TEKTON 23002 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench, 4″ version is perfect for a laptop bag tool set, but could be a bit better made

This thing is very small and fits in very tight spaces. It looks like it belongs to a toy tool set but it’s a high quality tool. I have used this wrench in spots that would otherwise be impossible to reach. I just used it to assemble a steel storage shelving unit that without this tiny wrench it would not be possible to tighten the nuts with any other tool.

I bought this to help me change my tie rods. I used this to hold one side while twisting the nut off with a bigger size wrench. Seemed to do the job for me. I own many tekton products and haven’t regretted purchasing one yet. They back up their product and are way less expensive than other brand names. The only flaw i saw was the handle curved a bit on the flat side, hence the 4 stars.

This is a very handy adjustable wrench. It is about as big as your index finger. The jaw works smoothly without grabbing and catching. I can adjust this using my arthritic thumb with no problems. You can tighten up to a ½’ or 13mm nut. There is not a lot of handle on this so do not expect to torque the nut much. I find this very handy for those places where a full sized wrench or adjustable wrench will not easily fit.

I like this wrench i bought it for work so i wouldn’t mess up my nice crescent wrench, but the handle is thinner than the handle on my crescent wrench so if i’m really tightening or loosening something tight it can be a little painful where my crescent wrench is wider and far more comfortable in my hand. Otherwise it’s a decent wrench for the money.

The tekton 23002 6-inch adjustable wrench is sized well for portable use, and its carbon-steeled body makes it lighter and easier to carry around than typical tools made of cast iron or steel. The wrench does what it’s supposed to do, is simple to use, and the spiral adjuster at the head easily adjusts the movable jaw of the wrench; however, once the wrench is sized to the bolt of choice, i had to use my thumb and index finger to press the jaws of the wrench tightly around the bolt to keep it secured and in place, which is why i gave this product 4 out of 5 stars. All in all, it does what it’s supposed to do, and well enough for the price.

I have had at least one of these adjustable wrenches for many years and i had dropped it outside this summer and it got all rusted. These are a great tool when you are dealing with either sae or metric and a larger wrench does not fit the space allowed. I keep on in my pocket just incase.

Satin finish uniform, smooth, and in good shape ( allows better grip than polished ). However, are symmetrical, and generally square ( very little taper ) with each other. Thumb wheel and jaws operate smooth, jaws wider than most, 5/8 in. , no jagged edges, or burrs. There are much worse products on the market in comparison. If you want top line, and use everyday in your career, then i would spend x2 the price for craftsman, snap-on, or proto. Body appears to be heavy duty ( thick ) and should withstand high torque. I ordered several, for myself and grandkids.

Key specs for TEKTON 23002 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench:

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  • Drop forged and heat-treated carbon steel construction with a corrosion-resistant satin chrome plated finish
  • Precision-machined slide jaw and worm gear allows for exact fastener fit and smooth adjustment
  • Quick fit jaw opening guide with permanent laser-etched size markings in 1/16 in. and 1mm increments
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards
  • 3/4 in. jaw capacity

Comments from buyers

“Okay, but not the best quality. Sloppy & loose tolerances
, Inexpensive but NOT “cheap”
, 4″ version is perfect for a laptop bag tool set, but could be a bit better made

This is not a very good crescent-style wrench. The fit and finish is such that the lower jaw is wobbly and will never quite hold a precise adjustment. It’s just made to sloppy tolerances, apparently. When i compare it to my more expensive, name-brand adjustable wrenches, the difference is obvious. More expensive wrenches will have a solid, smooth movement of the adjustable parts, resulting in tight, consistent jaw openings. That isn’t how this wrench works, unfortunately. That isn’t to say this is not a useful tool. I couldn’t find a 4′ adjustable wrench anywhere else for anywhere close to the price.

A good condition and very inexpensive adjustable wrench to add to the toolbox. I actually bought this to keep in my girlfriend’s car (in lieu of a whole socket set to save money) and it’s perfect for what we need. Some reviewers have mentioned that the jaws are loose, and i suppose a little, if you’re shaking it around a lot. But when used for its intended purpose i find the locking mechanism works great. We just switched out her car battery with this tool and nothing else.

