TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive x 36 mm Deep 6-Point Impact Socket | 4936 : Built Tough

This socket really held up to what i had to use it for. My stubborn cv axle nut on my 2001 gmc sierra would not budge at all with all the breaker bars i had and additional weights with a 4′ cheater bar. Ended up buying an impact gun and this socket. The gun puts out 1000+ of ft /lbs of torque. It took that nut off with ease. I expect to be using this socket more in the future with the amount of parts i will be replacing soon enough. Highly recommend this socket for reliability, durability, and the fact that is just plain works as described.

Worked great on my 2000 jeep wrangler tj. I used it to to swap out my wheel hub assemblies on the front axle.

Anytime i have a choice i’ll buy tekton. Years ago bought a set of something ?. Don’t even remember what it was but is came damaged and or missing a part called customer service wham taken care of. I don’t remember the tools but i do remember customer service can’t be beat . So much for the rant, used on honda accord front spindle.

One of the front wheel bearings in my 3/4 ton chevy failed way too prematurely and not being one to pay $95. 00 an hour to have a shop perform a repair that i’m perfectly capable of doing myself i started tooling up for the fix. This 36mm is needed to remove and replace the axle nut which is torqued from that factory at 177ft-lbs. This socket was more than up to the task. I popped it onto my impact gun, dialed it up to 650ft-lbs and spun that axle nut off like it wasn’t even tight. I used a ratchet and a torque wrench to put the nut back on at the end of the repair. I can’t even tell that the socket was used. Nice, big, heavy, durable and best of all priced for the working man. Don’t hesitate to buy this socket if you find that you’re in need of a big honking socket.

This is a great tool, very durable and does just what it’s supposed to. For the price, you’re better off buying a set if you work on various vehicles. If you only need it for one application though, definitely fits the bill.

It’s a great price and great quality. Used to pull my axel nut off my jeep. Never really heard of tekton, until i bought this, a few sockets and my torque wrench from them – figuring i’d give them a shot and see how long they last. So far, a year later everything is holding up and still working as well as the day i bought it.

I am giving the socket 5 stars because it is of good quality even though it did not fit my application. I will not be an idiot like other people and give it 1 star just because i did not buy the correct item. The special socket needed is called several things. Some companies call it a thin-walled socket. I included a picture of what the specialized socket looks like, and you can see how it has less material for it to fit in the abnormal fiat hubs. I supposed i could always just stick this socket on a lathe to remove some of its material.

Had to change out my bearings on my 2004 jeep wrangler. This 36 mm impact did the trick. Will probably never use it again, 36 mm is rather large unless your a mechanic are into lots of big repairs, but the price was great, could’t have pulled it off without this socket. I read several reviews and was told to purchase the tekton brand, and for whats its worth, i have no complaints.

  • Perfect Fit – Nice Finish – Rock Strong- Great Axle Nut Socket
  • Does NOT fit a 2012 Fiat 500.
  • 36 MM Bearing Removal Socket

TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive x 36 mm Deep 6-Point Impact Socket | 4936

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  • Engineered for use with impact drivers
  • High-torque, 6-point opening grips flat sides of fasteners, not corners, preventing round-off
  • Extra-deep broach accommodates longer fasteners
  • Large, high-contrast size marking is permanently laser etched and easy to read, even in low light
  • Made of chrome molybdenum steel with a protective black phosphate finish

Had never heard of tekton before, but after doing a bit of research and watching a few reviews, they seem to be excellent quality for the price. Same experience here, very well made, and handled everything we tossed at it. Nice coating, and just a few dollars more than the no-name brands. Will be back for more tekton.

This is a really big, hefty socket. I used this to get the axle nut off of my 2004 cr-v. I literally can’t think of any other personal use for it, but it does have a sleek black finish and elegant curves, so i’ll probably put it on display somewhere prominent in my house.

Tekton is a pretty solid tool manufacturer as far as their impact sockets go. I cant speak for the rest of their tool lineup, but i would not be hesitant to give them a try when the need arises. I have 2 full impact sets and miscellaneous larger sockets that don’t come in common sets. I have used on lug nuts, axle bolts, rusty and corroded frame bolts, etc. , and have had zero issues with these sockets. Check them out, they are very affordable, and would compare to the higher price brands out there.

Use it just for axle nuts and i havent had a problem yet. For a homeowner this would be great for every once in awhile use or for weekly use in an automotive shop. Tekton is really a quality product, completely blew my mind with the quality for the very low price compared to snap on or even gearwrench.

I’ve used this on both front axles of my 93 jeep cherokee sport in order to change out the axle u-joints and this worked beautifully with my impact wrench. Locks up tight to the nut and had zero slack. I love that it is impact tool rated as well. This product is especially good because of the price.

It’s so thick and deep girthy little guy and oh does it hit so flipping hard i have busted so many nuts with tool and boy let me tell you you’ve never busted a nut till you’ve used a tool like this one.

Used it to change out a wheel bearing on a 2015 honda pilot. I can’t say much about durability cause i probably won’t be using it much. It will sit there collecting dust until i need it again. Good price to get the job done so it gets 5 stars.

I shopped at sears and all of my local parts stores to find this socket at an affordable price. At such a low price, i was worried the socket would break easily. My son was changing my half shaft and wouldn’t listen to me and use the 1/2′ air impact driver to remove the axle shaft. He decided to use a 1/2′ craftsman breaker bar and put a pipe on the end of the breaker bar for more torque. I was on the other side of the car setting the parts up and i heard an extremely loud snap. I thought the socket was shot. To my surprise, the craftsman breaker snapped completely in half. There wasn’t even a scratch on the socket. I handed him the impact wrench and told him the socket better still work.

Bought this to remove the spindle nuts on my 2003 ford mustang so i could replace with new ones. Turns out the nuts are actually a standard size, but, this 36mm socket did fit tight enough to get the job done.

Perfect fit nice finish rock strong, i had bought a budget priced socket as i figured i’d only use this once or twice in a lifetime for my daughters honda accord axles nuts, the other socket was supposed to be 36mm but after putting it on the axles the slop was huge, i measured it at 36. 9+mm, not something you want to use to break 250-300 fl-lbs of static torque. I immediately ordered the tekton socket, i have purchased alot of tekton tools, 3 torque wrenches, numerous extensions, various wrench sets, accessories and on and on and all are perfect. I was waiting outside for the ups guy to come and put this on the axles nut and it fit perfect, no slop. Used a 1000 ft-lb impact gun to take off those pesky axles nuts that i could not get off after spraying with pb blaster for 3 days, heated up with map gas for 15 mins and then even tried a 2 foot breaker bar with a 2 foot long pipe on t, no budge. This socket ate up the torques of my impact and the stuck axle nut with no problems. Had both nuts off in less than 40 seconds. Never again will i care about a few dollars even if i use a tool just once, will stick with tekton forever.

I ordered this to remove the axle nuts on my 2004 chevy malibu ls, so i could replace the wheel hub bearings. Since i don’t own a compressor or an impact wrench, i used the tekton deep sock with a 1/2-inch drive, 15-inch breaker bar. I used a 30-inch steel pipe for extra leverage, and had no problems loosening up the axle nuts. Worked great, very well made.

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