TEKTON 24330 3/8-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench – good length and quality

One issue with this torque wrench is that if you try to tighten things at near the 80 ft/lb range, due to its shorter length be prepared to push/pull very hard, otherwise in the range up to 60 it’s very good.

This is a great tool, compared to a much expensive snap-on or husky, the calibrations hold true at less than 2% accuracy. It feel solid and well built in my hands. So far i’ve used it on pretty much everything i’ve worked on from marine outboard engines, to suspension and engine work, maintenance, lug nuts, ect. It even comes with a hard plastic carrying case where you can add adapters. Two things they could improve on: i wish the gear inside had more teeth so it could be better on tight spots where you don’t have much clearance to work, and the laser etching of the torque thats being applied, i don’t know how long those would last. I would also recommend to open the tool and adding grease to the inside just for added durability.

Decided to try this tekton brand torque wrench because they seem to have stellar customer support on all their products. This wrench comes in a red hard plastic case, along with a manual that you should read. I think this is something a lot of people giving negative reviews probably skip. Once you understand the way this works, and you make sure to keep it at the minimal rating when stored or doing other things with the wrench, you should be good to go. It seems very well built and has a good weight. I used it to change shocks and springs and had to use various torque ranges. The click was easy to understand. Will be doing more work in the coming weeks, so i will update if anything changes. Overall, seems like a great tool, would recommend 5 out of 5.

Only received today, checked it on a few bolts and that need torque specifications. Loosened bolts on several items around garage and re-torqued them with the torque wrench. Lawn mower blades, torqued as required and no slinging off of the blade. In the summer i replaced the blade but it fell off. Didn’t have a torque wrench so put on old blade and no problem. Replacement blade was oem part however with a micrometer it was about three millimeters thicker so probably the issue. I put the replacement blade on and torqued to spec as stated with this wrench. The nut for the blade did not loosen and fall off. Problem resolved, however will keep an ear out in case it does start to loosen.

I’ve used better quality items in the past, but for the price this is great. Though i couldn’t do any sort of calibration tests, it felt solid and when i used it, the weight applied when torquing was as expected. I’m going to add that with recent contact by the manufacturer, i’m given a sense of reassurance and greater trust in the wrench. I am very pleased that the manufacturer reached out and made it known they are available if any problems were to creep up. This shows a positive, proactive customer service approach and i can really appreciate that.

For the price, it doesn’t get any better for a brand new tool. It’s easy to read/adjust etc, what more could you want in a torque wrench?. For all the guys saying that they broke the head off of a bolt, or that it isn’t cracking, i’m sure it’s just because they’ve never used a torque wrench before. It’s easy, but there’s a right and wrong way to use these things: first; tighten your bolt down finger tight or until the head is flush with its mating surface. Second; pull very slowly in a tightening direction with your hand on the hand grip area only. Third; don’t ratchet back for subsequent turns, pull the socket/crows foot etc off of the bolt and then re seat. This will drastically prolong the life of these things, and maintain accurate calibration for much longer periods of time. As long as you’re turning it slow and steady, you won’t miss it.

I needed a torque wrench to do work on our cars. Well, to be honest, i needed to do work on our cars, and decided that i ‘needed’ a torque wrench. Excuses to buy tools are always a good thing. I was originally just going to nip over to sears and buy a craftsman. However, i was horrified to discover how little faith they have in some of their products these days; craftsman’s usual lifetime hand tool warranty does *not* apply to their to torque wrenches, and is instead replaced by a **90-day** warranty. I guess that’s what you get when you outsource to china. )appalled, i turned to amazon instead. ]

Used this to install spark plugs and running boards. It definitely has trouble with the consistency of torque applied at 13. 2n/m and for what purposes many of us will be using it for that doesn’t matter much. I compared torque using two separate torque wrenches, one from mac and another from sk. I borrowed these from uncles to give you the above variance in torque for the tekton. It’s a fantastic torque wrench and i’d highly recommend it to anyone who does their own car maintenance or plans to. For mechanics, i feel it’d be worth the extra cash and just buying a better mac or sk wrench.

