But has room for improvement. First of all, the keychain that comes with it is low quality. You can bend it out of shape easily. Also, you have flimsy springs that hold the allen wrenches onto this keychain. These springs are equally flimsy. Straight out of the packaging, there were two wrenches that came off of the keychain. Please see my attached photo. Also, another downside of having the springs attached to the long arm of each wrench is that sometimes you need that long arm to do the wrenching.

I needed a 1/16 inch allen wrench so this inexpensive set filled the bill. If i drove to the hardware store to buy 1 allen wrench, my gas would have cost me what i paid for the whole set. It worked perfectly and now i have the whole set for a tiny investment.

Very well priced and it has the size i needed. However, 3 of the keys were not secure in their mountings and fell off the ring. I found them all and have put them together in a bag. Buyers, don’t expect them to stay together without putting them in a container together; they won’t stay on the ring.

I wanted a hex key that could fit on my key ring. These are designed to do that, however, i am finding out that some of the hex keys are prone to falling out of the key ring attachment. I almost lost one because it slipped out of the metal spring that connects it to the key ring. I wish it was fastened more securely.

Pretty good but i’m not sure if each key should be pulled out of the spring. I did and just pushed it back in, but i didn’t see any directions on the package to make this more effective. Sometimes you need either side of the wrench so it’s important these can pull out. Also the keys are a little greasy. It’s great they are all together and easy to access.

They come off they little spring holders easily enough that i decided not to hang them up. Came fallen out of a couple before opened. No biggie, i just needed them.

I purchased these to tighten up my dining room chairs which had been loose like forever and these instantly did it. It took less than one minute to tighten three chairs. The set has every size i could ever imagine having a need for even a super skinny key that wasn’t on the ring.

These were missing the actual size i needed, the only reason i purchased them, but i’m guessing i should have just checked that beforehand. My main complaint is that the fall out of their little rings very easily, defeating the purpose of having them on a ring so as to not lose them.

  • Don’t need to pay extra for fancier allen wrenches. These do the job!
  • Just What I Needed!

Allen Wrench Hex Key Set (10 WRENCHES – INDUSTRIAL GRADE) SAE Sizes 1/16-3/8 – Carbon Steel Construction with Black Finish

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  • 10 PIECE SAE HEX KEY (ALLEN WRENCH) SET – 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8
  • CARBON STRENTH STEEL – Heavy Duty in Black Oxide Finish
  • CONVENT KEY RING – Never Lose a Wrench Again, Convenient Key Ring Keeps All The Wrenches Together!
  • PERFECT FOR ANY ALLEN WRENCH OR HEX KEY PROJECT – Including Bikes, Tool Projects, Building, Furniture, & More!
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Tarvol Guarantees All of It’s Products and Tools for Life!

I like the fact that they very sturdy and well made. I rarely have need for a allan wrench but they are nice to have when you do. And by the way, the quality of these wrenches far surpass anything i could find at walmart.

I ordered them to fix my door handle. After opening my son had it fixed within a few minutes. So totally saved money of having someone come and look for it. Nice addition to my toolbox. We needed a tiny one and there it was.

I was in need of an allen hex wrench to tightening the latch of my 3-wheeled walker. While i only needed one wrench for this specific situation, i am sure the other wrenches will come in handy, some day, on other projects. I was expecting a somewhat cheaper material for the wrenches, considering the price, but in fact, they are made from a strong steel and i am very pleased with them. I would recommend this product to anyone in need of just a few allen hex wrenches.

Sizes 1/16′ to 3/8′ should fit most household jobs. The wrenches are hung together on a metal ring from which the wrenches can be easily removed; which i did, and tossed the ring and ringlets in the trash. So it didn’t matter if the ring was flimsy or not. I bought this item for use as separate little wrenches, not strung together like a damn necklace:) and the wrenches won’t get lost if stored in any small container. The wrenches arrive lightly greased, so have a paper towel handy.

I needed to tighten the handlebars on my new bicycle, these worked great, inexpensive, i didn’t know which size i would need. Probably will have other uses for the set at a later date, if i can keep my nephew’s hands off them.

If you really crank down on them, they’ll start to strip easier than some higher quality ones i’ve used. But for most simple/household uses, they should be good. The ring is sort of handy, but the wrenches can fall out and be hard to get back in, so i wouldn’t hang it anywhere that individual wrenches wpuld get lost if they fell out.

I like that they’re on a hoop easily come off and easy to put back on. I didn’t realize they would come covered in a rust protectant so they are a bit sticky when first handling them.

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Allen Wrench Hex Key Set (10 WRENCHES - INDUSTRIAL GRADE) SAE Sizes 1/16-3/8 - Carbon Steel Construction with Black Finish
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