TeraPump TERA PUMP TRFA01 4 AA Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump w/ Flexible Intake hose and No-spill Auto-Stop Nozzle attachable to gas cans and more : Great Product!

I bought this to transfer gasoline from 5 gallon cans to my generator and visa versa. I used it and it worked perfectly. I was skeptical of the battery’s powering a pump but it pumped just fine. Sure beats using a funnel and trying to hold a 5 gallon container to pour in gasoline. Just be sure that you use the correct fitting for the gas container because if you don’t it will leak. Apparently a small amount of gasoline returns back into the container via a small hole in the inside of the cap. If you are leaking gas, check this as i had that problem. But once i figured it out it worked perfectly, complete with auto shut off when the tank gets full.

As most of us have discovered, approved gas can “safety spout” designs have become so complex that they are beyond ridiculous, and may actually cause more spills than the good old -fashion open pour spouts. Per gallon, so there is also the lifting problem for may people ; i. , standing there struggling with holding a 40 lb. Gas container up in the air while the gas slowly trickles in. I have tried siphons, siphon pumps, and have modified the ridiculous spout designs. So far, this pump is the best solution i have found. It eliminates lifting and pouring. There are various adapters, so you can still keep your current gas cans with the impossible pour spouts.

First i would like to say i like to write reviews after a few months of use to test the product. I bought this item june 10, 2018 and i have been using it at least 2 to 3 times a week to pump about 2 gallons a time. It is working great, i am very satisfied, the adapters that come with it allow the use of several different plastic style 5 gallon gas cans with ease. I am still on my original set of 4 batteries and still pumps as fast as the day i got it. I would not hesitate to buy another one or to recommend buying this pump. It just works great i will update this review if there are any changes with the pump.

This product works exactly as advertised. I use it to fill up my cars and my lawn mower. The shutoff works great with the lawn mower. I haven’t had it kick in when filling up a car because i never fill it up all the way but hopefully it would work. Two of the adaptors are nearly identical in size and i can’t tell much of a difference between them except one works on all of my cans and the other one doesn’t. The only drawback for me is that if you don’t get the adaptor on the gas can just right and super tight it ends up leaking gas. After a couple of times using it i figured out to tighten the black adaptor all the way then attach the gray pump to the adaptor. Not sure there is much you could do against this (since the tube goes into the gas to pump it out) but if you could figure out a way to make it a little less messy when you pull it out that’d be awesome. Overall i’d buy it again and i’m going to order another as a gift.

I have to refuel my jet ski out on the lake but there is no marina. Trying to fill it up with a gas can is a major pain especially with the new style cans, they are horrible. When i saw this i thought it would be great if it worked the way they said it did. Got out there on the lake and left tank on the side of the boat and put hose in jet ski and turned it on. Did not spill a drop in the lake which is very important to me. The end of the hose has a clip that keeps it in the filler neck of the ski so it didn’t pop out when the waves came in. I was also concerned about it getting all the gas out of the gas tank and it did. I’d give it 10 stars if i could. I refueled my lawn tractor and didn’t spill it all over like i used to. This thing is great, i will be ordering another. Works exactly as advertised.

I bought this item after a friend recommended it and gave me a demonstration of his unit. I would have never purchased this item without his recommendation, because to me, putting a ‘made in china’ electronic pump on top of a gas tank seems like a recipe for a shop fire. Anyway, i was so impressed with the operation of the pump that i ordered one for myself and have been very happy with it so far (it’s only been about a month). The unit is simple to operate with only two buttons; off and on. The pump has an overflow sensor that shuts off the unit when it senses that the gas tank is full (a lot of reviews complain that this sensor fails). The pump works really well and can empty my five gallon gas can in about a minute and a half. The reason i’ve deducted a star is because of how flimsy the parts are; everything on it is made of cheap abs plastic with no fiber reinforcing. The on and off buttons feel flimsy and seem to be another high failure area based on other reviews. I don’t have confidence that this tool will last very long, which is sad because the concept behind this pump is phenomenal. Recommend the manufacturer invest more money in making this more of a tool than a novelty; many of us would gladly pay more for a quality item.

Trying to transfer gas from a 5 gallon can to my truck, mower, or generator, is rather difficult on a good day. The gas can has a carry handle on the top, but not typically on the side to aid in pouring the gas. And to complicate matters, the gas cans being sold today dribble and spill gas. This product came with 3 different adapters. The smallest one fit my midwest 5 gallon gas cans perfectly. The pump is surprisingly quiet, yet moves gasoline quickly. When the gas can is almost empty, i tip it up to allow the pump to transfer the last of the fuel. There’s also no worries of overfilling a small gas tank on a generator, mower, etc. When their tanks are full, the pump stops.

This is the greatest thing since automatic cars. I can’t pick up a 5 gallon gas can. So i tried to pour it into a 2 gallon can. I finally managed to get the lawn mower filled but it took me an hour. Well i needed to fill it again and i’m at wits end because i know i can’t lift that big gas can. So i went to amazon and found this. Today i went to fill lawn mower. It’s so great it’s like i’m at a gas station. Now i will be able to fill my generator.

  • No more spilled gas, no more funnels
  • So easy. Best thing I’ve bought all year.
  • Great Product!

TERA PUMP TRFA01 4 AA Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump w/ Flexible Intake hose and No-spill Auto-Stop Nozzle attachable to gas cans and more

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 35″ discharge hose with no-spill auto-stop nozzle and flexible intake hose. 4 AA batteries required (not included, best with Polaroid AA batteries)
  • Transfer to several outlets like gas cans, vehicles, lawn mowers so on!
  • 3 gallons per minute
  • Fits most North American plastic fuel cans with three different adapters size (included)
  • No mess, no worries, no hassle – Sit back and relax!

It comes with various adapters to fit different gas cans spouts and pumps very quickly. I don’t actually use the auto shutoff feature as i am usually filling my generator i use while camping and it has a strainer in the fill lid. It drains back nicely so you don’t have overspill when removing it from the can and the tank. I have previously had the other “wand” style pumps that work well but are rather slow compared to this pump. I like this pump so much, i am considering buying another one to use strictly for water to pump from my extra water tanks i bring when boondocking, hunting and camping to refill the main tank of the rv.

Worked perfectly for draining my 5 gallon gas can into my truck. I was surprised at how quickly it pumped. I liked that it auto-shut off when the gas can was nearly empty. Understandably, there was still a bit left at the bottom that was too low to be sucked up. I was able to easily maneuver the gas can around a bit (so the remaining gas congregated to a corner), turn it back on, and get nearly all of it drained out. It was so nice to not bring the gas smell back into my house. I also left the pump outside for 2 days to air out before putting it up (and removed the batteries so they don’t corrode). Also, i purchased one for my dad’s birthday.

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TERA PUMP TRFA01 4 AA Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump w/ Flexible Intake hose and No-spill Auto-Stop Nozzle attachable to gas cans and more
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