TireTek Precision Instruments TireTek Premium Tire Pressure Gauge With Integrated Hold Valve – 60PSI : Reliable and easy to read

I would consider this gauge the cadillac of tire gauges. It is well worth the extra money it costs. It appears to be solidly made and accurate. The tire like rubber sleeve that encloses the gauge head is a good protective measure if you accidentally drop or mistreat it. The swivel head that goes into the tire’s valve stem rotates 360 degrees making it easy to find the best position to check pressure no matter what the position of the valve stem is on the tire. The swivel head seals well on the valve stem and does not leak air when pressed into the valve stem making the readings more accurate. The bleed down valve is help full if the tire is overfilled. The company contacted me in a post purchase follow up email. They were very concerned that i was happy with the gauge, and will do everything reasonably possible if there is a problem, to make me a satisfied customer. The door was left open if i need help in the future with their product.

Good product considering it’s price. When i read customer reviews boasting about how accurate gauges are i am frowning. So i put together a rig to test this gauge against recently calibrated industrial electronic ($90) gauge as well as another mechanical industrial gauge (ansi grade a). The tiretek gauge is ansi grade b. That means +/-2% in the middle of the range and +/-3% at the first and last quarter of the scale. The gauge reading was within 2% of the averaged reading of the two ‘reference’ gauges in the range of 15 to 45 psi as expected for the ‘grade b’. Please note, that 2% error at 45 psi is almost 1 psi: don’t expect any ‘grade b’ gauge to give you better accuracy. Machining quality isn’t what you would expect from swiss product you paid $120 for. But you paid less than $20, right?bleed valve was leaking at first a little bit but that was probably some machining debris and got ‘blown away’ after the gauge was used few times. Seller cares – got a follow-up email right after received the product offering help if needed. And the best: won’t run out of batteries.(here is electrical engineer speaking :-)).

The gauge works well aside from one small issue that i’ll explain in a moment. Overall this is a great tire gauge. It appears to provide accurate readings when compared to other tire gauges. I like that it is durable made of metal and includes a black rubber protective shock absorbing cover around the gauge head. I even accidentally dropped the gauge once and the protective rubber covering prevented any damage at all to the gauge, it still works perfectly and reads accurately. The only issue is the small swivel base. I fully understand that the swivel base should be an advantage so that the gauge dial could be turned to face the user for easy gauge dial viewing while checking tire pressure. However that small swivel base is very difficult to hold onto which makes it difficult to place the gauge squarely against the tire valve stem to obtain a proper reading.

This is an exceptional product which was recommended by my local tire dealer. He prefers these to digital gauges. I like the fact that the gauge is certified for accuracy and my tire man checked it against his master gauge and it was dead on. The ‘tire’ around the gauge provides a positive grip, wet or dry, and is comfortable at all temperatures (currently around zero deg. Additionally, the rotating chuck allows the correct grip and viewing, independent of the location of the tire valve. Finally, the seal in the chuck allows a good seal, even if the gauge is not precisely square to the valve stem. This minimizes air loss during checking. I hyped this to my friends at my fitness center and will order one for my son.

I received and tested this tiretek gauge against my old gauge (accugauge; almost 15 years old) and a brand new longacre 50417 racing tire gauge, which i had also ordered with the tiretek from amazon. I tested them on the same tire on two different days. My old gauge and tiretek essentially gave me the same reading (~32 pounds) while the longcare gauge gave 33 to 33. Tiretek, like my old accugauge, holds the reading after pulling it off the valve; this is an extremely important feature for me. In short, tiretek gauge is a definite winner because it gives accurate reading, hold the reading when it is pulled off the valve, and is built so well for many years of usage. The longcare product has a stiff hose, requires 2-3 attempts (at least for me) to place on the valve correctly for an accurate reading (one may loose some air in those 2-3 attempts) and does not hold the reading, which is a big negative in my case. I paid more for the longcare but got less. So, tiretek is a definite 5-star.

The tiretek experience has been very positive, amazingly so. After i purchased the gauge, i received a message thanking me for my purchase(), and ensuring that if there were any problems, they would stand behind their product. I registered the gauge on thier website, and received an extended warranty. Explanation for use were explicit and simple. I appreciate the fact that this gauge is calibrated to a standard. If you pay almost $1k for four premium truck tires, why not spend a little more for a good gauge?. I really appreciate the pressure hold feature and the pressure release feature. Allows you more accurate filling. Based upon short-time use with three vehicles and two bicycles, i would definitely buy again.  tiretek premium tire pressure gauge with integrated hold valve – 60psiupdate: 7/10/17.

