TEKTON 1/2-Inch Drive Deep Impact Socket Set – You can’t go wrong with these impact sockets

These have been working great. First set of impact sockets i purchased. I decided to go with tekton after reading reviews and watching reviews on youtube. Many people had good stuff to say about tekton. I was also impressed with the tekton reps responding to negative reviews on amazon and offering disgruntled customers solutions to their problems. I used a couple of these to beat u-joints into submission to remove them and they stood up to the abuse like a champi also like the lifetime warranty.

The first thing i noticed when i opened them up was how nice they looked. The sizes are very clear on all the sockets. The case they are in is great and has almost no wasted space and i will definitely be keeping them in the case. Having used the sockets now for a few months several times a week they work great and have shown no signs of wear. The only change i would like to see is the outside of the box being labeled as i bought both the sae and the metric sockets and had to write on the case with sharpies to tell them apart without opening them.

I work on cars and stuff around the house a lot. These however are not bad at all. I was looking at sk sockets, i usually like to buy american when i can but the price difference was way too much. These had great reviews and the price is awesome so i gave them a try and figured if i didn’t like them i can send them back. These are good quality sockets, i have used my impact gun to remove suspension bolts with no problem they grip well and seem to be durable and well built. I have nothing bad to say about these sockets. The case is sturdy and shuts tight too.

A loser friend stored his tools in my garage. He has assorted snapon and mactools. However, we found that he lacked good metric impact sockets (he has a mactools air impact gun and no metric sockets). When these arrived, it happened when he showed up to mooch and use my garage. He also complained about the wind outside and that my garage wasn’t heated (who plans to replace their shocks in feb). Seems he needed my sockets and got those poor-designed shocks off the front of his dodge in no time. Otherwise, i wonder whether he would complain i had no good tools. He thought he was funny when he tried to hide the socket case in his tool box. I used them again on a woodsplitter assembly.

These impact sockets work extremely well. No problems with wear or damage after some heavy use. The only improvement i’d like to see is engraving the socket size instead of printing. At some point that gold tone printing is going to wear off (no problems so far). I would have been willing to pay a couple of extra dollars for the set to cover the cost of etching or engraving identifier details on each socket. While it appears that the info on each socket is printed on, it is engraved through the black coating. I actually tried to get it to fade out by vigorously rubbing a wd40 soaked towel over the gold text. Markings remain clean and bright.

I bought this set as a solution for rusted bolts on cars. I live in new england so i see plenty of them. I originally had used a standard socket set to remove them. After rounding off a camshaft cap bolt, i decided enough was enough. I got these and have yet to round anything with them. I will get the entire line of tekton sockets to phase out my old ones because of how much i trust them.

Just as everyone else here can attest to. For the weekend warrior and probably even some mechanics. No issues, and cheap enough that you can get a set for home etc. Do note that on the harbor freight socket tray’s some of the larger ones will not seat correctly due to clearance with previous socket. I chalk this up to the side walls being thicker than say the more refined snap-on / mac / matco sets i have experience with. No big deal though really, as i just flipped it so the socket end is facing down. I have not tested fitment within the hansen socket organizer, they may work just fine spacing wise there.

If you can’t afford a nice made in usa set, these are a good 2nd choice. I love the full (not fractional) set. This, in combination with the full metric version of this set, will allow you to tackle pretty much any size fasteners. They lock nicely with either the locking ring on my impact hammer or socket wrenches with the ball detent. The numbers are easy to read and the finish seems to be holding up well.

I have no question they will last a long time. The case that they come in is good and seems like it’s up to the task of being opened daily. The only complaint that i have, is that the measurements are etched into the sides of the sockets. For a socket of type, i would have liked to see engraving instead of etching. I was aware of this when i bought the set, just something to suggest that would make it even better. I also have the metric set of this line and would say the same thing as well. Good, just not so hot on the etching.

I use these daily as a diesel mechanic. I paid roughly $45 for the set with prime shipping and i’ve been using them every day for the past 3 months and they are holding up just fine. I use them on a 1/2′ snap-on impact as well as an earthquake 1/2′ and an earthquake 3/8′ with an adapter. Have yet to have a problem with the sockets. It’s also nice having a carrying case that actually closes so i can grab the case and take them out to a vehicle that is stuck on the lot somewhere.

Great sockets for the price. Tekton (formally michigan industrial tools) stands behind their products. I’ve never had a warranty issue. They were even nice enough to replace some of my lost sockets to complete my sets. I’m not guaranteeing their will gladly send sockets to replace lost ones (companies rarely do that) but i really appreciate that tekton did this for me. Losing a tool in a set can be upsetting. Again, kudos to tekton (mit) for solving my lost socket problem at no cost to me.

