TireTek Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI Flexi-Pro – Certified ANSI B40 : Excellent tool, just doesn’t quite meet my [motorcycling] needs – Terrific firm and Customer relations

After purchasing this item and joe’s racing model 32307, i’ve found that i prefer this one. Readings on joe’s and the tiretek are within about 1/2 lb of each other, so i have to assume that each is relatively accurate. I prefer the tiretek because the hose swivels on both ends (while joe’s only swivels on the chuck end), which makes it much easier to get a reading no matter where the valve is located on each tire; also, despite another reviewer’s feeling that the dial on the tiretek is ‘upside-down,’ having the gauge face oriented so that the hose exits the gauge away from the user makes a lot more sense to me. Assuming you’re right-handed, you naturally use your right hand to place the chuck onto the tire valve, while holding the gauge itself in the palm of your left hand. The reset/bleeder button is permanently oriented so that it can be easily operated with your left thumb while holding the gauge in this manner. If you’re left-handed, the button can be operated with your right index finger while holding the gauge in your right hand. It’s not quite as natural, but definitely not difficult. Another benefit is that, unlike joe’s, on the tiretek the reading is held after removing the chuck from the tire valve until the button is pressed. The only slight negative i can come up with is that the gauge reading seems to start just a little high (about 1/2 lb or less), coming down to a more stable reading after a couple seconds. However, this doesn’t seem like it would be much of an issue unless you’re using it in a pit stop at a racetrack (which seems to be the main design goal of joe’s).

Have high hopes for this gauge. Have bought a lot of stick gauges, they last as long as they next 5 finger discount hits. With time needed more help with my aging, woman hands with fitting on a stem in a not friendly position, decided to get this one. Seems like it will work fine, have high hopes, only one problem, needs to be ‘pink’, so will paint it. My brothers will not use their 5 finger discount on my tools if they are ‘pink’. Don’t you know ‘pink’ is the new ‘radioactive’ so please make this in pink, am not the only sister that has this trouble with their brothers (we talk), give us the option, or else we will paint it with god, awful pink to keep it (and they make some real stomach turning pink colors).

Pro:- it has a reinforced rubber hose between the gauge and the valve that is long enough to reach into any tire rim, and heavy-duty enough that it won’t kink, twist, or wear out quickly;- gauge has a large white dial that is easy to read, even for those of us who never try to look at anything within arm’s length without glasses;- it holds the reading, locking it on the gauge, until you press the pressure bleed button on the release valve;- the gauge is reinforced with heavy rubber, making it impervious to damage from accidental dropping or banging against a rim;- no batteries (i can’t tell you how many digital gauges i have thrown away because the batteries were not replaceable, or simply died due to age – usually right when i needed to use the gauge);- accurate (calibrated to ansi b40. 1 grade b, which is the standard used by consumer reports when they test tire pressure gauges)- 0 to 60 psi reading – my kids’ bicycles have higher-pressure tires, and this gauge reads their pressures without difficulty;con:- the free ‘car care guide’ seems a wee bit simplistic, and contains nothing most people don’t already know;- there is nothing on the gauge that tells me where it was manufactured, but it is getting difficult to find anything not made in china these days;- not fluid-filled (i am not sure this is necessarily bad, but my racing friends tell me fluid-filled gauges are smoother in operation. That said, i have no idea what ‘fluid’ is used on such gauges, and anyone living in the north who stores their gauge in a car’s trunk or glove box probably would be upset if they needed to use the gauge and found it frozen – or worse).

After careful considering the different features of the various pressure gauges on the market, i bought the tiretek flexi-pro for my atv. I am glad to report that we finally had a chance to use it. Since my husband was riding along as a passenger, and being always the gentleman, he was on the job. So much so that he is contemplating getting one for his jeep. Being a tinkerer of all things mechanical, he knows a thing or two about tools. (he still have some tools from his father because they made sense and build so well that they still worked) so first off, the tiretek flexipro is well-build. Since we’re retired, the large fonts helps and the swivel gauge-head is handy. What we particularly like is the pressure-relief push-button feature that allows for a continuously read until the desire pressure level is reached (anything that spare us from the ‘push-and-read’ feature commonly found with the regular ‘stick’ gauge is, precious).

