Tmvel UK Travel Adapter Best 2 in 1 Type G Plug – Electrical Outlets in United Kingdom, Works fine

A device that was actually made to use in the uk, so we purchased these so we could use here in states too. Works fine for both places now. Only problem was finding them and a little pricey to me, but not that bad. Little to thick, when plugged in and use its hard to plug another device in the plug above, hit each other. I have several and use them all, work great.

Arrived on time and it is how it’s described.

Took this to greece and boy we wouldn’t of survived without it .

I purchaced a small appliance while i was living temporiarly in australia so i needed an adaptor from aus to us after rreturning to the states. This adaptor works perfectly for my needs — small, unobtrusive & reliable.

My old adapter died recently and i needed one asap but i didn’t want to spend a lot of money for an adapter plug so i choose this one and he does a great job. And he was on sale however, i don’t know yet about the durability since i wrote this review just a couple of days after i received it. But for now, it’s really convenient.

I bought a pair of clippers from a company in the u. K but didn’t realize that their plugs were different until i received it in the mail. I needed an adapter in order to plug in the charger in the wall so i did some research and found this one on amazon. As it turns out, this was exactly what i was looking for. Worked perfectly without any issues.

I bought a razor from wish and it have the european power plug-in. Purchased the adapter work great to straighten the problem out. The original plug in let’s not ul approved.

Key specs for UK Travel Adapter Best Tmvel 2 in 1 Type G Plug – Electrical Outlets in United Kingdom, Ireland, Great Britain, Scotland, England, London, Dublin, Hong Kong:

  • TYPE G PLUG: This plug adapter works in the UK, Middle East, Africa, and the Middle East. This outlet adapter works in United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Malaysia, and Dublin.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: If for any reason this is not the best travel adapter you have bought, you can get a no questions asked refund.
  • UNIVERSAL INPUT: Accepts input plugs from all countries except Type M (South Africa). Perfect for use with laptop, cell phone, USB charger, and much more.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: Our compact power adapter is 3 x 2 x 2 inches and weighs less than 2 ounces. Rated at 10A / 250V and 15A / 125V.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This travel power adapter DOES NOT CONVERT VOLTAGE. For that you need a separate step down transformer that we sell in our Amazon store.

Comments from buyers

“Just what I needed!
, Works for Korean to Us outlets with same wattage
, It works!

Needed this for something my mother brought with her from europe and it works perfectly.

Review rewritten:even though the description does not say the adapter will fit brazilian plugs, it does. The description should be amended to include that this adapter works for more than just european and asia plugs. It works fine for a brazilian charger i brought to the u. It is exactly what i was looking to buy.

Not the best out there but does its job (note that for a few asia plugs they might be too small and fall out easily which is a con).

Works perfectly for british products. May not work for plugs from the rest of europe.

I bought this to use with a lamp i brought back from turkey. It’s been working fine so far, no complaints.

Works well as described i bought a phone in europe and needed a usa adapter. Now i can charge my phone via.

This is probably the most objetive adapter out there. If you don’t want useless ports or fancy things, or a bulky device to add weight to your backpack while traveling, that’s the one for you.

Small and gets the job done. I used for a device with a uk outlet and it worked great.

It worked for a new zealand/australian plug just fine and i have charged my laptop with it several times. It is nice and small so easy to carry anywhere. Ordered it on a saturday afternoon with one-day delivery and it came sunday evening. Could not find the equivalent in any local stores so very pleased with the outcome.

Bought a light in a german market, then realized a couple of days later that the plug was not for us plugs. Now i am a very happy camper.

I thought it’s gonna be small when i first got it, but tried it with a type g plug and it fitted.

We recently were expats in asia (korea) and bought a humidifier there that we really didn’t want to have to give up. Thankfully these allowed us to keep the humidifier. I would definitely recommend this product to you. Just make sure the product you have works with us wattage or else you will have to get a different product.

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UK Travel Adapter Best Tmvel 2 in 1 Type G Plug - Electrical Outlets in United Kingdom, Ireland, Great Britain, Scotland, England, London, Dublin, Hong Kong
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