The quality for the price seems to be very well done. Very positive clicks, handle stays in position when locked in. Without having fancy expensive calibration equipment its hard telling how accurate this is but it did have stickers saying it was calibrated etc. One down side i did not like was the amount of throw between the gearing/clicks. Was a bit much if you’re working in tight confined areas to get it to ‘grab’ the next ratchet gear, similar to lower end wrenches. If that’s not a big issue i think this wrench will be great for most use applications, but for confined areas say working on cars etc. May not be so great if you need that little bit of travel to get it to click to the revolution while tightening.

Used it tonight to torque the 4 bolts per side for the rear bearings on my mothers fwd minivan, worked great for that. Matched up with my expensive 1/2′ unit. Both read 41ft-lbs as hoped. Purchased this with the sole purpose of redoing the valve lash on my 5. 9 cummins (have to torque the locking nuts to 18ft-lbs which my 1/2′ can’t remotely do), feel pretty comfortable now using it for that.

Purchased the 3/8in drive tekton torque wrench. Right out of the box i tried to adjust the torque to 20lb/ft. The wrench felt like it had something internal that was preventing it from turning, as it locked up at around the 10 setting. Sounded like metal fragments left inside from machining, or possibly just the spring making the sound. Turned back to 0 and adjusted it again and it would start to lock up with the same metallic sound, but it made it past the 20 setting, i kept tightening and loosing the adjustment and added some spray lube. The wrench started to work fine and adjusts from 0 to the maximum 80lb/ft. The second thing that i noticed was that the center scale setting did not match up with the adjustment handle at the zero. When i set the torque to a setting of 20, 30 40 or 50 etc.

It has a great build quality just like the larger 1/2′ torque wrench. But i found that when i went to use it for the first time, the action on the handle wasn’t nearly as smooth as on my larger one from tekton. It almost feels as though there was any assembly lube used on this. This was a first for me because everything i’ve bought from tekton has been top notch without issue. This was the first time i wasn’t very happy. Aside from the stiff adjustment. It’s just as heavy duty as the larger version and works great (once you have it set). I’m still happy with the purchase because it’s a great tool. I just wish the action was perfect out of the box. I’ll likely need to add my own grease/lube to it.

Purchased this to finish installing a trailer hitch. I previously had one i purchased from harbor & freight, but had questions about it’s quality. If you’re looking at this you you probably know the one i’m talking about. This driver is actually surprisingly well built for the price and performed very well. I used this and the other driver side by side and while the h&f driver worked, the click was negligible to the point of not being noticeable for either sound or feel. This driver the click was loud enough to be easily heard and i felt it right away. Solid product that i’m glad i purchased, and wish i purchased first. I probably won’t use it again for a while, but wont think twice about it when i do. Here are the specifications for the TEKTON 24330 3/8-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench:

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  • N/A
  • Imported
  • Wrench emits that can be heard and felt when the preset value is reached
  • High-contrast dual-range scale is easy to read, even in low light
  • Reversible ratchet head drives in both directions and measures torque in clockwise direction
  • Durable all-steel construction has no plastic parts to break or wear out
  • Ships pre-calibrated to +/- 4% accuracy and ready to use

This works for the most part but every now and again it does not click. I was working on a suzuki motorcycle engine and luckily it was just the external water pump and not something more serious inside and the wrench did not click and i kept turning the wrench. The bolt snapped and i was scared the threads were ruined but the bolt broke and i was luckily able to remove it. I think if you do occasional projects this is ok, but beware of it not clicking perfect and getting stuck and not communicating the tension is reached. Also, maintain it properly by loosening the adjustment dial and take the tension off the internal spring when not in use. This is good for hobbyists for a low price but not for more serious minded projects/people.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good wrench, great for the price.
  • Great tool for the price
  • Sturdy wrench, just read the manual first!

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