First, let me say that frank jackson and odyseaco have unparalleled customer relations/communication, in my experience. I heard from mr jackson before the unit shippedi received exactly when it was scheduled, and the unit itself was in fine shape. My only comment about shipping was that one corner of the display box was partially crushed — no effect on the unit, but a little concerning until packaging was opened. The unit itself, in reality, probably deserves 5 stars, except that for my motorcycle it still does not provide an [easier means to access the valve stem, due to encroachment by the humongous brake discs. For that reason, for inclusion in my tool kit, i order the 90 degree/swapable for 180 degree chuck variant. [i also ordered the tire tek guaged inflator unit to use with my 15 gal compressor and portable air tank. ]this 45-degree head unit will now be permanently installed in my car’s glove compartment, where it will serve any needs admirably. ]

I have always checked the tire pressure in my tires and used what was supposed to be a top notch ‘temperature adjusted’ gauge from brookstone. Recently i purchased a vw gti (fantastic car- a real driver’s car) and had it in for some service. I did not know that they had adjusted the tire pressures until a few days later i routinely checked it myself. Well, the tires were at 40 psi not at the recommended 37 psi. Not knowing whether their gauge was right or mine, i ordered in this tex flexi pro gauge. Turns out my brookstone was inaccurate by county mile. So all they years of faithfully adjusting the tires was a complete waste of time. I also found that the gauge on my air inflator pump is spot on as well as an inexpensive gauge i picked up at walmart. The tex flexi-pro gauge certainly is heavy duty and well shielded from damage from a drop.

TireTek Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI Flexi-Pro – Certified ANSI B40.1 Accuracy – Easy to Read 2” Dial + Air Bleeder Valve – Cars, Trucks, SUV, Motorcycle, Bicycle

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  • ACCURATE TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE – This mechanical tire gauge is calibrated to ANSI B40.1 (±2%) international accuracy standards to ensure accurate and consistent tire pressure readings. It also features an air release / bleeder valve for precise and easy tire pressure adjustment for overinflated tires.
  • HEAVY DUTY TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE & MECHANIC RECOMMENDED – This precision tire pressure instrument features steel construction with an extended 5mm chuck tip so you get a great seal with no air leakage during readings. Our tire pressure gauges are strong and durable thanks to the rubber bumper that surrounds and protects the gauge during accidental drops.
  • EASY TO USE + WELL BUILT – Take air pressure readings with EASE thanks to the 360 degree angled rotating tip regardless of the valve stem location and angle. The tire gauge is easy to hold in one hand with a convenient location for the bleeder valve to release pressure. The pressure holding function means our tire guage keeps the reading even after it is taken off the valve making it even easier to take a pressure reading from the large 2” dial for your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or bicycle.
  • EASIEST WAY TO SAVE MONEY, IMPROVE SAFETY & PERFORMANCE – The correct tire pressure means better fuel economy and less money spent at the pump. Your tires will wear more evenly and last longer so you can replace your tires later. Most importantly, properly inflated tires will react quicker and with more precision when you need it most with the added benefit of a more comfortable ride.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Buy the TireTek Tire Pressure Gauge with complete confidence knowing that you have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that comes with your tire gauge purchase.

I’m trying to be very pro-active about keeping my tires at the correct inflation, as i understand it’s imperative on my chevy volt to avoid a sidewall blowout. The sign on the door says the correct tire pressure, cold, is 38 lb. , and yet the place i bought my tires inflated them to 35 lb, even with a note on the order telling them the correct pressure. At gas stations, their hoses that measure the tire pressure are horribly inaccurate. So i use this to get exactly 38 lb in each tire. Coming home from lake tahoe (about 6300′ elevation) yesterday, i stopped and added air to bring them up to 38, and by the time i got to about 3500 ft, the pressure had dropped ot 34 lb. This is very easy to use and read.

I’ve been using those pencil-type tire gauges since pretty much forever. I’ve never found them to be very reliable and are often hard to read. I wanted to get a tire pressure gauge that had a easy-to-read dial and a length of hose that would let me see it from any angle. I decided on this tiretek gauge and so far i’m very pleased. Time will tell how well it will hold up, but it seems well built and i don’t expect i’ll destroy it with regular use. The hose is flexible enough that you can hold the dial at any angle and still reach a valve stem no matter where it is positioned. The valve has good, solid engagement and it pushes a reading to the dial instantly. The coolest function is the pressure relief button on the gauge. Once you get a reading the dial will hold that reading until you release the pressure in the gauge and reset it to zero. I’m happy with the purchase of this gauge and i think it will live in my tool chest for quite some time.

I got so sick of stick style air gauges being all over the place. It seemed like i would never get the same reading twice. It consistent shows the accurate reading time after time. I love that the pressure holds until you press the bleed off button. The bleed off button is also quite handy at reducing pressure very slowly so you can get quite accurate pressures. I wish i would have bought this years ago. All of the awesome reviews aren’t for nothing. This gauge is really nice and a great investment in your vehicle and tire’s longevity. I am quite sure it will pay for itself.