I have been pounding away at the 19, 21, and 22 for almost a year now and no sign of fatigue, the laser etching is also still easily visible. I probably take off about 15 wheels a day with these things, so it’s pretty impressive. They’re such a hit around the shop that i ordered some for a coworker. The case is extremely sturdy as well. When compared to the snapon equivalents, snapon sockets are about half the six sided part (actual socket part) which means if you have a really tall lug, the snapon one is only going to grab the tip of it. The snapon ones have a little more nuance to them (the flat sides are slightly bowed in to give you better grip on the fastener). But honestly, if you use the right size 6 point socket, you’re not going to round anything, so you might as well save the hundreds of dollars and buy these.

I am impressed with these sockets for a variety of reasons as follows; range of sizes,size and clarity of each socket size,quality of design and durability/reliability and of course,a fair and affordable price. I have purchased and been at the mercy of name brand tool trucks in my trade for years and have sacrificed hard earned dollars as such over many years. I’m quite happy to buy this product on its history and merit and intend to buy more. Tekton pliers set and wrenches are another investment i have made with all the same quality results as listed above,size range especially. Here are the specifications for the TEKTON 1/2-Inch Drive Deep Impact Socket Set:

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  • High-torque, 6-point socket design grips the flat sides of fasteners, not just the corners, preventing round-off.
  • Extra-deep broach accommodates longer fasteners.
  • High-contrast permanent laser etched size markings are easy-to-read, even in low light.
  • Made from forged and heat treated chrome vanadium steel with a corrosion-resistant black phosphate finish.
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI performance standards.

I’m just a lube tech at my shop but i do far more than just oil changes, so having adequate impacts are more than essential. These definitely hold up and should last a while, and even if they don’t, i’ll be utilizing their lifetime warranty. I recommend buying a set of these if you’re starting out and don’t want to buy for brand name but want brand name quality.

I’m a huge fan of tekton tools. They have big name quality, for a fraction of the cost. And it is nice to have the lifetime guarantee in case it does end up breaking. Ive used these to break loose tractor lug nuts, seized bolts, rusted nuts, you name it. They have performed just as well as my other much more expensive impact sockets. The included case is nice and sturdy, and so far has held up really well being thrown in and out of my tool bag, and bouncing around my truck. If you are looking for the matching metric set here is the link tekton 1/2-inch drive deep impact socket set, metric.

First off let me tell you i’m a huge advocate of buying american made tools anytime i can. When i was contemplating these i was looking at sk tools impact sockets but they’re like 5-6 times the price of these and don’t include the bigger 27,30, and 32mm sockets which i would’ve had to buy individual and each socket is just about as much as this set was. It was hard to justify not getting this set over other brands. So after reading all the reviews i went ahead and bought the set. And i’m glad i didas far as durability, right when i got these in the mail i opened the package and used the 14,17, and 21mm sockets. They took out the rusted bolts without rounding the bolt or breaking in general. I live in the midwest where we use salt and calcium chloride on our roads so cars here get rusty no matter what you do. I am using these sockets on my snap on xt7100 1/2′ snap ring drive impact gun that has 700 ft/lbs of reverse torque. Sockets felt good, transferred the tourque, and did just as good as my other usa made impact sockets. My only gripes are i wish the sockets were stamped with the sizes on them too and not just laser engraved.

Have had this set impact set for a few weeks now, great price quality item. I work in body shops i know about the famous tool trucks👎. I also own this same brand impact shallow set, and again they hold up to abuse. I use them with air impacts also my ir cordless impact. Buy a set youu wont b disappointed. Co workers can’t believe price, quality, and how fast the shipping was.

Absolutely awesome impact sockets. I already had the metric ones for a while, but finally broke down and got these sae ones. These were twice the price of a local store for a similar product, but theirs doesn’t come with a case which i prefer. Plus theirs doesn’t have the 3/8 socket. Having good experience with the metric ones, i made the investment in good tools. These were used this past weekend to change wheel bearings on a ford focus. Coupled with an aircat 1150, these pulled bolts out like they were nothing. There were no rounded edges or slipping. In 3 hours, we had both bearings replaced and a good amount of that time was simply getting the new bearings aligned properly. The only complaint i have is that the laser etching doesn’t work well for these.

I bought an 800 ft-lbs impact wrench to remove rusted on nuts and tightly secure various nut on the job sight. I only had regular chrome socket sets. After rounding off the corners on a few regular sockets i decided to buy tekton deep impact socket set. The socket stays on the nut better, and shows no damage no matter how much i impact the nut. The nut tends to give not the socket.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I was hesitant at first But I’m glad I bought this set!
  • Great! This review has been updated to 5 stars.
  • Don’t let friends use theseyou might never get them back!

Bought these to use with my cordless dewalt impact driver and i am very pleased so far. They come in a very nice plastic case and the sockets have a light coat of oil on them to keep them from rusting. I have not had a chance to use all of the sockets in the set but every one has worked flawlessly. The laser etching is very easy to read and locate the right size and the case itself is marked so you don’t have to rotate the socket to know which one it is. The price is relatively low considering how nice the set is and i would recommend to anyone looking for a nice set of impact sockets.

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