Tabiger Solder Wick & Desoldering Pump : Comfortable and effective!

First i have been an electronics and computer tech since the late 70swhen i ordered this desoldering kit i didn’t hold much hope for the quality of it, so when it arrived i was surprised at just how solid the quality is. The wick/braid is just what you would expect for braidbut the pump unit is first rate for a small manual soldering sucker. All parts are well fitting with no slop and the suction from the plunger is much stronger than i would expect or hope for at this price point. Over the years i have paid much more for just the sucker and gotten all cheap plastic garbage. This unit feels like it will hold together for many years and hours of usage.

I had some speakers i needed to replace parts on the board. These were perfect to suck the solder off the spots that were needing to be cleaned up. It took me a few tries as it was the very first time i had ever done this. And the pump worked perfectly. I needed the training, but the pump was true for the needs and i’ve used it twice since then and i thought it was a one job need. I also now have more solder wick than i’ll ever use, but that seems to be the situation for us diyers.

There’s a headline you don’t see every day. I was a bit dubious about purchasing this, as i was remembering a cheap, blue radio shack model that i had in the 80s, and pretty much expected the same. I was pleasantly surprised to find the sucker to be very well made, with a smooth plunger, comfortable grip, and very good suction. The included de-soldering braid is wide, flat and very tightly braided, and looks to be good quality as well. Unfortunately, the one situation where i tried to use it was very tight with close-spaced leads, where it simply wasn’t the right tool for the job. I expect it will work well in more accessible situations.

The solder wick works perfectly. The pump works perfectly as well when you can get the plunger to stay down. My thumb got a workout as i would have to push the plunger down 4 or 5 times each time i tried to plunge it. But then it would work just fine for a while. But i would have given it a 5-star if not for the plunger not catching correctly.

The suction on this pump is the best i’ve had. Before this i was using one of the blue stainless steel non-specific pumps and it would clog a lot. So far this pump works about 100% better and clogs way less. Still needs unclogging from time to time but not nearly as often. Doesn’t need emptied as often either. I’m actually glad they included two wicks because my wick just ran out as i started my latest project and i didn’t have any on order. Overall very impressed with the pump and brand.

The item came with a coupe of spools of wick and no broken or fractured parts. Suction is good due to a spring recoil, and a push button trigger. If not familiar with desoldering, a bulb style desolder is more manageable. The suctioning is fast and the cooled debris is easily removable. In some instances, the debris will fall from the tip once cooled. The style is similar to a lab pipet. I’m looking forward to future models that use touch function.

Tabiger Solder Wick & Desoldering Pump, Solder Sucker & Desoldering Wick, 2pcs Solder Braid (2.5mm Width, 1.5m Length)- Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Remover

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  • 【One-handed solder sucker with powerful suction 】 Whether you are right or left-handed, you can using the desoldering pump by just cocking it and pressing the trigger button with one hand when you are ready, the desoldering pump designed with double ring double open and “vacuum” button, which make the sucking power awesome.
  • 【Desoldering Wick with copper braid】 2pcs solder braid with the size 2.5mm Width, 1.5m Length, this desoldering wick has geometrically-precise weave with copper and rosin, work from the tip of the desoldering wick, once the desoldering wick and the solder has been heated, the solder braid can quickly absorbed molten solder and left a clean working area.
  • 【ABS body with non-slip sponge and Nylon nozzle desoldering pump】 The body of the desoldering vacuum pump is made of high quality ABS, which make the solder sucker delicate and durable, also the covered sponge can absorb sweat and heat, make it comfortable to hold, the nylon nozzle of the solder suck can endure high temperature, thus it can be used for a long time.
  • 【3-in-1 Solder Removal Tool】 1pcs desoldering vacuum pumps and 2pcs solder wicks, a must-have tool for electronics kit, the desoldering wick absorbs solder, the desoldering pump pulls it away quick, while the solder wick is better for small amounts of solder, the solder sucker takes up large amounts.
  • 【Widely used Solder Remover】 The Desoldering Wick & Desoldering Pump can be used to correct mistakes with small boards on PCBs, remove relays and other components from printed circuit boards, re-solder mechanical keyboard switches, unsoldering old wire from devices, desoldering computer parts such as a motherboard,clean alloy on smd components and more.

Impressive little desoldering tool, especially given the price. Nice construction with a solid feel. Comfortable to hold and does a great job picking up solder. The included desoldering braid is a lovely bonus and works well. So far, using this sucker, i’ve repaired a 50′ tv and a computer monitor (capacitor rot on both, ugh), continued work on an antique radio, and cobbled together a couple of little circuit boards.

