T A R Trans American 15×6 : Worked great! It’s fairly easy to slip the tube in

After a tough time getting the inner tube in without hurting it, blew it up and it’s still holding fine. Glad i don’t have to fill the tire every day now that i put the tube in.

Bought a pair of these for my craftsman lt front tires size15x600-6. The sidewalls were leaking on my tires but they still have plenty of meat left. I need a couple more seasons before i replace them and this was cheaper than jumping into new tires. The price was good and they arrived quick. I’ll run’em till they’re flat then go for new tires. Until that time i’m back in business and i saved a few bucks.

I had it installed at a tire shop i deal with and they installed it for free. Since then i have had no problems at all. Prior to that one of my tubeless tires was having a problem keeping a seal – kept going flat.

Worked great i didn’t want to get new tires given teh cost and there was enough tread left to validate throwing some tubes in them. I did both just for symmetry and they seem to be working just fine. I had them installed so it was 40 total 20 for tubes and 20 for install. But worth it at the end of the day. I installed them oon the front tires of a craftsman dyt4000 riding mower.

I got this for the front tire of my troybilt riding mower and it worked great. It seems to be an extremely well made , heavy duty tube that should last at least as long as the tire its in. I purchased this because i had a tire the had just enough dry rot to cause the tire to lose air over a three day period. The tire still had enough tread to get at least another year out of it and for the price, this tube was a great choice. The best way i found to install these things is to take the tire off the mower and let out as much air as possible. Lay it flat on the ground with the valve stem towards the ground and lay a section of 2×4 across the side of the tire(not on the rim)and by stomping on it a couple times i got it to seperate from the rim. Then i took several flat screwdrivers and started working the back side of the tire off the rim by prying the rubber around and overtop of the rim. Leave that screwdriver in place and go around a little further with another one until the whole thing is pulled over. At this point i cut off the old valve stem and pushe the rest of it back thru the hole into the rim where it could be shook out. Putting the tube in was easier for me by lubing it up with dawn dish soap and a little water.

Used to fix a flat on a riding lawnmower, worked great and sure cheaper than a new tire for just cutting grass, followed another reviewers idea to dunk in soapy water before inserting into the rim, just make sure the valve is oriented correctly to the hole in the rim before you put it in.

I have a lawn tractor with tubeless tires, of which one began to leak around the bead. Rather than try to clean the rim and hope for a tight seal i installed this tube as an alternative. It’s fairly easy to slip the tube in with the tire on the rim. First, fully break the bead, and then snip off the old air valve. Then, lather up the new tube with dish soap/water, line the inner-tube air valve up so as to slip it through the hole in the rim. Next, work the rest of the inner tube into the tire, and make sure there are no folds. Then, shoot just little air into the tube to give it the inflated form and check to make sure everything is smooth. Finally, inflate all the way, and as you do the tire will fully pop back onto the metal rim–and you’re good to go.

This review is for the tran america inner tube 15×6. 00×6 i had purchased for my craftman riding tractor i had received item fairly fast seems to be made well thick rubber unlike some of these cheaper ones i’ve tried held up great threw the manual install would recommend and will purchase again if in need of another thanks tran america.

  • Good buy!
  • Great Quality Tube
  • Holds air.

Trans American 15×6.00-6 Inner Tube with TR-13 Valve Stem

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  • 15×6.00-6 inner tube with TR-13 straight valve stem.
  • Perfect for lawn/garden and go-kart use.
  • ISO 9001 manufactured.

Used on the front tire of my craftsman riding mower. Fit perfectly, and still holding air after two months. I had a little difficulty re-mounting the tire on the rim. After searching the internet, i found a video that really helped. Basically, you need to put the rim and tire flat on the ground and use your knees to push down on the tire as you slip it over the rim (i used two large screwdrivers to help). The next installation will go much faster.

Fits 2000-2001 craftsman 15. 5 hp tractor front tire properly. The tire still has usable tread i did not want to have to replace them as a pair to keep them matched in that department. Removing the tire from the rim is not fun. Break the bead on both sides before pulling one side above the rim to insert the tube. When reinflating the tire lube the rim at the bead area or it may not snap back in all the way around.

I will never understand why lawn mower manufacturers put thin tread tubeless tires on lawn tractors. They weigh 400-500 lbs and tires can be damaged easily. Tubeless tires have seemingly always leaked air which changes the deck level so i was inflating tires before each mow. I have put these inside of the tires and they now hold pressure = level cut.

I had looked all over the internet for an inner tube for my craftsman lawnmower. I was a little skeptical buying it on amazon because you never know how heavy duty something is unless you actually feel it. It took the inner tube less than three days to get here. It was faster to order it on amazon than it was to order it at the auto parts store, or the local farm and trucks supply store. When i received it, i was pleasantly surprised. It was thicker and more heavier than i expected. When i put it in the tire, it fit perfectly inside of the tire. When i aired it up, i did not see any kinks or areas that would leak air. With some inner tubes before, that i bought at the local farm & truck supply store, i had to worry about the valve stem breaking off, because i use my craftsman lawnmower to mow a 2 acre area that has a tree patch in the middle of it. I do not have to worry about this valve stem breaking or being punctured by tree limbs or sticks because it is securely fastened to the inner tube.

This is an appropriately sized straight stem tube that worked well in my john deere x324 front tubeless tire that had likely developed a leak due to one of the thousands of chestnut hulls i mow over every year. Where steel wheels are used, i normally prefer a tube to slime or other water based sealants as they encourage rusting near the bead.

Lawn mowers, small tractors, atv’,s golf carts,rototillers, you name it, if it has tubeless tires they will leak. If you own any of the above, save yourself the aggravation and install tubes. Used these in my cub cadetriding mower. Tubes are a minor hassle to install (watch the videos on youtube) but well wort the effort. Good product, good price, no more leaks.

Bought this to insert into the ‘tubeless’ tire on my john deere mower. I got really tired of airing that tire up constantly (it always leaked out over the week i wasn’t mowing) and since i put this in (about 2 weeks ago) it hasn’t gone down a bit. Will probably buy at least one more for the other tire.

My john deere’s front tire kept going flat each week, so i decided to tube it. As soon as i ordered the tube , the tire stopped going flat. It’s been 6 weeks now and the front tire is still up to pressure. I will still hold onto the inner tube in case that tire changes its mind and starts leaking again.

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