TireTek Premium Tire Pressure Gauge With Integrated Hold Valve – 60PSI

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  • WORRIED ABOUT CORRECT TIRE PRESSURES? – This heavy duty mechanical tire gauge is calibrated to ANSI B40.1 Grade B (±2%) international accuracy standard so you get a precise, accurate pressure reading every time you use it.
  • RECOMMENDED BY MECHANICS – It features a steel and brass construction with an extended 5mm chuck tip, so you get a great seal with no air leakage. This robust and durable precision automotive tool is also surrounded by a rubber cover, so it is protected from drops and is easy to grip.
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED – This top-rated, professional tire monitoring system is easy to use and is reliable in all weather conditions. A perfect accessory for your car, motorcycle, truck, bike, SUV, RV or ATV – it will not let you down.
  • EASY TO READ LARGE SCALE DIAL – with a 45 degree angled and fully swiveling chuck. Tire pressure too high? Our built in relief valve allows you to press the bleed button whilst the gauge is still on the tire valve, releasing air until you reach the exact target required.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY ASSURED – The perfect gift for men or women, ideal for Fathers Day. Buy with confidence today and get our best auto device 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

In order to verify accuracy, i had a technician at discount tire compare the gauge’s pressure reading to that of their own automated pressurizing equipment. The tiretek gauge was spot on: the reading was exactly the same as with discount tire’s own equipment. I was impressed, as my older slime gauge was always off by several pounds.

Superior product, bought one for myself and i like it so much i bought one for my son. It reads quite accurate, easily attaches to valve, and the mid range is centered right around your passenger cars normal readings. Recommendedupdate : now this ‘lifetime’ guage will not hold the reading anymore and leaksdown. I have contacted the seller and will update. This guage has been used lightly, it shouldn’t be having this problem. Follow up : owner contacted. Me very quick and made things right. I own one and gave another to my son, he loves it. This guage has always read accurate from day one, the only problem was one of them not holding readings, which was quickly fixed by the owner. Such service is becoming very rare nowadays.

Holds the pressure reading with a push button pressure release. The product is sturdy and has a large face to easily read the values. I appreciate a well constructed, simple piece of equipment that does its job well. It’s not as small as the stick pressure gauges, but this is easier to handle when applying to the tire stem. The large body makes it easy to grip. Readings are consistent from reading to reading. Note: while you may be tempted, do not use this product to remove air from the tire by pressing the pressure release button. I tried this and the pressure diaphragm dislodged (learn from this engineer that likes to say. I wonder what happens when i do this.

Finally for the first time in my 60 year life i have a gauge that i can trust. Unlike all others this gauge besides being certified to less than 0. 5% accuracy has a hold feature. It will hold the air pressure of your tire so you can remove the gauge and take a good look at it. Its got a very large display and the fact that it only goes to 60 lbs makes the gauge much more accurate as there is less range to cover and do you really need to measure 100-150 lbs of pressure like almost all other gauges?. That’s compresses the scale and makes it difficult to read or know is you’re pressure 30, 31 32 or 33 lbs, with this gauge it’s easy. The release button on the side is a great feature, not just to obviously just release the air its holding but you can use it to let air out of your tire. Oi’ve read many other reviews that cite a complaint that there is no tip on the end to let out air and that’s is correct, tiretek put that function on this handy button, that is 1000% more accurate for releasing air from over-filling your tires, plus you can watch as the tire pressure goes down and stop releasing air thru the button.

I bought 4 of these for a friend, my children, and myself. I bought them because they were top-rated and reasonably priced. One of my best purchases to date from amazon. The tip swivels, so you can easily access the valve stem regardless of position. The tool holds the pressure reading so you can remove it from the tire to read the dial. The seal in the tip is constructed to allow fuss-free alignment for quick reading. The dial face and needle allow quick reading even in dim light. The rubber surround protects the gauge but also gives you excellent grip for positioning in rain or with gloves on. I’ve probably owned 10 or 15 tire gauges through the years. This is the best of them – by far.

Having owned numerous digital and pencil style gauges, the thing that struck me first about the tiretek is it is really sturdy and well made. The tire-like rubber surrounds protects the metal case and makes it easy to hold on to. It’s a snap to use too: press onto stem and it holds the reading until you press the release valve. Thus you can remove the gauge from the tire and still read the meter. The stem collar fits precisely and is easy to center on the valve stem. It also rotates, allowing the meter to be repositioned in tight situations. As for accuracy, it’s in the ball park with my other tire gauges and thus fine for automotive use.

You need to have this in your glove compartment if you are a driver. I bought several different kinds from convenient stores in the past and realize they do not work any more because they were stored in glove department in hot weather. The rubber part (connects to tire) just deteriorated over time so it quit reading even though they still look new. Then i bought the tire tek gauge from amazon. The company e mailed me if i had received the item and asked me how i thought of the item. I had to say it was a one of the best buy. The company then asked me to write a review. I am a busy person; but, i could not resist helping good product advertising itself. I can tell the difference because i used many other tire pressure gauges before.

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