that lights dim with time. These replacement bulbs fit perfect. I can’t complain for the price. They are slightly brighter than the old ones but still not bright enough. I replaced these with some led bulbs from beamtech that are amazing. I will keep these just as back up bulbs.

Perfect for 2002 chevy trailblazer. This is a daytime ( always on ) low beam headlight. The driver’s side is easy to replace, just gently pull of the rubber cover, then gently twist off with a quarter turn. The passenger side lamp take 10 minutes longer. You have to remove the black plastic air filter cover. One is buried deep, don’t lose it. Pull off the cover then gently remove the air filter from its cradle. Pull off the rubber cover and remove the lamp, then replace everything.

I have a number of different vehicles, i just need the basic oem style lighting. The basic bulb tends to last longer. I don’t want extra vision, i have high beams and fog lights for that. Led i just think there absolutely ugly in design and most of them are junk out of the box. The extra vision tends to blind other drivers and will not last as long. I just changed out a headlight bulb on a 2000 model dodge truck and it was the original bulb from the manufacture. It was a basic sylvania, almost 20 years old. The newer design for some reason doesn’t tend to last as long, that’s all about money, no money to be made if they last 20 years. It’s plug and play if you get the correct bulbs. Hint: never touch any halogen bulb with your fingers, it puts grease from your fingers and shortens the life drastically.

A great value in lighting at 1/4 the price of sylvania brightstars (i would hazard to guess that they may be the same light, boxed discretely). Regardless, these are quite capable lights and a best buy in my opinion. I will probably buy a second set and store for the inevitable burn-out.

Don’t recommend going over wattage or getting ‘fancy’ since these are a poa to change if headlamp has to be removed. I used a tiny dab of dielectric grease on contacts.

Bought these for our clk320 before selling it. They are a cheap standard halogen bulb. I didn’t find any faults with them. I personally like yellow light in fog lights and always get piaa ions but these performed perfectly fine for the purpose of passing inspection and selling the car to the new owner.

SYLVANIA 9006 Basic Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs)

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  • Dependable light source to meet DOT regulations
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  • Easy installation as a direct replacement bulb
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These are some basic, regular non-super white color temperature 9006 headlight bulbs. Just like you used to get in the simpler old days. They install easily and fit my 2002 corolla fine. The packaging is a little unusual. Instead of typical plastic bubble retail hang package they where sent in an unmarked cardboard box with a foam insert to hold the bulbs. One bulb had slipped out of the foam in shipping and was floating around in the box, not the best thing. The bulbs themselves are marked with sylvania logo and look to be genuine, but one never knows these days.

These are sylvania hb4 lamps that are identical to my honda odyssey oem bulbs. The oem bulbs on my car lasted 10 years and are still going but i decided to change both of them out before they fail. These are only 51w bulbs which are the same as honda replacement bulbs so they are not any brighter than the oem when they were new but they are brighter than my old bulbs as they are dimmer over time. The aftermarket sylvania 9006 bulbs are 55w so i expect they may be a bit brighter than these and they are rated at 1000 hrs. I think these will probably last over 1000 hrs for me unless there is some manufacturing defect in them. The years they will last on your car depending on the average hours you use your car headlight a year. These will work fine as low beam light for cars that use 9006 bulbs as the the 9006 replaces the hb4 bulbs. I also noticed that these fits the headlight slot better than the sylvania 9006 which is a bit hard to get it in. The philips basic 9006 is also 55w but it is only rated for 400 hrs, it seems much shorter life span as compared to the sylvania.

Not much to say about this item, they are a great price and are a nice bright white. Much nicer and much brighter than the stock toyota bulbs that these replaced. In a side by side comparison the winner was quite clear, and brightremember that when replacing headlight bulbs, never touch the glass on them as the oils in your fingerprints will heat up the glass causing it to fail prematurely and always replace them in pairs. Remember to check the alignment after you install the new bulbs as some cars require you to re-aim them after replacing them.You can check youtube for your specific vehicles instructions. Save the old one that still works and keep it in your car someplace safe and use it as a spare in a pinch. Just put it in the bubble wrap these come shipped in.

This is the exact same low beam bulb that came with my 2016 toyota sienna, they recently burned out and this replacement restored the original factory condition. Hopefully it will provide another 10 years of service. Sylvania makes several variations of this bulb type (9006 hb4) and gave fancy names such as silverstar, ultravision etc. And charges as much as 3 times more for the fancy named ones although they all have the same 1000 lm light output. The difference being how ‘white’ the light looks. Interestingly, the fancier ones have the shortest life- 200 hours compared to the 1000 hours ‘basic’ which i got. I guess if you want whiter-looking light, although not any brighter, then go for the expensive ones and expect to replace them up to 5 times as often. For people who are satisfied with original factory grade, go for the basic which has the same brightness but much cheaper and lasts longer.

No need for those harsh ultra-white bulbs that don’t last. I often wonder how many drivers are blinded by those nasty ultra-white headlights that are popular these days. I drive at night often and they are hazardous and should be outlawed.

Lamps were easy to install but one literally blew up in about 3 days. I don’t want to blame the lamp just yet, i noticed some water in the headlight enclosure so suspect it may be the cause. I am replacing the light enclosures in a week or so and will discover if the lamp was faulty or the water in the enclosure was the culprit.

I was expecting the original packaging, but instead it came wrapped in bubble wrap in a small cardboard box, which was in a padded envelope. I try everything to be as gentle and careful with bulbs as to not touch them with my hand or touch them against my car as to allow for the longest life. The lightbulbs work (read you cars manual to make sure you’re getting the right type) but i imagine their life will suffer from the packaging. At the end of the day they did work and it was a good price, so 3 stars it is.

I had tried the ‘high performance’ version of these, the silverstar ultra halogens. They were fine, but burned out very quickly (about a year and a half). I didn’t really notice a huge difference in brightness, so i went back to these. They are more affordable and last a lot longer. If you feel fancy, feel free to try the silverstar ultras, but know that you’ll have to replace them a lot sooner than these standards.

There is nothing fancy about how these come packed. Bubble wrapped inside a plain brown box. But they were an exact replacement for the low beam bulb(s) i needed for my 1996 buick regal custom. And they were also the lowest priced version of this exact bulb i could find. Butwhen i started to put the new one in i found out i had a loose connector on the old bulb. When i twisted it, i found out the old bulb was just fine. The connector wasn’t making contact. I am gonna keep ’em just in case though. I just wish i had thought to check the connector first.

Installed a pair of fog lights on my jetta and purchased these bulbs to use. I have sylvania bulbs for my highs, lows/drls, and now fogs. The light color blends perfectly with the h7 bulbs in my headlights. These aren’t a blinding white light, which is great.

SYLVANIA 9006 Basic Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs) :

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SYLVANIA 9006 Basic Halogen Headlight Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs)
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