TEKTON 2575 3/8-Inch Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set – Works well enough, but no 12mm??

This looks well enough made, but there is one way tekton could’ve made the product significantly better at zero cost. They could have canted the bolt cut out 15°. That way, if a user is faced with a tight situation which only allows for 30° worth of rotation, they could tighten the bolt as far as they needed to by turning the socket over and applying it again, taking another 30° bite.

These don’t have an internal indent to help retain them to the ratchet, which leads them to pop off quite easily. They’ll get the job done, but be very careful if you’re in a spot where you can’t drop them.

This set of tekton crowfoot wrenches is decently made for what it costs. They are handy for when you can’t get at a nut or bolt with a standard wrench or socket. You can also use them with a torque wrench to properly tighten nuts and flare or compression fittings on tubing without over or under tightening, which can help avoid leaks at installation or sometime in the future. This 10-piece set is for 3/8′ square drive socket extensions. The wrenches are imported from taiwan, but seem to be made from decent quality steel. They are chrome plated and stamped with their individual sizes from 3/8′ to 1′. They also came with a 10-5/8′ long storage rail to keep them all together in one place. The actual wrench sizes included in his set are 3/8′, 7/16′, 1/2′, 5/8′, 9/16′, 11/16′, 3/4′, 13/16′, 7/8′, and 1′. I also have the tekton 2580 metric 10-piece 10mm to 24 mm crowfoot wrench set and it is of the same quality as this sae set.

Decent price for what they are. I have a few other tekton tools that can get most jobs done at a reasonable budget price. They’re not snap-on or matco, but you’d spend nearly 10 times as much for a set of those. Would get 5 stars if they included a 12mm in place of the 11mm. Sounds like the sae/fractional set is lacking a 15/16′ as well, but unlike that omission where a 24mm will work, there is no 12mm substitute in sae. Most of my metric wrenching is on my toyota tacoma which is _loaded_ with 12mm fasteners, many in difficult access locations where the crowfoot is useful. I’ll likely buy a husky, hf or pt 12mm and add it to the set as this is a good value, even with the lack of a 12. The lack of a detent to keep them on the socket is also frustrating, but with a little extra care you can get by without it just fine.

To start off i just want to say i’m glad i bought these, i would have spend more money on wrenches that i cut in half just to get in confined tight places. This cuts my tool cost down and work time. No more buying expensive snapon, cornwell, mac, bluepoint, or marco tools. Tekton has a lifetime no question asked tool replacement. I broken one of my ratching combination wrench, emailed them with a picture, and they sent me a replacement in 3-5 business days free of charge, and didn’t have to send the old one back. I highly recommend this brand.

As others have said, these don’t even say ‘tekton’ on them, just ‘taiwan. ‘ this tells me that this is just a generic taiwan-made wrench. Even if they are okay wrenches, i would prefer wrenches with the manufacturer’s name on them indicating that they either designed them or manufactured them, and are going to stand behind them. Since i was happy with other tekton tools i own, i purchased these because i thought i was buying tekton tools.

Thankfully i only needed the 7/8′ to tighten a hydraulic fitting on my tractor, but was very surprised to see that 15/16′ is omitted from this kit when it arrived. The description is accurate, i should have read it closer. To add the 15/16, you can spend $12 on an individual 15/16′ gear wrench crows foot, or buy the similarly priced tekton 2580 3/8-inch drive crowfoot wrench set, metric, 10 mm – 24 mm, 10-piece which includes 24mm. I’m assuming that is the rationale for tekton leaving out 15/16′, it’s not like it is an obscure size. The finish is very nice on these, to the point of being slippery when covered in hydraulic oil. Remains to be seen if they will spread under heavy load. For the price you can’t really go wrong, even considering you’ll need the metric kit to get from 3/8 – 1′ in 1/16′ increments.

Prompt shipping and well-packaged. Craftmanship and construction appears to be high quality. The steel feels strong and durable. The sockets are sized accurate and fit very well on corresponding bolts. I had an automotive and household project that eventually involved the need to access a couple touch to reach bolts. This proved to be exactly what i needed. I was one step away from having to turn to the pros but was able to finally solve both dilemmas thanks to this wrench set. The included holder is great for keeping them from getting misplaced. This is a smart toolset to have at the ready.

