TACKLIFE TG01 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings : light weight and easy to operate

Lets see how it lasts though. . Its been 3 months and used it for about 20 times for various stuff, still like new. Excellent value in my opinion.

Of course not, but it does a wonderful job on your tires.

Easy to use, accurate way to keep your tires with an even inflation level.

Very handy tire pressure monitor, quick and accurate to read all four tires with backlight and front light.

So much better than the weird slide ones.

I travel with this air gauge in my saddle bags. Easy to use, and good quality.

Backlight makes the pressure reading very easy to see, even at night with no other lights around. Reading is consistently accurate, as it matches up with both the automated air pump at my local gas station and the 12v pump that my s/o keeps in her car (all 3 within 0.

This is a must-have for every vehicle. You can easily check your tire pressure and if you’ve over-inflated tires, simple release the air from the valve stem while attached until the desired air pressure is indicated. Don’t want to be without this tool.

  • gauge works fine.
  • Insteaded of spending my money on air pumps i can easily use this device to check my car air pressure
  • Great Little Tool!

TACKLIFE TG01 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings with Backlight LCD Display and Non-Slip Grip Tire Gauge for Cars and Motorcycles

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  • ▲FAST RESPONSE AND HIGH ACCURACY – Nozzle sealed to valve stem for quick and accurate pressure measurements; 4 settings with range: 0-150PSI / 0-10Bar / 0-10Kgf/cm² or 0-1000KPA; Simply push the orange “ON/UNIT/OFF” button to turn the unit on, select your desired ranges
  • ▲BACKLIT LCD DISPLAY – Bright blue LED shows you precise reading instantly and clearly, especially at night or in low-light environments; Feel safe in knowing all your tyres on cars, motorcycles, trucks and bicycles with Schrader Valves, eliminating the guesswork of analog gauges
  • ▲USER-FRIENDLY AND HANDY – Lightweight and ergonomic to fits nicely in the palm of your hand, suitable for hands of both men and women; Features a soft and non-slip surface gives you sure grip and operate less fatigue
  • ▲BATTERY INCLUDED AND AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN – Pre-installed battery make sures work right out of box; It will automatically shut off after 30s, helps to save the battery life and worry free to run out of battery quickly
  • ▲BROAD APPLICATION – Perfect car accessories gifts; Versatile use for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles etc but not compatible with presta stems; Long 24-Month Warranty lets you to be assured of the purchase

Very easy to use, light-weight and works great. You can select different measuring units or weight if needed other than psi readings. I would have been a great feature if it had a recharge plugin or car adapter. These require 2 small batteries.

Item as described and works great.

Be warned: display has four modes (psi, torr, etc) so wear your glasses or you can confuse yourself. Ok, i can confuse myself why am i typing?.What planet is this?gauge works.

Kinda chintzy, but for 9 bucks what can you expect.

This tire pressure gauge is great and very accurate. I checked it against much more expensive models. Also, it is the exact same unit as tekton 5941, so buy whichever one is cheaper or has the color you like. See pictures where i took them apart to verify the same parts on the inside as well. Sometimes the shell can be the same, but with different interior parts. These two are duplicates with different names.

Bought this little tire pressure gauge to have as a quick tool to keep in the car and garage. Really worth the price as it has a nice to read display and has a little light on the tip for convenience and making it easier to attach to the tire valve stem. Tested it out with some other gauges and seems to reading an approximately similar value. Only minor negative is that the batteries are not that easily replaceable in the sense that you do have to unscrew the enclosure apart to get at the batteries. How to operate:press orange button to turn on the display. You will see the display light up and the end tip light up. Pressing the orange button again will change the measurement units. This can measure in psi, bar, kpa, kg/cm3. The unit remembers the previous units setting and will default to that the next time it is turned on. With the gauge on press onto the tire valve stem to get a measurement.

I purchased this for checking the tire pressure on my dual sport motorcycle. I have tubliss installed and need to put 100-120psi in one valve, and 5-30psi in another valve. An analog gauge can’t handle both of those extremes. I was a little worried when i received the item as it matches the pictures and says right on it max 100 psi but the listing says max 150 psi. Well, it registered 116 at one point so it seems it’s going to work out.

This is a very handy product. A must have for any vehicle.

I did check the readings against other types including a rather expensive digital that my mechanics shop had. Fyi, the old standby mechanical type we all grew up with, was off by 8 psi.

This is just what i needed, it lights up so i can see the numbers in the dim lighting of the garage or at night.

The temperature goes up to 100 f in summer and this product comes really in handy in order to regulate my car tyre air pressure. Insteaded of spending my money on air pumps i can easily use this device to check my car air pressure amy time any where instantly. I have used this device to remove the excess air too. This device is pretty accurate and reliable.

Its good device, does what it says. Battery is still good and had it for a few months now. I check my tires ever so often and it always comes in handy. Really good for at night or low light seeing the tire pressure.

Good value arrived quickly works well.

Much faster to read than the old manual gauges. This little tool helps me immediately identify which of my tires is at a low pressure level. And is much more reliable than the built-in gauge on the air pump at most gas stations.

Left this in my car for a few months and the battery still works. Very accurate and comes in handy.

So many times my pressure light would flip on and it got to the point i just ordered this to save myself the hassle of going somewhere to check it. Problems all fixed now but this is still a permanent addition to my car. My favorite part about it is the lighted display.Many times it’s come in handy at night.

Easy to use and easy to read, especially at night.

I don’t trust the manual gages, they seem to give me inconsistent readings. Plus, you have to push the stick back in each time. This digital reader works consistently for me, and now keeping good psi is much easier. Also, can see this at night or day easily, to a tenth of a psi.

It is handy, light weight and easy to operate.

To be far i haven’t used it much but i’m glad to have it and worked great when i did use it.

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TACKLIFE TG01 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings with Backlight LCD Display and Non-Slip Grip Tire Gauge for Cars and Motorcycles
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