One star off for being made in china, but let’s be honest it’s hard to find made in usa tools anywhere anymore. This is a very sturdy well built wrench with very little slop and the price was great. This is a lot better than most of the chinese junk out there.

The 4′ version of these is light duty, but at that size you generally expect it to be, and it’s the perfect size to fit in a laptop bag. That said, while i was expecting lightweight, the jaw / gear mechanism still feels a bit loose / jiggly. Compared to other small tools i’ve purchased, such as small irwin vise-grip pliers, this is not made as well. It gets the job done though for a tiny adjustable wrench and at a price that’s consistent with a tool that’s likely to see infrequent use. If you do need a high quality, small adjustable wrench to use on a regular basis, i might keep looking though. I don’t think this will break with the amount of torque likely to be used on a small tool like this, but it just doesn’t ‘feel’ quality.

This is seriously the best budget adjustable wrench on the market hands-down. I use this wrench everyday as a mechanic that works on suspension components that are stuck with years of rust i have put pipes and cheater bars on this wrench all the time and hit it with my 2. 5lb sledgehammer and it has always gotten the job done. I’ve seen snap-on and other name brands round fasteners and snap off with the kind of abuse only to lend them this wrench and see them succeed. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good quality crescent wrench. 10/10 i had to buy another one because it was just that tough.

Tekton is a middle range brand, but this is made to be used. Even at this small size, it’s right on par with their other adjustable wrenches, and it’s more than strong enough for anything it fits on to. Also has a really awesome scale on the jaw, with sae on one side and metric on the other, so you can use it to figure out what size the bolt is. And it is very accurate at time of manufacturing, i can’t say how much it distorts with use, mine hasn’t distorted and is still accurate. I bought 3 of these and they are very consistent. I will be buying more when i lose these. One thing to note, i keep a similar wrench from another manufacturer on my car keys, but this tekton is more robust and in my opinion is too heavy to hang from a car ignition lock. That won’t matter to many people though. I’d say it’s 50% heavier than most of these i’ve seen, i can assume that being a bit thicker means it’s a bit stronger.

The tekton is a great wrench that has worked out well. When you start getting up in size like this 15 inch wrench, i need a tool that isn’t going to fail on me especially when you start putting a lot of force on it. Fit and finish are nice and the jaws operate smoothly.

I’ve come to trust tekton in recent years for good quality tools at low prices. I don’t always want to invest big bucks in a tool i might only use a few times, but i really hate spending money on a tool that is so poorly made that it doesn’t work welltekton has become my goto brand in those cases. This crescent wrench is a great example. The spiral adjustment mechanism turns easily but is not loose or sloppy. The tool is nicely finished with accurate inch and metric opening size rulers etched on the jaw. It worked great for my plumbing task, unlike the more expensive noname wrench i first bought for the job.

Looks good (nice finish, parts fit well, adjuster works smoothly). Feels good (lots of heft, feels solid). I also purchased a 12in crescent brand wrench at the same time. The tekton looks and feels better. I bought the 12in for the name, and the 15in for the price, expecting that the 15in wouldn’t get as much use as the 12. I guess i should have bought two tektons instead, i keep reaching for the tekton 15in even when the 12in is big enough.

It works, but the head is pretty loose, especially for it’s size. Tekton is usually pretty decent, especially for being kind of a cheapo brand. This particular 4” wrench is on the lower end of their quality spectrum. If/when i lose this one, i’ll look for a better one. Edit: i’ve since purchased a 4” made by the “original brand” (hint hint). It is available here on amazon for ten bucks. It comes with a plastic coated handle that i simply cut off. I did a side by side comparison and found my newest one to be superior. I smacked the two wrenches together at the jaw edge.

It is big, heavy, and reliable. It arrived scratched up, not sure if demo unit, or what, but that is fine, aesthetics don’t affect what i can do with it. I purchased this to remove a nova chuck adapter that had become stuck in my lathe.

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