I tested this analog gauge against another amazon gauge, (vepagoo pro) and a digital gauge. The tiretek was off by 1lb, where as the vepagoo was off by 3lbs. I’ve used this gauge lightly as of purchasing. It’s been great for off-roading trips. It helps me release the air from my tires before i hit the trails and makes the airing up process easy. Solid quality, easy to read, good value.

As soon as i received my tiretek flexi-pro tire pressure gauge, i used it to check the pressure on my motorcycle tires, as i had just topped them off with air using a stick pressure gauge. I found that using the new gauge, the pressure in both tires was around two psi over what registered on the stick gauge. Overfilling motorcycle tires can be dangerous, as the rubber is designed to grip the road at the proper pressure. I am very pleased that i now have an accurate gauge and can have confidence that my motorcycle tires are at optimal pressure to assure safety. As far as the gauge itself is concerned, i like the convenience of the right angle on the chuck. The location of the stems on the motorcycle tires make it nearly impossible to use the stick pressure gauge. The tiretek gauge makes it so easy to do. I also like the fact that the bleed button is so useful. It allows me to slightly overfill the tires and bleed the air back to the proper pressure. I feel that is more accurate than sneaking up on the pressure.

There ought to be a law about selling inaccurate junk. I hunted high and low for an accurate tire pressure gauge at many stores, but after having purchased several models all i was able to get was cheaply made inaccurate junk. I had to get on amazon and buy the tiretek flexi-pro before i was able to find a tire gauge that was calibrated and accurate. So i bought 2 of these – one for each of my cars. Having compared them, i found that they are within 1/2 psi of each other, which is very good. I also found that i have been over-inflating my tires by about 7 psi for years because i was relying on a supposedly accurate store bought pencil tire gauge, and the tire wear patterns are consistent with moderate over-inflation. I’ve only had the tiretek gauges for a day, so i can’t say how long they will hold their accuracy, but as of now, they are excellent. My only criticism is they should have a pin in the back of the ‘connector’ so you can release air from the tire.

I has one with similar build from the other brand and i wanted to try a different brand. I was confused at first because this one reads 3psi lower than my first gauge. Luckily i found the digital accutire and i confirmed this one is not working properly. 3psi is more than the acceptable error at 3% or 1.

The ‘tiretek pressure gauge’ took some getting used to. Old habits of past tire gauges were hard to break. It took a while to get used to leaving it connected to the valve stem. I also did not record consistent pressures. At one time i thought about returning it for something else. . And worked for a tire manufacturing company. Tires and their pressure are very important to me. After retraining myself by several days of practice. The consistency and easy began to develop.

I needed to replace an inexpensive pencil type gauge which cost me a set of tires. After checking options (prices, features, & quality),at a local auto parts store i turned to amazon. Liked the options this gauge had, (bleeder valve, swivel end, protective case, guarantee), although it was more then i thought i would originally pay, when compared to tires wearing out prematurely and frustration associated i purchased this one. Enough with how i choose this one, i have used the gauge to check the air pressure in all our cars (3) and believe this to be a well designed unit and really like both the bleeder valve and the swivel end. It sealed tight on the valves, easy to read, and the rubberized case easy to hold. I expect it is the last gauge i will ever need to buy.

Best tire gauge i’ve ever used. I’ve always used another brand of dial type 0-60 lb. Gauge, but they did not have the hose attached, so after a while you had to be super careful to place the brass stem exactly in line with the tire valve to seal properly, or air would leak out and you could not get an accurate reading. The fittings rotate, and the longer hose makes aligning the valve part far easier. I saw arron kaufman on the tv show ‘fast and loud’ using something like this – actually one of his assistants, while preparing to race pike’s peak. Guess he knows what he’s doing because this style of gauge, and this one in particular is great. I have always checked air pressure once a week, but it was getting to be a real chore with the old gauge. I even unscrewed the knurled brass fitting and reversed the washer, but that didn’t really help. With this gauge it’s a breeze. I do feel the old gauge was accurate, though, and this one reads exactly the same, so i believe it is also accurate. I also prefer the bleed valve on this gauge. It is more efficient at metering air to bleed off excess pressure. It lets more air out, so it’s quicker, but still completely controllable.

TireTek Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI Flexi-Pro – Certified ANSI B40.1 Accuracy – Easy to Read 2” Dial + Air Bleeder Valve – Cars, Trucks, SUV, Motorcycle, Bicycle :

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TireTek Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI Flexi-Pro - Certified ANSI B40.1 Accuracy - Easy to Read 2” Dial + Air Bleeder Valve - Cars, Trucks, SUV, Motorcycle, Bicycle
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