I’ve used a lot of solder suckers. This one works better than most. I even have one of the expensive all metal ones, and this one works better than that one. Been using it for a few months, and it seems to be holding up well, and maintaining suction. The spools of desoldering braid are just a bonus in my opinion.

The two rubber seals inside work really well. If you put your thumb on the end and push the button the plunger stops half way up and holds the negative pressure until your thumb is released. I used this quite a bit and it works great. I half expected to have to disassemble every few uses to clean it. But it does a pretty good job of self-clearing when you push the plunger down to cock it. Most of the pulled solder gets pushed back out the nozzle. So when you cock it after clearing old solder, do so over a trash can. This was an add-on item for me, and i should have ordered this long ago.

The tool was surprisingly effective (i hadn’t used one before so i was skeptical) and is simple to use.

If you’re even thinking about removing or cleaning solder from your board, by far the most handy tool you could have. Cleaning it’s not the most intuitive. The base of the tip fitting seems to thread two ways, but doesn’t allow for the tip removal. The o ring at the base of the plunger does not prevent solder from getting into the spring mechanism. Just be aware that it can happen and your plunger won’t lock. Had to remove the fastener at the base of the plunger in order to clean out the mess of solder. Solder wick is hit and miss. Had a difficult time pulling any solder into it.

Very pleased with how this worked out. Didn’t try the wick but the sucker worked great. Was able to salvage the circuit board out of my 20 year old spa and repair with a new rotary switch. The boards are unobtainable so for about $30. , i can get at least another year out of the spa.

I don’t do a whole lot of desoldering so i didn’t need an elaborate tool. This one works just fine and removes most of the solder from the joint. It is light weight and ergonomic. The plunger is easy to engage & release and the foam handle makes the tool comfortable to hold. The tip is rugged and should last but it would be nice if replacement tips were available.

This product does a great job at picking up solder. It goes well with their solder kit :). Highly recommend if you do house work on other work that requires solder.

I really like this solder sucker. I thought for the price that it would have wimpy suction and feel cheap like others around the same price, but when i took it out of the package i was impressed with the nice cushion grip, and impressed even more so when i used it on a board i was working on. It has great suction and is probably the nicest one i’ve ever used.

Update: its probably me but i could never get this to unsoldier for me at all. Well this is a simple and basic de-soldier kit. I like the cooper wire to use for removing my small amounts of soldier off my diy soldiering on my rc boards. So far i really cant get the hang of using the sucker, probably just need more practice for it. I really do a lot of soldiering, so i really been needing to get one of these kits for a long time, cheap enough and it plain just works.

I see a lot of negative reviews on these suckers. Some people just don’t know what they’re doing. The key to keeping these things operating correctly is to pop the tip off every once in a while to tap out the solder that has accumulated on the plunger. If you are looking to desolder as your livelyhood, this is not the item you want, and. . You’re going to have to invest more than $7.

Tabiger Solder Wick & Desoldering Pump, Solder Sucker & Desoldering Wick, 2pcs Solder Braid (2.5mm Width, 1.5m Length)- Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Remover : This desoldering pump works surprisingly well and is easy to use. I’ve used cheaper ones that work once or twice then die or fall apart – this one seems pretty well made. Construction is solid plastic with a teflon tip and metal rod – it is one piece and does not open for cleaning, but the solder seems to fall right out after use. Sucks up a good blob of solder at a time and is easy to hold with a nicely padded foam ring. Buy this for the pump – the wick seems a little cheap and i don’t think there’s any flux in it – i had to add flux before it would wick any solder. I had an old spool of wick from radio shack that works much better and was hoping this would be the same type, but it doesn’t work as well. Still it can be used if i add some flux to the solder i’m trying to remove. Overall a good value for a pump that is better than the really cheap ones – but obviously no match for a nice hakko desoldering gun.

I was super impressed with this solder sucker. It has been extremely effective, and i have been using it quite a bit. It has strong suction and really gets the solder out of joints. Fits in the hand nicely, is easy to load, and has a nice squishy foam spot to hold onto. I haven’t used the wick, as i haven’t needed it.

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Tabiger Solder Wick & Desoldering Pump, Solder Sucker & Desoldering Wick, 2pcs Solder Braid (2.5mm Width, 1.5m Length)- Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Remover
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