SYLVANIA 9140 Basic Halogen Fog Bulb : Scare product.not on Amazon

This is your standard basic fog light bulb. I bought this bulb as opposed to one of the other brighter bulbs b/c the much brighter bulbs burn much hotter and they don’t last long. When i installed this one, it lit up just as bright as the one that was already installed. This may not always be the case. If you have had your fog light installed for a long time, 2yrs or so, a newer bulb may light up brighter than the old one. Just make sure that you wear rubber gloves when handling the bulbs so as to not touch the glass part of the bulb with your bare fingers. This will prevent the oils from your body to be transferred onto the bulb. This may decrease the life of the bulb.

Its’ an oem replacement bulb for 2004 dodge truck fog light.

And for all of you out there looking for the next best thing in fog lights, these bulbs are better. The only reason why i ordered these was because a rock cracked my assembly and bulb after 10 years on the road. I already had replacement housing, so i just needed bulbs, and these were the logical choice. The first ones lasted me 10 years people. What do you use every day that’s lasted you 10 years?. You took too long to think of something. Buy these bulbs and move on with your life.

The stock bulbs last a lot longer then any brighter ones out there. All the led’s that i tried do not project light down the road like regular halogen bulbs.

A great light at a great price .

I got this for next to nothing and autozone tried to ripp me off $ 15. I got on amazon after the wife picked it up. So i ordered 2 of them for less then the same price as the one. And they were the same brand. Oh and it still has not been taken back to auto zone so i am still behind on cash but soon we will return it.

Dealer wanted $50, including installation. Took me awhile to figure out but saved a lot and got an education too.

I bought this bulb to replace the fog lights on my 2003 suburban. It’s about the same brightness as the oem bulb, however they seem to have a larger area they light up. Great bulbs if you need them. Due to low cost buy 2 so they match output, learned that one the hard way as the new one was standing out.

  • Perfect replacement
  • Basic Fog Light Bulb
  • Does Not Fit 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe

SYLVANIA 9140 Basic Halogen Fog Bulb, (Contains 1 Bulb)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • See Sylvania’s Application Guide in the Technical Details below to confirm compatibility
  • Dependable light source to meet industry regulations
  • Made from high quality material for long lasting durability
  • Produced by a trusted OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) light source supplier
  • Easy installation as a direct replacement bulb
  • Legal for on road use

Bought to replace bulbs on 1996 ford explorer. Exact fit and took me about 10 minutes to do thanks to online videos providing location and steps.

Not sure what the issue with f150 as i have had to replace these a few times since i purchased the truck a few years back. I was able to find one in town a few years ago. I swore i wouldn’t be left empty handed again. I have purchased this product from this company a few times, and, as always, extremely prompt shipment. Item has always been in stock. Once i replace the bulb, i always put another order in so i have another, just in case. I will continue to replenish my stock from this company. Again, prompt shipment and never any damage. Highly recommend these guys.

Single fog lamp, well packaged, direct fit for my 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo fog lamp. Wiring harness fit right in, lamp fit in holder, and brightness is as expected. Use caution to not get fingerprints / oils on the bulb as it could cause premature failure of the bulb. I would buy again if needed.

I would imagine these bulbs work fine, but, they don’t fit my car. That’s the problem, amazon’s car parts finder said these would fit my car but they don’t. Since i had waited too long to return them, i’ve lost my $$. It’s not enough money to worry about, but, i thought i could trust their little applet that told me these were the correct bulbs.

This is a basic bulb, as it says on the package, but it’s perfect for my needs. It’s well built, it’s exactly as bright as the oem bulb it replaced, and it was inexpensive. Sure, it’s not a fancy led or hid kit, but as a result it doesn’t require any rewiring or worrying about reflector patterns and beam shapes. It’s not some interesting purple or blue color, but i don’t have to worry about it being legal, and it helps me see better in the fog. It’s no brighter than the bulb it was replacing, but it has a long life span and i don’t have to worry about it melting my reflector or lenses. Installing this bulb in my 2005 chrysler sebring was very easy. I removed the one screw from the front of the bumper that was holding in the fog light assembly, unclipped the cable from the old bulb, twisted the old bulb out, twisted the new bulb in, plugged in the cable, and screwed in the screw to reattach the fog light assembly to the bumper. It was faster than filling my gas tank, so i’m glad i didn’t pay the $25 that my mechanic wanted to replace the bulb for me. This bulb works just as well as the factory bulb and was very cheap.

This item did not work for me, but since i am reviewing the item i will say that it is high quality and works perfectly. Great oem replacement if your vehicle uses 880 bulbs. Com vehicle fit guide said this bulb would fit my 2008 hyundai santa fe. It is an 880 bulb, but the fog lights on my santa fe are 881. The one number does make a difference. Aside from the obvious 90 degree connection, the retention studs are placed differently on each style bulb. You can plug an 880 into an 881 socket and get it to work, but it will not be ‘lock’ into the plug. Take away from this experience: don’t trust the amazon. Com vehicle fit guide as your sole source of information. Com provided a no-cost return option for me. It’s always a pleasure to do business with amazon.

Would order again as needed.

Nice work matching up to my needsgreat customer service & fast shipping.

I would definitely buy these bulbs again.

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