TEKTON 6555 Rivet Gun : Perfect Tool for the Price

This is an inexpensive but effective tool. At first i had a problem extracting the mandrel and actually the tool fell apart in the process. However, i looked up the tekton web site, wrote to their help section, explained what had happened and what should i do next. Dave of tekton answered my email within an hour and after a brief explanation and a photograph with instructions of how to reassemble i am now a happy riveter and all works well. The key is to keep the head of the tool in contact with the rivet while working the process. What is even more remarkable is that this exchange of correspondence took place on saturday eveningmy thanks and kudos to dave. I hope he enjoyed the rest of his weekend and his boss gets to hear of this. I shall not hesitate to buy tekton tools again.

I needed a cheap rivet gun to finish a couple projects and i bought this mainly because of price. It seems to be well made and as heavy as any other i have used. Fit and finish is great as well as function and condition of the threads. I usually oil and sharpen/debur/hone new tools but this one needed nothing.I don’t see myself having to buy a ‘better’ one anytime soon. Very happy with this tool so far.

I used the largest rivets for repairs on my car (safety inspections are required here in nh and my ’96 buick failed for rusted rocker panels because they are considered ‘structural. ‘ i disagree with that assessment, but i guess you can’t fight the man on this one. Lived in michigan my whole life and never heard of anything happening to anyone because of rusted rocker panels, but i digress. ) i cut out the rust with a angle grinder and then riveted galvanized steel sheet metal over the hole and sealed it all up using high quality silicone. The handle on the gun usually didn’t travel as much as i thought it would before the loud pop. I watched a few youtube videos and someone was pumping the handle 5 or 6 times before the pop. Not sure why the difference, but my rivets seems secure and snug. I actually loved using this and am now looking for more things to rivet. It’s a great poor man’s alternative to welding.

Main issue i am having is that the jaws do not release the leftover stem after the rivet pops. I had to take this apart twice, just installing 6 rivets, to pull out the stems. And it is a little frustrating to get those jaws and springs lined back up perfectly and get the lock pin back in, to say the least. They were only 3/32′ rivets toooverall, i do not have a high demand for rivets, and this did do the the job i needed. It was not a smooth operation, however.

I needed this tool for 2 rivets that popped out on my shower door. I watched a youtube video on how to use it and completed 2 perfect rivets. I had no issue with jamming. For $11 what exactly are you expecting?.The cost is triple that at a big box store. This tool saved me from calling in a pro which would have been hundreds of dollars. Even if you only use it once it will have payed for itself.

I have never used one before and i was able to use it first try just from the directions on the back. I used it to attach several handles, paddle holders and eye hooks to my kayaks. I did purchase longer rivets as the ones that came with it were not long enough to reach through the kayaks and the thickness of the handle attachment. I did have to do 3 presses on each rivet. You have to push it back down tight after each press. I occassionally had to squeeze the handle a couple times to get the end to pull back out after it popped. No jams and i can press it with my hand strength easily.

TEKTON 6555 Rivet Gun with 40-Piece Rivets

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  • Rugged all-steel construction
  • Durable black wrinkle finish
  • Nonslip cushioned handle grips
  • Rivet heads and wrench store in handle
  • Rust-proof aluminum rivets

Wanted to mount magnetic strips to my tool cart and this did the job perfectly. No play in the joint, but still has a firm, smooth pulling action. The 40-piece rivets was gravy and a great deal given the price. I was able to test it out and complete my project with extra rivets to spare. I didn’t have problems ejecting the spent pin as some others have complained about. One pull and release to secure the rivet. A second pull to cut the metal pin clean off. I installed 6 rivets without any issues or re-dos.

I needed a pop rivet gun to fix my screen door. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because i only needed to use it a few times. The pop riveter worked great. I probably would spend more if i used it more for work but this worked great. Makes you wonder about reviews that said it didn’t work?. You have to use the right diameter rivet and change the head to match.

TEKTON 6555 Rivet Gun with 40-Piece Rivets :

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TEKTON 6555 Rivet Gun with 40-Piece Rivets
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