A downer that there aren’t dimples inside of the square drive but if you’ve got a good extension that probably will have enough of friction so that the crowsfoot doesn’t fall off. When you sell metric sets the sets should be complete. If you’ve got to charge a little more that’s life. Nothing is worse than not having the size that you need in the set you’ve just purchased. Don’t really see the need for the 24 mm. There isn’t a crowsfoot wrench in the world that’s going to move a 24mm nut that’s tight. Put the 18mm in there instead.

I love this set with it’s great price and range of sizes, which are true to the claimed sizes. Fits well on my ratchets, though, on some extensions they do have a tendency of being a bit loose and falling off with enough force, which warrants -1 star. The rail they come with allows for easy organization for all the crowfeet, they stick on fine enough to be tossed into my toolbox with a reasonable expectation that they will all still be on the rail when i need them again.

I’ve always wanted some crowfoot wrenches, but could never justify the price for something i knew would not get used often. Most other crowfoots must actually be made from trained crows, and training crows must be expensive, because they always seem very expensive. Imagine my delight when i saw these shiny things for only $14. Heck, for 14 bucks they could be made out of glue and tissue paper and i’d probably still buy them just to give them a try. I bought both the sae and metric sets without hesitation. They arrived very well polished, they look like the shiniest tools in my collection (maybe because they have so much flat surface area) and they come with your typical rail to hold them all together. The first thing i wanted to do was try them out and see if under that fancy, shiny chrome plating was indeed pressed glue and tissue paper so i used them to take off a brake caliper mounting bolt…it worked like a charm. It does drive me bonkers that it skips sizes. I’m convinced that some manufacturers like to say “10 piece socket set, sizes from 6mm to 34mm” and figure the buyer won’t notice that there has to be some missing sizes in there somewhere. But i digress, i’m sure they have some marketing information and sales numbers to justify making sets that skip sizes, but it just makes my head hurt.

Some of these reviews say that the item was low quality. The set i recieved was as high quality as any tool i have ever used, and i’ve used a lot. After using it to get at a hard to reach and overtorqued oil pressure sending unit on a 1978 911 sc, i thought i’d test how tough these really were in order to decide whether or not to keep the set of give them to my little brother to incorporate into his weld art. I cranked on them with a industrial torque wrench and found they withstood 175 ft/lbs with zero deformation in both the socket and crowfoot. That’s about as hard and anyone will ever use them i think. Needless to say, i kept them.

Just arrived today and used it to do an alignment adjustment on a honda rancher 420 4×4 and it worked great. Made it so much easier to reach up under the frame to lossen the nut. Feels sturdy to me and should last a long time,only time will tellglad we got this and hope to find more uses a for it. For the price you can’t go wrong. Here are the specifications for the TEKTON 2575 3/8-Inch Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Reaches fasteners in tight spaces that other wrenches cannot
  • Use with any 3/8 in. drive ratchet, extension, or torque wrench
  • Made from forged and hardened steel
  • Chrome plated finish resists corrosion
  • Always Guaranteed

This is an okay set to get you by in a pinch but there is no index inside the drive so it doesnt like to stay on extensions or the ratchet itself. This really comes in to play if you are trying to get in a tight spot and you have it on the end of a 12′ extension and it falls off.

Wish the forks were a little longer to better seat to a nut or bolt. I may carve a v in the center box to add a 3rd point of contact. Don’t use these in place of a socket or wrench if you can. They look like they could round off bolts and nuts when used in general. I only got them to apply torque on a tight corner that a standard socket on torque wrench wouldn’t fit.

These are fine tools, no more than i use them. I actually have found that i use them more than i thought i would would simply because i have them now. I have a few other of this brand tool, mostly specialty type, like line wrenches and such. Tools i don’t use as often and when i do, so far have meet my needs just fine. The only thing i have found is this brand may flex and spread apart if too much torque is put on them, but when this happened to me i was really ‘putting something on it and i’m not small’. I ended up having to replace the parts due to excessive rust anyway. For routine, less than everyday use, these should do fine. Even at a professional level, these tools may not see everyday use, so at least consider them. I’ve been on enough tool trucks to know the cost of tools.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice tool, fantastic price
  • Missing 15/16″, so you’ll want the metric kit too.
  • TEKTON 2575 10-Piece 3/8-Inch Drive Crowfoot Wrench Set

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