Telebrands Windshield Wonder Microfiber Long Handled Cleaning Tool – This is my favorite gift to give

I had seen this product advertised on tv and was quite surprised to see it available on amazon as well. Because it was shown on amazon i took a chance and purchased the product. It makes cleaning the inside of a sloped windshield easy to do and, thus, greatly improves visibility. The collapsible handle makes it easy to store in a door pouch or glove compartment. I’ve used it both to clean soiled windows as well as to clear a ‘fogged-up: windshield. I like the product so much that i purchased several as gifts for family & loved ones.

This is ergonomically fantastic for reaching all the interior edges of modern, large, extremely slanted windshields. But, the little microfiber cloth covering the head is not very effective at cleaning. Still looking for a way to make this really effective.

I bought my first one at bb&b (local housewares store you know so well). It was cheaper here on amazon. Note: you cannot buy additional microfiber covers for these, even though they are advertised on the packaging. The included ‘special offer’ coupon in the package is dead-on-arrival since the address and website will not respond. I sent it off by mail with a check when i wanted to add two more covers, but that check was returned, marked ‘we don’t sell these additional covers any longer. ‘the product, itself, works very well. Most windshield cleaner tools are poorly-designed. The heads flop all over and will not maintain direction. Nor will they stay flat to the windshield. This one not only stays flat, but goes where you push it.

A lot of reviews said that they were getting something besides what was advertised like a lesser quality of the same thing maybe i lucked out and got a good version the one that is listed as being the one you get for your money but the one that i got is the one that they said it would be and it does what they said it would do and i’m very happy with the product.

I bought one a few yrs ago at the drugstore. I can’t imagine not having this. In the winter it’s great when the windshield fogs. As you’re wiping away the fog, it’s cleaning the windshield. In the summer, ever notice a film on the inside of the windshield?. Well i’m not sure what it’s called, but i was told it’s a byproduct of the dashboard. . I’m guessing it’s probably toxic. Anyway, it cleans it off perfectly. The directions say no need to use a spray on window cleaner, such as windex, etc.

For years, i was puzzled by a slimy scum on my windshield (inside). We don;t smoke, so i couldn’t figure out what it was and i couldn’t remove it. I read online that the film is caused by plastic dashboard components off-gassing in the sun and this little tool claims it can help, so i bought it. I love simple tools that do simple tasks well, and this is one. Open the package, clip on the handle, and slip on the micro-fiber cloth that looks sort of like a slipper. Ok, then it was out to the car as i shook my head over how this cloth would fix mu problem. The problem is that i can;t see out my windshield at night with lights glaring on the mung. The package says you don’t have to use window cleaner, so being a rebel, i of course squirted an all purpose surface spray on the window and got to work. The window looked clean and sparkly. It was completely easy to reach every corner of the vast and deep windshield of my mini van.

  • I Highly Recommend This
  • A good product, but don’t start using it until your windshield is pre-cleaned
  • BEST Windshield Cleaner Tool I’ve Used!

It’s not going to wash the windshield on its own, that is still up to you, but it works really well and you can clean your windshield without any gymnastics involved. Some reviews complained about lack of pressure but i found that starting from the top, you can get the right angle on the handle and push enough. Initially, one cleaning may only get you partially there with some tracks left but even that is so much better than the solid film rendering you blind when driving agains sun or headlights. And after second washing, it looks really great.

I’ve owned this product twice before. While it is a typically cheaply made as-seen-on-tv item, it actually does the job pretty nicely. Prior to this product i really struggled to get a good clean on the interior windshield way down in the crack where it meets the dash. Definitely would recommend this product.

Due to the slope of modern windshields, they are extremely difficult to clean. In addition, no matter how many times you do it, when you’re driving into the sun you’ll notice that a lot of the film is still there. That’s where this product comes in. Windshield wonder wiper is a fantastic product, however i’ve found that when used on its own, the results are less than perfect. Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely clean your windshield without exerting some effort. Through many years if using this product, i’ve found that the following technique works best. First, it’s essential that your windows aren’t dirty. This may sound like it doesn’t make sense, but it does. The reason for this is because if you use the windshield wonder wiper on a dirty windshield, you’ll be left with streaks or lines running down the glass. This is a result of dirt accumulating on the edges of the cloth and then becoming deposited on the glass.

I used the windshield wonder for the first time yesterday on my f-150 windshield. I sat in the driver’s side spayed a little cleaner on the matt and preceded to clean my windshield with absolutely no aerobics. It worked so much better than i thought it would. If you doen’t want to stand on your head to clean your windows anymore then buy the windshield wonder oh by the way i broke the handle down and stuck it in the door pocket for next time.

Let’s start with how i hate cleaning the inside of my windows because it’s so tedious, yet i hate dirty windows. I was looking for something that would do the job easily and windshield wonder was exactly what i was looking for. I almost did not buy this after reading some of the reviews. I got it yesterday, wasn’t optimistic. Put windex in the little bottle they provided. Used it on my inside window and it worked like a charm. My windows were, no streaks and the handle did not break like some folks reported. The key is you don’t use it like it’s not an ice scraper where you need to have a strong grip. I am getting it for my family as a christmas present.

Features of Telebrands Windshield Wonder Microfiber Long Handled Cleaning Tool

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  • Simply slip one of the microfiber bonnets on the head, spray with water, and start washing
  • It’s great for fog and moisture removal, and when you’re done, the detachable handle fits in a glove box

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I ordered from dreamy fish seller. Package was not exactly as shown in listing, the ‘windshield wonder’ and ‘as seen on tv’ are missing from the front of the package, but the card does state so on the back and it is a genuine windshield wonder. I know because i compared it to a previous retail purchase. The bonnets must be washed before use, as they have something on them that causes streaks. Really nifty, i keep my windshields clean now, obsessively so. In fact, it has become somewhat of a problem.

This is my favorite gift to give. This helps clean mirrors, shower doors, windows. I have one upstairs and one down. Once one remembers to use it you will love it. Inside windshields are now easy to reach with my short lady arms. Hint though, don’t wash with dryer sheets or fabric softener as i feel it will leave a film on cloth which smears, i just let it air dry.

I needed something like this soooo bad for my windshield. At first i put too much liquid on the greed cover thing so it didn’t really work but when i tried again with a green thingy that was only very slightly moistened it worked a lot better.

I know some people recommend not spraying on it directly, but i have a windex no-ammonia glass spray i use, and i just spray it right on there and wipe and it’s a wonderful, streak-free shine. Just don’t overdo the liquid, and definitely wipe the window beforehand if it’s excessively dirty or dusty. And this is easy to do- just put a kitchen paper towl over the wiper and quickly rid it of dust, then use the liquid, sparingly.

I really had a higher expectation for this product. I was hoping it would clean my interior windshield when the windshield was fogged up in the mornings, but if the windshield is very dirty, then the ‘wonder’ only smears what’s on the windows. To get the best use of the product, you have to use it often, and not only when you have a lot of dirt.

Simply slip one of the microfiber bonnets on the head, spray with water, and start washing

It’s great for fog and moisture removal, and when you’re done, the detachable handle fits in a glove box


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